Building your own house is not always an easy task, it usually demands a lot of expenses and hard work, and however, the container house came to simplify the civil construction sector. In addition to having your house ready much faster, it will be a sustainable house and not to mention the price that, with planning, can drop in half compared to a concrete house.

Container house price

You may have heard that the container house is much cheaper and it’s true. That’s because depending on the size of the container you should spend between 5 thousand and 30 thousand reads. Keep reading and see that it is possible to make a house in a single container or in several units.

Image 1: This container house has one side all glass.

House with an entire side of glass.

Image 2: It is possible to arrange the containers in different positions and join the wood resource.

Large and modern container house.

Image 3: The positions of the containers will tell the style of the house.

Purple and green containers.

Image 4: It is possible to add doors and windows, as well as a large balcony.

Two-story house with balcony.

Image 5: Mixing colors is an alternative to demonstrate the personality of the residents.

Yellow, blue and red containers.

Image 6: This large house is made with 11 containers placed in different positions, the vertical one must offer access to the second floor by means of a staircase or elevator.

House with many containers.

Image 7: This example shows that a container house can be built even on a small plot of land.

Black house with balcony.

Image 8: The model shown is on top of a concrete base and is accessed by a small wooden ladder.

Small red house with barbecue and hammock.

Image 9: The top of the container can also be used to be the roof of a balcony.

House with balcony in front of the pool.

Image 10: This country house is made with two containers and has two balconies.

Country house made of container.


Attention! To have a container house it is not enough to place it wherever you want and just furnish it, it takes planning. The most important thing is the thermal insulation, after all, just imagine the heat that a container made of steel would not be under the summer sun? Have you thought about winter? So it is necessary to create a layer of insulation made by experts. But before that, you can also take the opportunity to pass all the wiring and pipes so that this layer of insulation covers it and doesn’t leave the view.

Image 11: This example shows a modern wood cladding container house.

Top view of a container house.

Image 12: It is possible to build large residences by joining several containers.

Big white house with containers.

Image 13: The futuristic style house has only one end of the ground container supporting the top one.

Black and red containers.

Image 14: The rectangular style offers the feeling of modernity and spaciousness.

Modern two-story in black and wood.

Image 15: This house took advantage of the space above the container to make a large terrace.

Green and blue townhouse.

Image 16: In steep terrain, a concrete base is needed to support the construction.

Two-story house in concrete base.

Image 17: This simple one-story house is all decorated in neutral tones.

White minimalist house.

Image 18: The so-called “T” construction is widely used in container houses.

"T" shaped house.

Image 19: A container house does not necessarily need to be on top of a cement base, it is enough that the terrain is flat.

Three-story house.

Image 20: The leaked features, in addition to being modern, offer the feeling of spaciousness.

House made with five containers.

Container and Concrete Houses

If you already have a concrete house and you just want to do a renovation to add a room, be aware that it is possible that it can be done with a container. In addition to greatly reducing the mess at the time of renovation, this feature will make the house look much more modern and bold. But don’t forget, you need to take care to have a comfortable room.

Image 21: One side of a blue container and the other lined with wood.

Second floor made of container.

Image 22: Placing the containers in different positions gives the feeling of futuristic architecture.

House with two containers on the first floor.

Image 23: This concrete house has only one room made of container with a terrace.

White container with play area on top.

Image 24: On the other hand, this model has two blue containers on the top floor of the house.

House with two blue containers.

Image 25: Differentiating the color of the concrete room and the container is an option that will attract attention.

White concrete house and black container.

Image 26: This modern two-story house has a top plate that looks detached from the rest of the house.

House with exposed brick and container.

Image 27: The house can have the ground floor of concrete and the upper floors of container.

House with upper floors of containers.

Image 28: This house has two rooms, one on top of the other, made of container and facing the pool.

Two containers in front of the pool.

Image 29: On the other hand, this one has the two containers built into the house with the glass part facing the street.

Large house with two containers.

Image 30: A small house can also have an extra room made of a container.

Small house with additional room.

Container house with wood

How about leaving the look of your new home with a different appearance? Wood, in addition to being a resource increasingly used in the design of modern homes, is an aid when it comes to isolating the temperature of the residence.

Image 31: This container house also has an access ramp made of wood.

Deck with black fenced.

Image 32: On the other hand, this image shows that the roof of the house is also made of wood.

Dining room integrated into the living room.

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Image 33: This container house has only the sides covered in wood.

Balcony with poufs and large potted plants.

Image 34: When placed horizontally, the wood offers a feeling of breadth in the length of the house.

House with vertical glazing.

Image 35: This residence made a kind of frame made with wood placed horizontally.

Black house with wooden frame.

Image 36: On the other hand, when the wood is placed vertically, it gives the impression that the house is taller.

Entire house clad in wood.

Image 37: The second floor of this container house is covered with wood.

House with the first floor all made of wood.

Image 38: It is possible to observe that most of the container houses have a wooden staircase near the entrance.

Wooden walls inside the house.

Image 39: A sophisticated way of covering the house with wood and placing the material only at the front.

House with wooden facade.

Image 40: A wooden-lined container house offers a greater proximity to nature through the natural material.

Container house

Perfect for smaller families, a large container house should have all rooms integrated. There are two most common sizes of a container ranging between 6 and 12 meters in length and 2.5 in width. Therefore, it is necessary to plan when decorating the small house so that there is a comfortable space to move around.

Image 41: In a single land it is possible to make several houses with only one container each.

Small house with two steps at the entrance.

Image 42: The feature of placing an entire side of glass allows more natural light to enter.

Living room with retration glass door.

Image 43: This house has raised the cut area of ​​the door to use as a roof on a small porch.

House made from a white container.

Image 44: The style of the doors and windows should offer a more intimate feel to the house.

Black and white country house.

Image 45: It is observed that in most container houses the door is made of glass, precisely to increase the brightness of the environment.

White house with gray windows and door.

Image 46: The small blue and white house has a wooden deck.

House with wooden deck and two chairs.

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Image 47: This container house has an outside leisure area that includes a whirlpool.

House with whirlpool on the balcony.

Image 48: Cement blocks can be used to support the house.

Modern house in white, gray and woody.

Image 49: On the other hand, it is also possible to place it on top of a wooden deck.

House with wooden and glass doors.

Image 50: The wooden stairs outside also served to add a small sofa.

House with wooden sofa outside.

Houses with multiple containers

On the other hand, if you dream of a big house with several bedrooms and bathrooms, it is possible to gather as many containers as your imagination allows. They can be used to divide the rooms in a one-story house, unite them in a single large room or add different floors.

Image 51: This house is made with only two containers.

White house with yellow door.

Image 52: As in the previous example, this house is made of two containers but has a corridor between them.

White container house in the middle of the forest.

Image 53: This model features a high roof alternative to increase the house’s luminosity.

Container house in front of the pier.

Image 54: It’s even possible to make a garage with a piece of steel that wasn’t used, like the one in the room division, for example.

One-story black house with garage.

Image 55: This house features several containers in different positions and some with a wood-lined side.

Wood clad house.

Image 56: Glass is a widely used resource that offers elegance and refinement in the home.

Container house with glass sides.

Image 57: This house has two floors and a garage.

Large container house with garage.

Image 58: On the other hand, there is the possibility of making a covered porch under the container on the first floor.

Several container houses in yellow and black.

Image 59: As a result, you will have ample play areas prepared for the event of rain.

Black house with white grids.

Image 60: It is possible to place two containers, one next to the other, forming a long rectangle.

Two containers joined horizontally.

Container leftovers

Because it is of a very compact size, the container house can be built on a small plot of land and, in order to have a comfortable house with various environments, many people choose to add one on top of the other. As a result, you need help from a specialized person, after all, the containers do not offer columns, which can harm the structure of the house.

Image 61: The side design left the house differentiated.

House with graffiti design.

Image 62: This townhouse has a container of each color and a balcony on the first floor.

White and yellow container house with balcony.

Image 63: On the other hand, it is possible to make a room like a balcony closed by glass.

Container left with wooden deck.

Image 64: This is another option to make a narrow building but with several rooms and floors.

Three-story container house.

Image 65: The diagonal glass strip shows modernity and elegance, in addition to offering the feeling of spaciousness in the house and privileged lighting.

Container house with glass strip on two floors.

Image 66: The wooden detail on the porch highlights the container house.

Container with balcony.

Image 67: On the other hand, you can see that the bottom container is supported by wooden blocks and the free space is used to store firewood.

Black house with wooden detail.

Image 68: The smaller room above can be done as a kind of mezzanine in the building.

White house with small room on the first floor.

Image 69: It is possible to place containers both vertically and horizontally.

House with container horizontally and vertically.

Image 70: To make the rooms on the upper floor more private, retracting doors were built.

Container house with glass and lawn in front.

Colored container houses

It is a mistake to think that a house made of steel needs to remain in its factory color forever. Just like the concrete ones, there are a multitude of home colors that can be used. On the other hand, the paint must be specialized for steel, as the one used on the cement wall does not offer the same adhesion. Also, want a tip? Painting the container with more than one color will make the house much more cheerful and relaxed.

Image 71: The black color offers the feeling of modernity and seriousness to the room. In addition, the colored steps gained prominence.

Black container house.

Image 72: A green house in the middle of the countryside conveys a much closer proximity to nature.

Green container house.

Image 73: This country house used wooden columns fixed to the cement to stay away from the ground.

Blue and tall container house.

Image 74: A blue and white house offers the feeling of tranquility by referring to the sky and the sea.

Navy blue container house.

Image 75: Although the house has a light blue tone, there is a great color contrast in the look between the grass, the cement stones, the wooden deck and the container house.

Light blue container house.

Image 76: Red is traditionally known as the color of love and therefore it is often chosen by the most affectionate people. On the other hand, the tone combines harmoniously with the woody.

Red container house.

Image 77: Want to have a flashy and exotic home? Bet on orange, it’s not often that you find a house in this color on the streets of the city.

Orange container house.

Image 78: Yellow and gray are high colors which, on the one hand offers seriousness and is a discreet color, and on the other hand it is cheerful and fun. As a result, you will have a modern and stylish home.

Yellow and gray container house.

Image 79: This house has the containers divided into: yellow, gray and navy blue.

Big house of blue, yellow and gray containers.

Image 80: If you are in doubt which color to choose, how about painting each container a color?

Colored containers.

Interior of a container house

Whether a house is made of a container or several, it is necessary to think about the distribution of the rooms so that there is a harmonious environment. With the help of an architect and an interior design, it is possible to plan each corner thinking about the decoration of the bedroom, living room, kitchen and even the bathroom.

Image 81: This container houses the kitchen and living room in an integrated way.

Wooden cabinet in the kitchen.

Image 82: On the other hand, this minimalist room has furniture in neutral tones and only one colored frame.

Room with colored frame.

Image 83: It is also possible to make just a large balcony as a leisure area in the backyard of the house.

Balcony with hammocks.

Image 84: The kitchen with the living room is the most common integration in both a container house and a small apartment.

Living room with kitchen.

Image 85: This kitchen is all decorated in neutral colors, except for the orange fridge.

Kitchen with orange fridge...

Image 86: On the other hand, this living room is discreet and spacious.

Living room with glass wall.

Image 87: With planning, it is possible to add chandeliers and ceiling fans in any room.

Double bedroom.

Image 88: The space was used to have a bed and a sofa.

Bed on top of the sofa.

Image 89: A container house can also have a mezzanine.

Residence with mezzanine.

Image 90: This large space shows the integration between the dining room and the living room.

Living room with neutral sofas and yellow cabinet.

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