There are options for all kinds of talents and abilities. Check out 10 ideas to earn money from home

What do Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have in common? In addition to billing billions, the three were created in a garage.

Your business idea may not transform the world or consumer habits. Or that your garage is actually a living room, bedroom or home office.

The point here is to make it clear: if your dream is to invest in yourself, explore new possibilities and markets, manage your own time and, perhaps, increase your income, this is possible.

To help you in this decision process, we have listed 10 ideas for making money from home below. There are options for every skill type.

Ideas for making money at home physical products or services

Digital Transformation has revolutionized the way we relate to the purchasing process. Everyday statistics confirm that the digital market is only growing. But because it is a moment of transition, there are still options to earn money at home with products or services that cannot be offered 100% digitally. Among the benefits of these options is direct contact with customers and the opportunity for feedback for possible improvements.

1. Sale or resale of products

It can be clothes, cosmetics, jewellery. The numbers show that the beauty market is hardly affected by economic crises. Being presentable and feeling good about yourself is essential for a quality of life.

Also included in this category are products sold via catalogue that give them the freedom to represent more than one brand simultaneously. Costume jewellery, in turn, can be handcrafted, if that is your talent, or the so-called semi-jewellery, which are plated in gold or silver.

2. Rent of goods

The growth of the sharing economy concept leveraged the emergence of platforms that make it possible to rent little-used goods. Among the possibilities of invoicing with this practice is the rental of designer clothes or accessories, movable property such as a car, real estate or even just one room in a residence.

The keyword in this case is detachment. To share an asset, you need to be aware that not every customer will use that property as you do. They can be more or less careful. Therefore, if you choose this idea, take into account the possible damages when setting the rental amount.

3. Sale of used objects

If you are looking for extra income and not necessarily a business idea to invest and undertake, this may be an option. Marketplace-style platforms such as Facebook, OLX, Mercado Liver, Enjoin (to name the most famous) allow you to advertise your products and sell without leaving your home.

4. Personal assistant

Gardening, hydraulic, electrical and similar repairs. These are services that require a certain amount of technical knowledge and are carried out at the client’s home. However, creating and managing a business of this type does not require an office or structure other than your own home.

5. Makeup and haircut

They also enter the beauty industry, however as services. Makeup artists, also known as Makeup artists, have already managed to migrate to the digital field, either giving self-makeup classes or evaluating products. However, there is still a market for these artists to serve clients from the comfort of their own homes. The same goes for hairdressers who can separate a room from the house to offer their services and save on the rent of a salon.

6. Healthy food

The healthy food business is also expanding. Naturally fermented bread, homemade sweets without added sugar and vegan products tend to attract customers, mainly due to the demands generated by people with dietary restrictions (coeliac, lactose intolerant, gluten, etc.).

Ideas for making money from home with digital products and services

E-business is a type of digital business in which the entire customer experience takes place online. From the first contact with the brand to the consumption of the product or service. It is in this category that the second part of this list of ideas on how to make money online and at home is found.

7. Affiliate Network

Joining an affiliate network can be an opportunity to enter the world of digital entrepreneurship without necessarily producing content. An affiliate is, in a sense, a sales representative. Its invoicing is through the dissemination of third-party products, in general infoproducts (e-books, online courses, member areas). Every time a sale is made through the link advertised by an affiliate, he receives a percentage of the sale.

8. Freelancer

One of the favourite options of digital nomads, freelance work is often done remotely. Its main feature is autonomy. These are punctual jobs that may or may not be continued – depending on the experience between customer and supplier. It covers a wide range of activities from writing, proofreading, translating, photography, and accountant, graphic design to programming and game development.

9. Media Evaluator

If you are discerning and can devote approximately 4 hours a day to evaluating sites, answering surveys and typing in entries, this alternative may serve you well. Speaking English is a differential. As a media evaluator, you would be linked through contracts to a third-party company that performs the research work for large companies in the market such as Microsoft, Netflix, Google and Facebook. This includes goals for accomplishing the tasks.

10. Online courses

If your knowledge of a particular subject is your greatest asset, why not consider tutoring online courses? Demand for digitally delivered courses has been on an uptrend for a few years and has already transformed many people’s lives – tutors who have increased their income and reached many more people with their digital work, and students who have learned new skills so they can also grow in career and in life. If this option on the list is the one that best suits your plans, gets to know the SparkStart program. Consisting of three pillars, it will allow you to define your idea, develop your content and, of course, sell. Find out more by clicking on the banner below.