Decorating a child’s room can seem complex, after all, it is necessary to take into account available space, budget, how many children occupied this space, the needs, gender and age of each one of them. With this in mind, we separated several projects with cool and functional proposals for the most diverse situations.


One of the first options for those who are decorating the children’s room are Montessori furniture, with playful woodwork and the possibility of incorporating drawers, niches and shelves, they are the darlings of the moment. In addition to offering more autonomy and independence for the little ones, they are usually very decorative.

Image 1: Dark blue Montessori room, the wallpaper and the owls bring the winter mood to the room.

Montessori children's room with blue bed

Image 2: Different, this room bet on the blue ceiling to match the bed, the highlight is the red balance.

Montessori children's room with blue ceiling

Image 3: This room in Montessori, in neutral colors, accommodates two children of different ages.

Montessori room for two children with cot and bed

Image 4: Above all, this room knew how to take advantage of the space. The difficult angles of the environment were taken advantage of, creating an area for study and rest.

Angled room with desk and bed

Image 5: Equally designed, this Montessori room made a beautiful contrast to the olive green and orange wallpaper.

Olive green Montessori bedroom with little fox wallpaper

Image 6: Although neutral, this room managed to create a fun and comfortable environment for the child.

Montessori children's room with blue bed

Image 7: Beautiful room for two sisters, the planned Montessori beds optimize the space, highlighted by the wallpaper with balloons.

Montessori girl child's room with balloons

Image 8: With a minimalist style, this planned children’s room with clean lines and colors houses this planned furniture with two beds and a side staircase.

modern Scandinavian minimalist children's room

Image 9: In order to create a separate space and take advantage of the room’s cutout, this environment created a joinery that accommodates a bed, dresser, closet and reading space.

blue planned nursery

Image 10: While other environments seek to optimize space, this project prioritized fun and play with planned furniture and separation of environments.

Child girl’s room

Decorating for girls is always a delight, since stronger colors and some excesses are allowed, all in the name of delicacy and femininity. Below are some examples of this for you to get inspired.

Image 11: Not only beautiful, but planned, this environment bet on a suspended bed and light blue to create an unforgettable girl’s room.

girl's room with suspended bed

Image 12: Colorful and original, this project chose to plan the study bench along the bed and next to the window.

girl children's room colored and pink

Image 13: Neutral base with white and gray, the touch of color was left to the details, this way, the decoration can change as soon as the resident gets sick.

child's room planned white and gray girl

Image 14: Room of reduced dimensions, the cabinets are overhead, below it, desk and shelf for books.

female child's room with birds wallpaper.

Image 15: With a Bohol Chic style, this environment bet on neutral tones of pink and gray to contrast with the wallpaper and the fluffed carpet.

boho girl bedroom with floral wallpaper papwl.

Image 16: Delicate and colorful, this environment bet on the combination of green and pink, the blue details complete the feminine color palette.

girl child's room with pink and green wallpaper.

Image 17: Equally feminine, this project bet on purple and lilac, the large heart-shaped lamp is the project’s focal point.

purple and lavender girl's room with recessed ceiling

Image 18: Original, this project bet on plaster work for the ceiling and walls, creating synergy between the two, the white furniture completes the decoration.

girl child's room with ceiling and plaster niche.

Image 19: On the other hand, this room opted for a neutral base and left purple and lilac for the niches, the bed linen and colorful pillows bring joy to the environment.

gray child female room with purple.

Picture 20: Fun and colorful, this girl’s room has a beautiful dotted wallpaper and tiffany blue bed, the contrast is due to the bedding.

super colorful children's room with tiffany blue bed

Nursery for Sisters

When the room is for two girls, you need to know how to deal with the tastes of each one, but pink is unanimous, as are canopies and floral wallpapers.

Image 21: Designed for two girls, this room is delicate and feminine, the canopies and the chandelier are responsible for the vintage air of the room.

girl child's room with pink canopy

Image 22: With a more beach feel, this room accommodates two girls, the light blue and pink make a perfect wedding.

female bedroom two blue beds

Image 23: Not only delicate, this children’s room has beautiful canopies and a floral wallpaper in the same color.

children's room with canopy scrolls and floral wallpaper

Image 24: Without a doubt, this room was very feminine and delicate. The white, pink and blue palette makes any environment very smooth.

female children's room with pink and blue stripes

Image 25: With a neutral base and a discreet wallpaper, the color of this room was left to the accessories and bedding.

colorful and fun girls toddler room

Image 26: In contrast, this environment preferred sober colors and a more adult palette, but still, it’s pink, blue and white. Smart joinery has optimized the space and left everything functional.

blue and pink planned children's room

Image 27: Another example of pink, blue and white, however, in this environment the palette is highlighted by the pink letters and bed linen.

children's room with pallet bed

Image 28: Unlike the previous ones, here the palette is blue, orange and white, proving that it is possible to leave a super feminine room, without investing in pink as the main color of the palette.

Image 29: Another demonstration of pink and blue in different shades. The highlight of this room is the carpentry project, which created a separate environment and spaces for the two children.

Image 30: Bold, this project invested in wallpaper throughout the room, which brought unity to the room and highlighted the vibrantly colored beds.

children's room with wallpaper on the ceiling.

Child boy room

Decorating and planning for boys is letting creativity run wild, below we have colorful projects, with super heroes, fun wallpapers and super fun themes.

Image 31: Colorful, fun and original, this room bet on a beautiful themed panel on one of the walls and furniture in light wood.

children's room with blue decorative panel.

Image 32: In this project, the joinery created an environment that houses the bed and reading corner, the light blue helps to create the separation of environments.

children's room with bed and planned dresser.

Image 33: Simple, neutral and masculine, this room opted for understated wallpaper, more washed blue tones and woodwork to expand the storage space.

light blue boy room with geometric wallpaper.

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Image 34: Playful and intelligent, this environment was favored by carpentry, which created a piece of furniture that accommodates the bed, reading space, niches and shelves to store books and toys.

blue boy child's room with stars

Image 35: Original, this room has two colorful wallpapers and a planned bed with drawers.

child's room with strollers

Image 36: Not only themed, but well-organized, this superhero-inspired environment is fun without being too vibrant.

super heroes boy room on the wall.

Image 37: Organized and playful, this room has beautiful drawings on the wall and varnished wood joinery.

boy's room planned space.

Image 38: In addition to being multifunctional, the joinery did a great job separating and creating distinct spaces for reading, studying, playing and resting.

white multifunctional child's room.

Image 39: Nautical theme, this project has beautiful blue wallpaper and a planned Montessori bed.

Boy's room with nautical theme.

Image 40: This room inspired by the Beatles managed to approach the theme in a childish and playful way. The lighting behind the wooden panels gives originality to the environment.

Beatles-inspired nursery

Children’s Room for Siblings

When the children’s room is for a pair of boys, the needs are doubled, but so is the fun. We chose original projects that show how it is possible to make a functional and creative environment at the same time.

Picture 41: Children’s room with bunk beds designed to fit niches and drawers, the light blue brings unity to the environment.

child room with blue bunk boy.

Image 42: Differently, this room bet on black and white and the football theme to compose the environment.

children's room boy black and white football

Image 43: Undoubtedly, this room made good use of space using the planned bunk. The blue wallpaper makes the project fun and masculine.

Image 44: Boys’ bedroom in a rustic and more neutral style, orange highlights the dark wood of the furniture and the white frame on the wall.

planned children's room with camouflage wallpaper

Image 45: Likewise, this room opted for a more neutral feel, leaving children’s themes for the bedding and minor details.

Neutral children's room with dark blue wall

Image 46: This ambitious and successful project has this beautiful bunk in the shape of a house and an airplane lamp.

children's room with a bed

Image 47: Another example of a project where carpentry was successful, creating spaces, drawers and illuminated niches.

bunk bed with drawers and child niches.

Image 48: In order to be more cheerful, this project bet on yellow, blue and light wood, creating a fun and versatile environment.

planned children's room with wardrobe and bunk bed

Image 49: In this project, the highlight is the plaster work on the ceiling, which helps to divide the environments created by the wood panel.

boy's room with wood panel and plaster ceiling

Image 50: Indeed, this neutral design for a boy’s room, gained a touch of color with the green on the opposite wall and yellow accessories.

solid wood bunk with drawers

Image 51: At first, with a neutral base, this room left vibrant colors for the panel above the bed and smaller details in contrast to the gray.

boy room with super heroes.

Child’s Room for Brother and Sister

It may seem like a challenge, but setting up a child’s room to be shared by a girl and a boy is possible and can have a harmonious, beautiful result that privileges the needs and personality of each one.

Image 52: This room bet on a neutral base and left the distinction between boy and girl only for bed linen and names in colored wood.

Image 53: On the other hand, this project preferred to demarcate the sides with a pink and light blue bed, the gray of the wall balances the environment.

boy and girl room decorated.

Image 54: This daring room, decided to put blue on the walls and pink on the curtains and chest of drawers, the distinction is made only by the bed linen.

kid's room for boy and girl pink and blue

Image 55: Differently, this project applied a closed blue to the wall and bet on themed bedding to determine the side of each one.

bedroom with two blue and pink beds

Image 56: Original, the dividing point of this project was in the half pink, half blue painting of the coffee table and the wall.

bedroom girl and boy children blue and pink

Image 57: Equally divided, this project bet on carpentry to create separate environments for children.

children's room with planned joinery.

Image 58: In order to divide the room, the separation is done with wall paint work, one side pink, and one side blue.

boy and girl room with half blue half pink wall.

Image 59: On the other hand, this project opted for a tiffany blue curtain to divide the rooms and create privacy, the stripes on the wall and the bedding complete the separation of the rooms.

children's room for girl and boy with stripes

Image 60: In order to separate the environments, this project created a piece that supports a niche and the lamps. The walls are painted gray and pink to demarcate the spaces.

Montessori boy and girl bedroom with pendant lamps

Image 61: As much as blue is the predominant color in this project, it was broken up with pink bedding and light carpet.

room for two children boy and girl blue

Babies and older children

More difficult than setting up a room for a boy and a girl is to adapt an environment where a child is already installed to receive a baby. This is the reality of many families, especially those who live in smaller apartments.

Image 62: Even though they are of different ages, this project managed to integrate through colors the environment for a baby and an older child.

room for baby and child bigger light blue.

Image 63: On the other hand, this room bet on neutral colors and yellow to create a childlike atmosphere for the two occupants.

yellow baby and child's room

Image 64: On the other hand, this project bet on pink and wallpapers to give the feminine tone, the highlight is the central lighting that goes down to the doll niches.

pink girl and baby room with wallpaper

Image 65: Without a doubt, here neutrality was privileged in the color palette, the joinery optimized the space with the aerial bed.

small baby and child room

Image 66: Without a doubt, feminine and elegant, this nursery and children’s room, despite the wallpaper, has not become tiring and burdensome.

room for two girls pink and gray

Image 67: As a result of a neutral palette, this room can bet on orange curtains and black carpet to brighten the environment and bring warmth to the decor.

room for toddler and baby fox

Image 68: This boy’s room bet on blue and brick to create a relaxed environment.

boys' room, soccer field

Image 69: Neutral, this reduced space comfortably accommodates a baby and child.

room for two small neutral children.

Image 70: Here, the bet was on vibrant colors on a neutral base.

fun yellow room for toddler and baby

Simple and neutral nursery

Often, the solution to be able to please more than one resident and even save in the long run, is to go for the most neutral and timeless decorations, which accompanied the child’s growth without requiring major changes in the environment.

Picture 71: Tumbrel room for two boys, white wall with black stickers.

tumbrl room for boys

Image 72: This project favored light colors and white furniture.

room for two children neutral.

Image 73: With floral wallpaper and white furniture, this girl’s room was delicate and neutral.

Neutral feminine children's bedroom with floral wallpaper.

Picture 74: Totally white room with planned joinery.

white minimalist children's room

Image 75: This room, despite the patterned wallpaper, kept the neutrality with the white of the furniture, carpet and light fabrics.

room for two children neutral in blue

Image 76: More neutral than this impossible room, gray and white make up a sober and elegant environment.

gray and white super neutral kid's room with boiserie.

Image 77: On the other hand, this room bet on colored balloons to break the white of the walls and furniture.

white room with colorful balloons

Image 78: Equally neutral, this environment opted for a dark floor and discreet wallpaper.

neutral children's room with running mat

Picture 79: Bohol Chic style bedroom, neutral wall highlights the rattan bed, macramé canopy completes the decor.

Image 80: Neutral room with paneling and white furniture, the lowered ceiling makes the environment even cleaner.

room with neutral white paneling

For those with a full house

Three is never too many, all it takes is a good project and a dose of creativity to be able to accommodate all the children in the same environment. Below, we have selected some projects that will delight for their simplicity, functionality and beauty.

Picture 81: Room for three girls, with floral frames and iron beds.

room for 3 pink girls

Picture 82: Original, this room left the color only for the iron beds.

bedroom with iron bed for three girls

Image 83: Modern and with a retro feel, this room accommodates three children in colorful beds.

colorful bedroom for three children.

Image 84: In contrast, this room is neutral and delicate, betting on white and the fish scale wooden floor.

Retro white room for girls.

Image 85: With a Scandinavian footprint, the highlight of this room are the canopies decorated with branches.

bedroom with wooden canopy.

Picture 86: Room with soft color palette, accommodates a girl and two boys.

bedroom with three beds boys and girl.

Image 87: With a different carpentry project, here the optimization of space was privileged, the neutral base of the walls and furniture make the environment clear.

Image 88: Room with nautical style in blue, red and white, the joinery has expanded the space and left the airy and light environment.

nautical bedroom with bunk bed and dresser

Picture 89: Beautiful room for three girls with floral wallpaper and natural wood bunk bed.

room for three girls with floral wallpaper

Image 90: Mainly white, the highlight is the floor and stairs.

planned room with white bunk beds

After so many projects, ideas and proposals it will be difficult to choose just one, but keep your focus, a good project adds beauty and functionality to the resident’s wishes and needs.

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