Looking for the best barbecue option for your home? So come with us to see 80+ functional ideas and full of brick barbecue charms for you to be inspired.

Enjoy and also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of grills and ready-to-eat and how to keep yours sanitized. Check out!

Image 01: To optimize space, it is worth investing in corner barbecue.

corner brick barbecue

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing a Ready-Made Brick Barbecue

Nowadays it is possible to find a series of different models on the market when we talk about brick barbecue.

And for its affordable price and some other advantages, the ready-to-eat barbecue has been quite popular. However, it is necessary to be aware of a number of factors.

However, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a ready-made brick barbecue:

Image 02: Ready-made grills are very practical to be installed in your gourmet space.

brick barbecue ready


  • Fast installation;
  • Ease of assembly;
  • Affordable price;
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Low heat resistance.

Image 03: Even models integrated with other elements such as ovens and wood stoves.

pre molded barbecue

Barbecue Models

For those who want something innovative, know that there are a number of brick barbecue models available on the market. And in addition to ready-made grills, you can also count on personal and unique projects.

That way, you can have a barbecue created especially for your type of project.

See below the two existing models that derive from a series of others that we see out there.

Image 04: You can also bet on setting up your conventional outdoor barbecue, just create a hat for the tower so that water does not enter the ducts on rainy days. So take a look at this amazing idea.

rustic conventional style

Conventional brick barbecue

Conventional brick grills are the easiest to find. Mainly for those looking for ready-made models.

However, when carrying out your own at home, it is important to plan so that its height, from the base to the moment when it tapers, is consistent with the right foot in which it will be inserted.

However, it is a widely used model and combines with different types of decoration and size of spaces.

Image 05: However, if you have a more neutral environment, it’s worth investing in lighter brick colors and still extend its use to the counter.

balcony and brick barbecue

Image 06:  In smaller corners of the backyard, the brick barbecue brings all the warmth to family and friends gatherings.

corner with brick barbecue

Modern brick barbecue

Now, those who like something different will be enchanted by the modern brick barbecue models.

Unlike the conventional one that makes a taper for the hood, here, the barbecue has only one level, being rectangular.

Image 07: For those who are looking for something more modern, the bet on square barbecues is sure. So see this template to inspire you.

barbecue in modern decor

Therefore, you have several options of combinations of this piece in your decoration, so you can also level other elements at the same depth as the barbecue or even match it to shelves.

Image 08: Likewise, in small spaces such as apartment balconies, they can also be combined.

barbecue in small space

How to Clean Brick Barbecue

The best way to clean a brick barbecue is in stages so that one doesn’t harm the other and you have rework.

First, start cleaning with grills and skewers. If it’s a removable model, it’s even easier. For cleaning, use warm water and neutral detergent to scrub with a steel wool.

Image 09: Classic brick barbecue coupled to a wood stove.

conventional barbecue

To clean the charcoal container, simply remove the concrete lid so that the remaining embers fall into the tray. Once this is done, just remove the tray and sanitize it in the same way as the grills and skewers.

Image 10: Inside the kitchen there is also the possibility to install a beautiful modern barbecue.

modern barbecue

And to finish cleaning, get a clean, dry cloth. Add a little detergent and go through the barbecue.

Then pass a cloth moistened with degreaser and wait a few minutes. And finally, use a damp cloth to remove the final residue.

Image 11: In the gourmet area, bet on the combination of brick elements in places other than the barbecue. That way, everything will be interconnected.

gourmet space brick barbecue

Brick Barbecue Ideas and Inspirations

Image 12: And let’s start with this beautiful brick barbecue option in the middle of nature.

outdoor area barbecue

Image 13: On apartment balconies you can also join these elements.

rectangular brick barbecue

Image 14: And if you want something “cleaner”, you can bet on ceramic coverings that imitate bricks.

brick-lined barbecue

Image 15: On barbecues built at home, you can also optimize the space and create a cabinet in its base.

barbecue with cabinet

Image 16: Light brick combines with various elements. Therefore, you can bet on the composition of colored and decorative tiles.

colored brick and tile

Image 17: In houses or apartments that want convenience when cleaning, the brick covering for barbecue can be an excellent alternative. Therefore, those who want to mark the tiles well can use a white grout.

black barbecue grill with white grout

Image 18: For those who want something more discreet, you can bet on the grout of the same color as the coating. So look how the result is amazing.

black barbecue

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Image 19: And here, we have a beautiful, very modern composition with an open detail and in aluminum.

open barbecue

Image 20: So, if you like to have that barbecue, but the only place you have is in the back of the house near the service area, know that it’s no problem! So just take a look at this idea so you can get inspired and now integrate your gourmet space with the service area.

light barbecue

Image 21: Even for those who have a small space, the barbecue does not need to be dispensed with. It can come in with a beautiful piece of decoration and be fitted to other elements of the space. So take a look at this small space where it was produced in light colors giving room to the colorful floor tiles and the plants.

simple barbecue

Some ideas in nature

Image 22: A beautiful pergola to cover a nice space to gather all the family and friends.

outdoor gourmet space

Image 23: With very simple details, this space was assembled and managed to achieve the functionality you need in addition to its particular beauty.

simple gourmet space

Image 24: This small space for barbecue was also used in an exceptional way. Check it out.

barbecue pergola

Image 25: If you are looking for something simpler, then just take a look at this beautiful and delicate model for barbecue.

simple brick barbecue

Image 26: And the kiosks can also be put to good use with a beautiful barbecue and brick bench.

kisque with barbecue

Image 27: If your service area is right in the place where a barbecue could be, see below for a very simple way to hide the service area and make room only for the barbecue.

Integrated to the service area

Brick and Glass Barbecue Ideas

Image 28: For those who enjoy a more rustic environment and want to give that more clean touch, then the bet on glass with aluminum is the right choice!

rustic brick and glass barbecue

Image 29: However, in rustic and modern environments it is also the key to complement the decoration.

modern brick barbecue

Image 30: Outdoor in a more industrial style, the brick grill combined with glass and black aluminum looks amazing.

modern barbecue

Image 31: Even in simple environments, the same combination as in industrial style is also valid. So just take a look.

brick, glass and aluminum barbecue

Image 32: Likewise, for those who have a barbecue corner closer to nature, the brick and glass barbecue is a beautiful option for combining and harmonizing elements.

glass brick barbecue

Image 33: To match the glass roof and not weigh so much the environment that already has colors and other information, this model is ideal. So don’t be afraid to use it.

modern brick barbecue

Image 34: However, even if combined with other elements of ovens and stoves, the glass barbecue can also be added to add more charm to the decoration and composition.

rustic brick barbecue

Image 35: A beautiful, clean and cozy environment to receive family and friends with a very decorative wall asks for a barbecue that does not interfere with the details inserted in the wall. So look how this effect looks.

modern brick barbecue

Image 36: Simple and full of charm, even in small places.

glass brick barbecue

Image 37: Simple and minimalist environments also deserve a brick barbecue model with glass and aluminum hood.

clean brick barbecue

Get inspired by modern models

Image 38: Modern square grills can also be installed diagonally to facilitate access in narrower places like the one shown below.

small brick barbecue

Image 39: Therefore, as shown above, indoors the brick barbecue can also be used without problems. So look at this beautiful composition, very harmonious and colorful.

brick barbecue

Image 40: Likewise, apartment balconies are also a real charm!

white brick barbecue

Image 41: However, even being a modern model, nothing prevents you to use this barbecue model in completely rustic environments. This mixture of elements is fascinating, so see the image below and understand it better.

brick barbecue

Image 42: Rustic can also be combined with beautiful modern pieces. As is the case with this barbecue grill with a square designer.

plain brick barbecue

Image 43: Modern brick barbecue grills look good even in isolated spaces in your garden.

barbecue in the garden

Image 44: This beautiful brick barbecue model is not covered with ordinary brick, but with a decorative coating from the company Kalimantan. A real charm, don’t you think?

covered barbecue

Image 45: The beauty of a brick wall and that still holds a beautiful and very modern barbecue is something that is in high demand in many architectural projects.

brick barbecue

Image 46: Already here, we have a beautiful composition of a gourmet balcony. In this way, the modern style for the brick barbecue was not left out.

brick and stainless steel grill

Barbecues in a wide range of spaces

Image 47: Covered by a beautiful wooden pergola, the barbecue with wood and brick details gave this space all the coziness it needed.

barbecue on the pergola

Image 48: Here, we have all the delicacy of an apartment balcony with a modern brick barbecue in the background with the wall covered with the same type.

porch with barbecue

Image 49: And for those who like a cleaner look, then there’s nothing better than having a beautiful brick barbecue that doesn’t show its grout. In this way, it is possible to have a much cleaner look and the feeling of a clean environment at all times.

apartment balcony with barbecue

Image 50: And here we have another beautiful example of a very soft decor with a white brick barbecue integrated into the living room of an apartment.

rustic brick barbecue

Image 51: And here, a beautiful more rustic option that also doesn’t leave the grout apparent. However, adding decorative pieces such as vases and sculptures makes the space a much more personal and charming place.

coated brick barbecue

Image 52: For lovers of a good garden, nothing better than placing this piece in the kitchen and combining it with the rest of the decoration.

rustic brick barbecue

Image 53: And for those who have covered areas for large parties, the idea of ​​combining the brick barbecue with ovens and stoves always with the same coating option is very interesting. In these cases, the use of wooden pieces for the rest of the decoration is a complete charm.

barbecue and its elements

More choice of location combinations

Image 54: And what do you think of integrating the barbecue with your living room? This has been one of the main alternatives for those looking for the expansion of environments and integration. So look at this example in practice.

integrated into the room

Image 55: In addition, the grills can still be installed to further enhance the integration of indoor and outdoor environments. So don’t be afraid to match your decorative elements to it.

small and functional

Image 56: For those who like lighter environments, the white brick for barbecues and wall cladding can also be an excellent alternative to not leave a “tired” place.

clean barbecue model

Image 57: The integration of the barbecue corner with the games and leisure area should not be overlooked in a project.

integrated into the leisure area

Image 58: Once again, we have a beautiful example of a brick barbecue inside a home.


Image 59: An alternative for those who do not want something so rustic inside their home, but do not give up brick, is to opt for coverings that imitate these tiles.

ceramic coating

Image 60: And in this idea, creativity spoke loudly for this barbecue grill.

very creative model

Image 61: Even in brightly colored environments, the barbecue can be your highlight when using white bricks. So take a look at this really fun composition with tiles

with black aluminum

Image 62: Bring the farm feel to your corner.

the face of the farm

Image 63: Even in the midst of modern decor, conventional brick barbecue grills can also add great value to the space.

lonely model

Some more models

Image 64: The mix of colors of barbecue bricks and their composition elements can bring a well-differentiated designer. So don’t be afraid to put your creativity into action.

with tricolor brick

Image 65: Here we have a white barbecue grill with the atmosphere mixed with wood accents, black granite and aged red bricks. However, there is no point in making an incredible combination and not putting adequate lighting to enhance your barbecue even more.

white and red model

Image 66: Once again we have the beautiful wooden detail for the composition of the barbecue. This time, slatted wood was used, as well as some cement elements and a little vegetation to add more charm to the space.

pergola amidst nature

Image 67: For those who like contact with nature, betting on rustic with natural elements such as plants and wood is a great option. So just take a look at this amazing geometric wooden pergola.

pergola amidst nature

Image 68: In addition, industrial models also give the barbecue area an unearthly charm.

on the penthouse with modern style

Image 69: And once again, we have brick barbecue models in a pergola. Even though the space is small, there are still ways to combine.

sturdy in brick

Image 70: And not just inside homes. But for those who have a kiosk, it’s also worth investing in a brick barbecue.

gourmet kiosk

Image 71: The grills integrated to the ovens in a linear way make the environment very modern and clean. So just take a look at this image.

model with linear oven

Image 72: Here’s another example of a brick barbecue with different colors.

different colors

Image 73: And the white brick barbecue grill looks amazing combined with a very clean modern industrial decor.

modern white

Image 74: The traditional red brick barbecue grill looks very sophisticated when combined with a darker wall to bring out its color and charm.

background to highlight

And finally… + Brick Barbecues

Image 75: Small spaces also deserve a barbecue. Therefore, in these cases, bet on light tones so as not to leave the environment tiring or heavy.

light colors on the barbecue

Image 76: If your roof has a low drop that gets in the way of the right foot, you can use this corner to create your brick barbecue.

low right foot

Image 77: Mixing colors of bricks from the back wall to contrast with the one of the grill looks really cool.

rustic barbecue

Image 78: In aedicule the brick barbecue is a real charm and full of welcome. Even more so when working with darker colors and wood.

brick and wood

Image 79: The composition with the brick installation variations also makes the barbecue very differentiated. So take a look at this composition that we’ve separated for you.

different sizes

Image 80: And finally, those who enjoy a darker environment and want practicality when cleaning, it’s worth counting on the black ceramic brick barbecue.

covered barbecue

Have you already chosen which your favorite barbecue model is? So be sure to tell us here in the comments which ones inspired you the most.