Closet models had been in print for a long time, but they were still a proposition far removed from most people. However, with the popularization of decoration pages and different materials for the manufacture of these spaces, this was redefined and it is now possible to create countless possibilities for closets.

With a few features and good ideas, you can build a versatile and multifunctional environment that will accommodate your wardrobe items very well. We bring together original ideas, designed for different styles.

Don’t worry about separating an entire room to store your personal belongings, because we also select alternatives that don’t demand all that space. Custom-made closet models were included, in plaster, modulated, wired, open or in cabinet format.

How to choose the ideal closet?

Who never dreamed of closet models filled with items cast the first stone. The structure orders personal items, and is still an important part of the decoration. There are better known options with a coat rack, door and shoe rack.

But, there are also innovative alternatives that leave clothes and objects on display. To choose the ideal closet you first need to choose the space you want to use. In this last item, we can help, as we have gathered options below with dividers, sliding doors and even lighting on the shelves.

Image 1: In this first proposal, the closet is spacious and has a succinct clothes rack and shoe rack. The main highlight is the crown molding that provides the ideal lighting for the environment.

large closet models

Image 2: Closet models with a wide variety of shelves can be the solution for small spaces. The mirror on the wall gives the feeling of spaciousness to the environment.

wire closet models

Image 3: If your problem is lack of space, this option is a great solution. The amount of partitions up to the roof brings great use to the area.

hallway closet models

Image 4: Individual corner closet with tempered glass partition. The solid wood finish provides a rustic decor to the room.

glass closet models

Image 5: Built into the toilet, this closet model was designed with versatility in mind. Design for large environments.

closet models with bathroom

Image 6: The light tones of the wall and shelves help in diffusing light and bring a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, the closet model below is a beautiful alternative for small spaces.

simple closet models

Image 7: In the image below, we see a closet option with an added dressing table. The handles and the glass chandelier are a great combination to add to the space.

white cabinetry closet models

Image 8: In this proposal we see a suspended closet. Ideal for business men, as it has a large number of clothes racks and some shelves for men’s accessories.

simple and small closet models

Image 9: Closet models made with racks are a great alternative for limited spaces. Shelves with adaptable French hand can be adjusted as needed.

rack closet models

Image 10: Closet developed in wood and galvanized steel. Excellent possibility for those who are discreet but don’t give up on functionality.

mobile closet models

Image 11: A closet model without a wooden door that highlights the most used shoes. This option has a matte black finish that makes the cabinet more modern.

ready wooden closet models

Image 12: Project made with articulated racks, which has space for women’s clothes, suitcases and shoes.

single rack closet models

Image 13: The metal shelves in the image below easily accommodate the clothes and accessories of the whole family, as they occupy two entire walls of the room. A great idea when you have a lot of space or a specific room for a closet.

closet models with large rack

Image 14: In the photo below, the doors were replaced by dark curtains that house small shelves attached to the bedroom wall. The matte painting evidences the organization of the objects.

closet models with curtain

Image 15: The project below does not have space for shoes or bedding. In this case, the priority is the women’s clothing and handbag collection.

custom closet models

Image 16: Spacious and woody, the proposal brings a minimalist layout with doors that allow good air circulation in the environment. Custom closet models are perfect for narrow and tall spaces.

custom closet models with suitcase

Image 17: This style of closet is ideal for couples with little space. It promises to accommodate clothes and accessories in an objective and versatile way. The hollow white doors give an air of joviality to the environment.

closet models with sliding door

Image 18: Structure that arranges dress shirts and cardigans on the top shelf and has a black colored rod. The dark tone contrasts with the light walls of the environment.

industrial simple closet models

Image 19: Fit for a princess, the concept of this project has mirrored doors and artificial lighting. The chandelier above the island adds originality to the decor.

large classic closet models

Image 20: MDF cabinet planned in tobacco color wood, it doesn’t need doors, as the niches perfectly accommodate clothes and accessories in an orderly way.

closet models integrated with bathroom

Image 21: Simple and versatile, the project below was designed to take advantage of the space in the corner of the room. As the white bathroom is located next to the closet, it is important to have professional help to prepare this project.

closet models with bathroom

Image 22: The arrangement below uses a rectangular space available near the bedroom to store clothes and various objects. In this case, the charm was due to the lighting and the combination between the white wall and the wooden furniture.

custom closet models

Image 23: See a beautiful proposal for organizing clothing and accessories that eliminates the need for front doors. Closet models integrated with the bathroom need special attention to control humidity in the room.

closet models with bathroom

Image 24: Do you own a lot of clothes and accessories? Then the option below is right for you. This closet model has space for shoes, bags and hangers.

large closet models

Image 25: This proposal is a great option if you have a little used space. Including a mirrored front door, you’ll have a perfect place to store your clothes and accessories.

closet models with mirrored door

Image 26: This option combines two extremely durable materials: wood and steel. Pieces that have great strength and quality, offering high durability and requiring little maintenance.

closet models with rack and wood

Image 27: In this idea, we have a rustic wooden bookcase varnished with steel rods for hanging items of clothing. Small closet models, like this one, are well suited to small spaces and few objects.

simple wooden closet models

Image 28: Project with small compartments and equilateral niches that are highlighted through the light beam. The screen as a partition in the suite matches the woody tone of the closet.

closet models with bathroom

Image 29: Closing the closet with an ultrawhite glass door is also an attractive alternative. Glass is a versatile material that makes the environment even more stylish.

closet models with shower box

Image 30: In this closet proposal for those who have space and want a clean monochromatic environment. In this case, lighting is a valuable resource for highlighting furniture in a marbled finish.

closet models with marble dresser

Image 31: The curtain is a very popular decor accessory in the dining room, but it can also be used to replace closet doors.

closet models with simple curtains

Image 32: The closet is next to a window that receives a lot of natural light. The cabinet stands out due to the arrangement of the partitions and the aluminum rod that makes the space more functional.

closet models with wooden dressing table

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Image 33: Project with a special space dedicated to accommodate shoes and bags. This idea also optimizes corners with a cabinet that forms a 90-degree angle to the wall.

closet models with swivel shoe rack

Image 34: Box with conjugated closet that enhances the space’s functionality. A charming idea with a planned closet for clothes and miscellaneous personal items.

closet models integrated with bathroom

Image 35: Luxurious and original, this idea creatively and innovatively optimizes space. The closet models with curtains are an option for those who do not want to invest in door cabinetry.

corner closet models with curtain

Image 36: Model suitable for those who have a lot of clothes, shoes and jewelry, but have little space. The external part was built in drywall and the internal part in MDF wood.

custom wood closet

Image 37: Closet model with a wide variety of dividers. The big difference in this project is the wall with a wood finish to separate the space.

closet models made with divider

Image 38: Modulated closet design in galvanized steel. We opted for glass shelves, which bring lightness to the bedroom.

glass closet

Image 39: Junction of closet with bedroom. Highlight for the frosted glass sliding door partition that hides objects from the environment and provides privacy to the owner.

closet with sliding glass door

Image 40: If your need is something more succinct, this project opted for discreet doors covered with a wooden sheet. The mirror at the end of the hallway brings a feeling of depth.

minimalist closet with wooden doors

Image 41: With sliding doors, this proposal took advantage of an empty space in the house to create a beautiful closet under the stairs.

closet done under the stairs

Image 42: Project built with sliding doors in wood and galvanized steel. Highlight for the brick wall with warm lighting.

industrial-style closet with sliding doors

Image 43: This structure promises to accommodate your clothes and accessories with great elegance. Developed in barrel, the cost benefit is high compared to other models.

modern closet made of pipes

Image 44: In the proposal below, the iron structures and the blasted glass shelves modernize the environment. Focus on the glass shower that separates the suite.

closet done inside the bathroom

Image 45: Simple closet design with a wide variety of dividers. The neutral colors of the environment favor natural lighting.

wood planed closet

Image 46: A great option to hide the dividers are the curtains. In the photo below, we see that the naval blue dressing table stands out even more in the white of the curtain fabric.

planned closet in masonry and wood

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Image 47: This composition has transparent plastic drawers and a multi-purpose steel bookcase attached to the wall.

simple closet and small wire mesh

Image 48: Original and laid-back, this style of closet separates the room with a drywall wall. To protect clothes and objects it has very well structured doors in naval blue color.

closet designed in wood

Image 49: Design that unites two resistant and easy-to-find materials. A good possibility for those who have a more minimalist profile and are looking for durability.

closet made of wood and metal

Image 50: Modern and up-to-date, this blue closet, made of wood and with a hollow door, was accommodated in a space created especially for him.

small wooden project

40 Photos of closet models

In summary, we present several proposals and closet models, however if you do not have enough resources, it is also possible to build a closet. You can find tutorial videos on Youtube or rely on pages and magazines. An interesting solution is to search for photos posted on Pinterest. If you haven’t decided yet, below you can find pictures of open and closed closet models. In addition, we also bring together options that have shelves and niches. To make the bedroom even more charming, you can add chandeliers, pendants, lamps and wallpapers.

Image 51: In this image, we have a project that optimizes a corridor with shelves that allow a beautiful arrangement for clothes and shoes.

integrated project with bathroom

Image 52: When designing a closet, it’s also important to think about lighting, that’s why we selected the proposal below. The idea is to put two LED lamps on the ceiling to ensure indirect lighting.

narrow cabinet with mirrored door

Image 53: Mirrored doors make the room bigger and more pleasant. This project combines well-being and comfort.

corner closet with mirrored sliding door

Image 54: The inspiration below very well accommodates a large amount of clothing, shoes and jewelry. The difference is in the external structure that allows a multifunctional air circulation.

 plywood plank

Image 55: This closet model with glass doors allows the visualization of objects. Good lighting is crucial in this project.

cabinets with glass doors

Image 56: In this custom cabinetry, the warm lighting combines the tinted gold glass. The modern chandelier brings charm and elegance to the environment.

cabinets with glass doors

Image 57: This closet design takes up a lot of space, so it’s ideal for large areas. The tempered glass on the side reflects the light from the small spots installed on top of the furniture.

angled wooden closet

Image 58: The model below is a good solution if you intend to build a luxurious and well-organized closet. To make it even more stylish you can combine it with a metallic wallpaper or a large mirror.

made of mirrored glass

Image 59: Minimalist and charming, the option below features a design that mixes matte white with a smooth structure at the bottom of the furniture. This closet is built next to the window, so the doors are indispensable.

project with joinery doors

Image 60: A luxurious alternative that explores golden tongs, huge mirrors and a crystal pendant chandelier, the pink tone leaves the feminine environment.

closet models with mirrors

Image 61: This style of locker is often used in American university dorms. It is made of thick MDF with a rustic finish and prioritizes a good arrangement of niches.

wood joinery project

Image 62: A perfect alternative if you want to mix the structure of an ordinary wardrobe with a more industrial and modern aesthetic. Without the doors you can have a better view of clothes and accessories.

Image 63: You need an entire room to store clothes and accessories, so this is an amazing possibility that combines a woody background with cool lighting.

double design with glass doors

Image 64: Your clothes and accessories need a dedicated environment to receive them. So, the option below is a possibility that associates mirrored drawers with a cabinet without doors.

gray wood custom closet

Image 65: A closet alternative with an MDF cabinet without doors that stands out for the built-in lamps on the sides of the furniture.

design with dresser and lighting

Image 66: This is an extremely simple format that has a shelf and a centralized pole. It has a good cost benefit.

simple wooden closet

Image 67: If you are looking for a project that oozes exuberance and perfectionism, this proposal will please you a lot. The wide shelf will perfectly accommodate the family’s suits and blazers.

planned project with glass doors and lowered ceiling

Image 68: The color blue has become a trend and is not expected to come out anytime soon. The cabinet below came to show that you can also be bold in choosing the colors for the closet furniture.

blue wooden custom closet

Image 69: This model is contemporary and values ​​a combination of wood and white marble . The differential is in the smooth tempered glass door that leaves the place fully visible.

integrated project with wooden bathroom

Image 70: Stickers and wallpapers are also on the rise. Take this opportunity to try out new backgrounds for your closet.

small closet designed

Image 71: Stylish and creative, the closet below explores a small rectangular space efficiently and pleasantly.

planned drywall project

Image 72: Suspended closet design with lower cabinet. This model is great for space-constrained environments.

white mdf project

Image 73: In the photo below, the closet was designed for the curtain to divide the room. Excellent idea to reduce the cost of the project without taking away the quality of the product.

project with curtain closing

Image 74: Great design option that includes a mirrored glass divider. Neutral colors help to lighten the environment.

closet with mirrored sliding door

Image 75: L-shaped closet with lighted shelves. Plaster dividers are cost-effective, as the material is accessible and easy to locate.

design with swivel shoe

Image 76: Closet linked to the bedroom. Highlight for the white frosted glass sliding door partition.

closet with sliding acrylic door

Image 77: If you’re a fan of dark colors, we also have design options for you to get inspired. The dark panel matches the matte black of the organizer boxes and hangers.

black planned closet

Image 78: Example of a closet that stands out for having a central island. It accommodates accessories, decorative objects, makeup or various creams.

custom closet with wallpaper in the background

Image 79: It’s fashionable to use shelves instead of closed cabinets, but this only works if you’re a naturally organized person.

large wood and metal closet

Image 80: Cabinet design in matte black. The difference is in the shoe rack hidden in the cabinet, which opens with the help of telescopic slides.

dark wood planed closet

Image 81: Trendy women love this option, this closet has a geometric chandelier that combines personality and good taste. The wooden floor brings comfort to the environment.

large women's closet

Image 82: Project developed for wide environments. The centralized island can be used as a storage structure for various accessories

large modern planned closet

Image 83: If your problem is space limitation, in the photo below we can see a project developed with sliding doors and a centralized island. Minimalist lighting helps to make the environment modern.

closet with rustic sliding doors

Image 84: Dark tones can help to sophisticate the decor. In the project below, we chose to share the bedroom with a dark curtain, highlighting the details of the closet.

planned closet with curtain

Image 85: A suspended macaw is a great idea for those with little space. In the project below, the emphasis is on the plants that harmonize with the woody tone of the structure.

small and simple project

Image 86: For small spaces, we suggest an L-shaped closet with curtain divider. In the project below, the centralized rug brings sophistication and modernity to the environment.

project made of wood with curtain

Image 87: Closet with MDF shelves and coat rack. The electrified rail helps to direct the lighting in the environment, in addition to sophisticating the space.

simple wood and pendant design

Image 88: In the photo below, we see a closet with indirect lighting. The background wallpaper brings elegance and sophistication to the project.

wood design with wallpaper

Image 89: Planned environment with steel structure. The individual closet finished in matte black provides a certain modernity to the suite.

minimalist wood and metal design

Image 90: If space isn’t your issue, this closet was designed with you in mind. Warm lighting on the shelves decorates the room and the central rug helps bring comfort to the room.

large wood cabinets with lighting