The capture page serves to gain leads and strategically send content periodically to such contacts. However, the page must be optimized to achieve its goal.

Otherwise, the landing page may have numerous visits, but it won’t reach a good amount of leads willing to leave the contact. So, you need to be aware of a number of factors, such as CTA, headline and material available.

What is a capture page and why have one?

The capture page is a landing page that aims to capture a lead’s contact, usually the email. This is one of the best ways to get leads to your email list. Or, if applicable, to a transmission list on WhatsApp, because it is possible to request data other than the email address.

One way to achieve this is through digital bait, which can be some material freely available to the user. With this, an exchange takes place between the entrepreneur and his potential customer.

The capture page, which offers content related to your business, will attract people who are likely to be interested in your final product. Then, your actions will be targeted to a targeted group of potential customers.

As such, you should frequently submit content to this contact list. Of course, they must be content that interests the persona, so that they can create a relationship with your company and, in the future, obtain some product or service from you.

How to build a capture page?

Think about your persona problems

To make a capture page appropriate for the public, you need to know your persona well. So, think about the following aspects about your ideal customer:

  • Age;
  • Education level;
  • Interests;
  • Doubts;
  • Problems.

This will help from creating the copy to choosing the product that will be made available. After all, you have to think like the potential customer and thus be able to attract the right people to the capture page.

Offer an attractive free product

A while ago, many entrepreneurs provided some free e-book of interest to their audience. However, this attitude was becoming trivialized to the point where they started to deliver superficial materials and without information that would add value to the lead.

As a result, people began to become more cautious about the e-books they downloaded. First, because they understood that the intention was to get your contact to be included in the list of leads. Second, for seeing so much lacklustre material.

So, most people started to give their contact details only when they have a real interest and believe in the available product. Therefore, your offer — despite being free — needs to be attractive.

Some options are:

  • Inaugural live classes of your course;
  • Webinars;
  • Newsletter;
  • E-book.

But remember that the content needs to be really useful and interesting. Don’t be afraid to hand over your quality knowledge for free, as that’s what will guarantee your digital business sales.

Invest in copy

That’s right! Copywriting is not only important in a sales letter. Copy is written content that aims to convince a person to take some action, not just the action of buying.

So even if you’re not getting a monetary exchange, you still need the persuasion techniques to convince the lead to leave contact information.

The title, or headline, is the first thing a page visitor will see. It needs to be interesting and catchy enough to make the person want to keep seeing what you have to offer.

To get inspired, see 67 headlines for sales pages that convert.

If you’re not sure what to put on the rest of the page, be as succinct as possible. Focus on the benefits of what you will deliver, so that the person is really clear about the reward they will receive for providing their email.

In addition, Call to Action must be infallible in directing the reader to fill out the form, after all, this is your goal with the capture page. So, invest not only in the words but also in the design of this part.

The form should not ask for much information either, just what you really need in this first contact. This is important because the more things a visitor has to fill in, the less interest they will be in wasting time on it.

Take tests

In some cases, it’s common for your capture page to have a lot of visitors, but only a small part will provide contact details. There are several reasons for this to happen and the best way to find out what happened is to run tests.

Tools like SparkFunnels allow you to manage your complete sales funnel, create more than one page template, and shoot for your audience. This way, you can know which one is performing the best and you will understand what makes people leave (or not) the contact in your form.

Some elements that we can modify from one page to another, in the A/B test, are:

  • Contents;
  • Buttons;
  • Colors;
  • Images, audios and videos;
  • Between others.

How to create a free capture page?

Creating any type of landing page is not an easy task, as it requires all the features we mentioned above: copy knowledge, good design, creating an irresistible product, among others.

However, the big problem is the knowledge about programming to put the page on air. To facilitate this process, HeroSpark offers SparkFunnels which is a free tool that allows, among other things, to build landing pages.

The SparkFunnels already has several templates ready for infoprodutor just customize according to your brand. The platform is intuitive and has several other features that will be useful on your journey as an entrepreneur.

Creating a capture page that converts is not impossible, it takes dedication and patience to adapt everything to the potential client’s needs. With that, your business will have qualified leads and will have more success in the sales conversion rate.