Growing plants at home is one of the most pleasurable ways to deal with stress and bring color to the environment. And when it comes to indoor plants, species such as succulents and peace lilies are widely used. However, if you want a more tropical and exotic look, bromeliad may be the right plant for you.

Remember that there is not only one type of bromeliad. Several species with different characteristics, such as color, height and shape, have already been catalogued. Most are native to tropical forest regions and stand out for their exuberant and distinctive look.

But if you want to use this plant in your decoration, you need to check the next topics, with tips on how to care, in addition to the presentation of the main species and more than 90 ideas that will help you use this plant in your decoration.

Image 1: The bromeliad garden leaves any environment with a flashy and tropical look.

Bromeliad garden with stones.

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How to care for bromeliads

Besides being beautiful, bromeliads are easy to care for and adapt easily to any environment. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need care. To help you with this issue, we have prepared a list of essential care for your plant to develop well.

  • Watering: Bromeliads are native to regions with a tropical climate and, therefore, like wetter soils. The ideal is to water twice a week in regions with humid climate and three to four times a week in dry places or during the summer. But it is not advisable to leave it soaked.
  • Lightness and temperature: As they are tropical plants, bromeliads prefer places with higher temperatures. However, with regard to exposure to light, it all depends on the species, as some are sunny plants and others prefer semi-shade.
  • Fertilization: It is important to fertilize the plant every 15 days, preferably with a type NPK 4-14-8 fertilizer, foliar fertilizer or other specific product for bromeliads, in order to stimulate the growth of leaves and flowers.
  • Pests and diseases: Insecticides and fungicides should be avoided, as bromeliads are very sensitive. Therefore, to combat pests such as scale insects and aphids, you can opt for homemade recipes, such as a solution of tobacco diluted in water. Washing the leaves with coconut soap and water can help fight fungus.

Image 2: You can combine the use of bromeliad with other plants in the same space.

Garden with bromeliad and flowers.


The Bromeliaceae family, a group that gathers all the bromeliad species on the planet, already has more than 3,000 species cataloged. The variety of colors, shapes, habitats is huge, so it’s impossible to talk about them all. However, it is essential to know the species most traded and used in decoration and landscaping.

Therefore, in the next topics you will check the main species found in Brazil that can be used in your home.

safe haven bromeliad

The porto-safe bromeliad is native to the restingas of the Atlantic Forest, being widely found mainly in Espírito Santo and Bahia, where its popular name comes from. It was popularized by landscaper Roberto Burle Marx, who used it in massive squares with direct lighting.

It draws attention for its blade-shaped leaves, arranged in rosettes and can reach 90 cm in length, in order to create a reservoir capable of accumulating up to a liter of water. If the plant is grown in an environment with direct lighting, it may have a yellowish or reddish-orange appearance. Otherwise, the green tint will prevail.

Image 3: The safe-haven bromeliad is perfect for outdoor use.

Bromeliad safe haven.

imperial bromeliad

The imperial bromeliad draws attention for its size, as it can reach up to 1.5 m in diameter in adulthood, while its inflorescence can reach 3.5 m in height. However, it has a moderate growth and can take 10 years to reach adult size and produce flowers.

It has long, broad leaves with a waxy surface, arranged in a rosette form, in order to form a space for the accumulation of water and nutrients in the center of the plant. Due to its exuberance, this plant has a great ornamental value, being widely used in the decoration of outdoor areas, such as flowerbeds, parks, sidewalks and garden with stones.

Image 4: The imperial bromeliad draws attention for its elegant look, which can transform the look of your garden.

Garden with imperial bromeliad.

Guzmania bromeliad

Guzmania bromeliad is widely used in interior decoration. It draws attention for its exuberant and colorful flowering, which usually occurs in summer. Its flowers stand out for their strong colors, which can be red, pink, wine, purple, yellow, white, green, among other shades.

This plant develops best in hot environments, with high humidity and good light, and its color is even more vivid when the plant is in a place with plenty of direct light. For this reason, the Guzmania bromeliad is perfect for growing outdoors, in different types of gardens, including the hanging garden.

Image 5: The guzmania bromeliad varieties, with flowers in different colors, enchant decorators.

Guzmania colored bromeliad.

Aechmea bromeliad

The aechmea bromeliad is one of the most sold on the market. It is usually sold in vases, as it has a medium size, being widely used in interior decoration. Therefore, this plant can be used indoors , in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bedroom, for example, since this is a plant that develops well in the shade.

But what really stands out about this plant is its inflorescence, with pink bracts, durable, rigid and purple and delicate flowers. Its leaves are also rigid, have vertical streaks and thorns on the edges.

Image 6: The exotic pink flower of bromeliad aechmea makes this plant even more special.

Bromeliad aechmea with pink flowers.

bromeliad vriesea

The bromeliad vriesea can be cultivated either in the soil or in an epiphytic form, that is, on another plant. In this case, the palm tree can be a great option to cultivate this plant in an epiphytic way. It grows well this way as it is a very hardy plant that grows well in moderate shade.

This plant is not large. In general, they are small plants that draw attention for their foliage and their inflorescences, which can be yellow, orange and red, and which have great ornamental value.

As they are native to humid forests, they do not tolerate direct exposure to the sun, cold and very dry environments. Therefore, it is better to grow it in shaded environments.

Image 7: The red vriesea flower is a spectacle in its own right and stands out for its different color and shape.

Bromeliad vriesea with red flowers.

Bromeliad Neoregelia Lulita

The Neoregelia Lulita bromeliad draws attention for its explosion of colors. When it is still young, its leaves are completely green. However, over the years, the purple spots begin to appear, leaving the plant with these spots that stand out in any environment.

This plant can reach between 30 cm and 40 cm in diameter. Furthermore, if it is well cared for, it can have a long life and reach more than ten years in duration.

Image 8: This type of bromelia stands out for its green and purplish color.

Arranged with lulita bromeliad.

Bromeliad Ananas Comosus

The Ananas Comosus bromeliad , also known as ornamental pineapple, is a very rustic species that stands out for its foliage and fruit with a strong ornamental appeal. Its leaves are green and with thorns on the edges, while the fruits are reddish mini pineapples.

In addition, when cultivated in an environment with direct exposure to the sun, the ornamental pineapple starts to present pink tones. However, in the shade, green tones prevail. This plant is widely used at the edge of areas and beds, which must be invaded by people or animals, due to the thorns. It can be cultivated either alone or in groups.

Image 9: The ornamental pineapple is perfect to stand out in the environment.

Ornamental pineapple.

+91 examples to learn how to use this plant in decoration

Now that you’ve learned how to take care of your bromeliad and which species you can use in your home, it’s time to understand how to use this plant in your decoration. That’s why we’ve prepared a selection of amazing images that will inspire you to combine the bromeliad with other elements of the house. Check it out below!

Image 10: The guzmania bromeliad vases are perfect for decorating your living room.

Guzmania bromeliad vases.

Image 11: But you can also create a vertical garden using pallets as a support.

Wall pallet with bromeliads.

Image 12: An arrangement with these plants is perfect for your living room.

Room arrangement with guzmania bromeliads.

Image 13: Also, you can use a vase on the side table in the room.

Vase with bromeliad on the side table in the room.

Image 14: The blue vases further highlight the imperial bromeliads.

Blue vases with imperial bromeliad and other plants.

Image 15: However, you can also create an elegant arrangement with several units of the same kind.

Elegant arrangement with bromeliads.

Image 16: The vertical garden is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space.

Wall with bromeliads.

Image 17: The guzmania bromeliad can also be used in your backyard decoration.

Vase in the external area with bromeliad.

Image 18: Also, you can use it in your winter garden under the stairs.

Winter garden under the stairs.

Image 19: You can still plant these bromeliads on tree trunks.

Bromeliads with palm trees.

Image 20: However, you can also use short trunks to carry out this planting.

Bromeliads planted on trunks.

Image 21: This plant is also perfect to be used in an elegant white pot.

Elegant vase with bromeliad.

Image 22: This black vase with aechmea bromeliads makes any space more elegant.

Black vase with aechmea bromeliad.

Image 23: However, you can also use these plants in bathroom decoration.

Bathroom decorated with plants.

Image 24: Use modern vases to decorate your dining room.

Modern dining room with potted plants.`

Image 25: But you can also use it to decorate the sideboard or any other small table in the room.

Bromeliad vase decorating rustic table.

Image 26: These plants are also great options to build the decoration of living areas, such as patios, entrance hall and sidewalks.

Garden with bromeliads and flowers.

Image 27: The metallic vase makes the arrangement more striking and modern.

Metal vase with bromeliads.

Image 28: Also, you can use colored pot holders and different plants in the same space.

Modern room with potted plants.

Image 29: However, you can also create a modern and elegant vertical garden with these plants.

Vertical garden with bromeliads.

Image 30: Have you thought about using bromeliad in your party decoration? It’s perfect for creating a different, tropical look.

Party decoration with bromeliads.

Image 31: But you can also use these plants in sidewalk decoration and flowerbeds.

Central garden with bromeliads.

Image 32: See how these plants helped decorate this wedding candy table.

Wedding table with bromeliads.

Image 33: But if you just want to spice up the decoration of the room, these tall and modern vases are worth a bet.

Modern tall vase with bromeliad.

Image 34: This type of vase with bromeliads is also beautiful in the living room.

Modern room with gray vases and bromeliads.

Image 35: In addition, these plants are also perfect for the garden.

Outdoor garden with safe harbor bromeliads.

Image 36: You can even use hanging supports for your floor plan, which are perfect for decorating your porch or house façade.

Vertical garden with bromeliads and rustic pots.

Image 37: The imperial bromeliad makes your garden more elegant, especially when accompanied by other species, such as the peace lily.

Winter garden with bromeliads and peace lily.

Image 38: But a garden with only bromeliads can also look beautiful and impressive.

Bromeliad garden.

Image 39: You can still add pots of these plants in the garden, along with other species, stones and pebbles.

Flowerbed with bromeliads and white stones.

Image 40: Another example of how this plant adds beauty to the winter garden.

Winter garden with glass door.

Picture 41: But you can also use it in the small winter garden.

Small winter garden.

Image 42: This plant is also great for growing on the edge of an artificial lake.

Winter garden with pond.

Image 43: In addition, you can also cultivate bromeliads together with palm trees.

Room decorated with vases of bromeliads.

Image 44: But you can also grow this plant in the glass pot.

Glass vases with small bromeliads

Image 45: However, the wood-framed vertical garden will also create an amazing look for decorating your home.

Vertical garden with wooden structure and bromeliads.

Image 46: A ceramic vase decorating the window can give the room a missing touch.

Ceramic vase with bromeliad.

Image 47: However, you can still leave your plant accommodated in the corner of the room.

Clay pots with bromeliads.

Image 48: The flowers of the guzmania bromeliads draw attention in this decoration.

Garden with plants and rest area.

Image 49: This specimen of Neoregelia Lulita stands out for its purple coloration.

Clay pots with bromeliad.

Image 50: You can use a bib with bromeliads on the windowsill.

Black bib with bromeliads.

Image 51: Another example of a combination of palm trees and bromeliads.

Palm trees with bromeliads.

Image 52: In addition to the plants, rocks and a clay pot were also used in this bed.

Flowerbed with bromeliads and clay pot.

Image 53: But you can also make an arrangement with orchid to use on your home table.

Arranged with bromeliad and orchid.

Image 54: In addition, you can still opt for beds made up of only one species.

Flowerbed with stones and bromeliads.

Image 55: The garden gets a much richer look if you use different plants in the same space.

Garden with bromeliads and sand.

Image 56: However, you can only use one specimen of this flowering plant to decorate your room.

Elegant vase with bromeliad.

Image 57: The guzmania bromeliad is perfect to compose your winter garden under the stairs.

Winter garden under the stairs with white stones.

Image 58: But you can also use other species to build an elegant winter garden.

Stylish winter garden under the stairs.

Image 59: You can bet on palm trees and succulents to complete the look of this space.

Winter garden with white stones.

Image 60: This vase can beautify the facade of your house.

White vase with bromeliad.

Image 61: And you can even use decorated baskets to place your plants on the dining room table.

Rustic living room with bromeliad arrangement.

Image 62: In addition, you can also use these plants to decorate your artificial oriental lake.

Garden with small lake.

Image 63: But it is also possible to invest in different species to decorate the same space.

Room with bromeliads.

Image 64: This painting was transformed into a vertical garden and was perfect to enhance the decoration of the rest space.

Vertical garden in the outdoor area.

Image 65: Invest in bromeliads with different colors to highlight your garden.

Garden with colored bromeliads.

Image 66: Bromeliads are perfect for growing between rocks and in places with little space.

Outdoor garden with plants.

Image 67: You can also use this plant together with other species in your vertical garden.

Vertical garden with wood and different plants.

Image 68: Also, you can use it in your modern bathroom decor.

Modern bathroom with plants.

Image 69: This plant transforms even the simplest garden.

Simple winter garden.

Image 70: However, you can also use it in the vertical garden of your gourmet veranda.

Gourmet veranda with vertical garden.

Image 71: This arrangement in stone and with different species is perfect for decorating your outdoor area.

Arrangement of plant in the pool area.

Image 72: But you can also use a simple vase to decorate your table.

Dining room with bromeliad vase.

Image 73: This arrangement with tropical plants draws attention for its exuberance and its colors.

Arrangement with tropical plants.

Image 74: Imperial bromeliads will transform the garden of your country house.

Country house with diverse garden.

Image 75: However, this plant can stand out even along with other species and in the luxurious environment.

Luxurious room with decorative vases.

Image 76: Even when they are not flowering, these plants attract attention.

Service area with plants.

Image 77: You can use it to compose your sophisticated dining room arrangement.

Open kitchen with island.

Image 78: Furthermore, the presence of this plant transforms even the room decorated with neutral tones.

Living room with L-shaped sofa and bromeliad vase.

Image 79: Invest in vases with different shapes to decorate the room with bromeliads.

Elegant clay vases with bromeliad.

Image 80: The bromeliads together with this cascade of succulent finger-girl create an incredible visual impact on this balcony.

Garden with succulents and bromeliad.

Image 81: This wooden stand has a rustic look that blends in perfectly with the pots of these plants.

Vertical garden with wood and bromeliads.

Image 82: You can also use these plants to make beds on the beach.

Garden on the beach in bromeliad.

Image 83: Besides, you can still use them to decorate your oriental garden.

Simple oriental garden with bromeliad.

Image 84: The plants added life and softness to this environment full of retro and modern references.

Elegant room with modern decor.

Image 85: But you can also use these plants in decorating the most serious and elegant environment.

Living room with bromeliad.

Image 86: The modern and clean room is even more beautiful with these potted plants decorating the glass coffee table.

Modern room with glass coffee table.

Image 87: The contrast between the colors of the bromeliad and the copper of the vases is beautiful and stands out in the decoration.

Chrome vases with different plants.

Image 88: But you can also opt for the delicacy of the fabric baskets.

Cloth basket on bookcase with bromeliad.

Image 89: You can also invest in the small decorated vase to decorate the space.

Metal tray.

Image 90: These suspended vases leave the environment with a more rustic and natural atmosphere.

Suspended vases with bromeliad.

Image 91: A red vase to match the red guzmania bromeliad.

Decorative red vase with bromeliad.

Image 92: The contrast between different pots and species can also add a lot to your garden decor.

Bromeliad different clay pots.

Image 93: To decorate any interior space, it is worth investing in vases with different sizes and textures.

Different decorative vases in the room.

Image 94: These hanging arrangements are perfect for accommodating different plants.

Hanging arrangements with bromeliad.

Image 95: But if you want to spice up your decor, you can invest in the golden vase.

Golden vase with bromeliad.

Image 96: This simple ceramic vase enhances the plant’s colors and makes the environment more elegant.

White minimalist room with bromeliad vase.

Image 97: This garden with bromeliads stands out for its composition and beauty.

Outdoor garden with bromeliad and stones.

Image 98: And you can still use this plant in your bedroom decoration.

Double bedroom with red and white decor.

Image 99: This plant also matches the most classic and neutral decor.

Blue decorated cozy room.

Image 100: However, if you want to innovate in your decoration, you can use these bamboo supports.

Vertical garden with bamboos.

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