Decorating the environment is one of the favorite steps when moving, isn’t it? And one of the most important parts of this process is knowing how to choose between different colors for a double room.

How to choose the ideal color to paint the master bedroom?

First, it is necessary to analyze the personality of the residents and assess the feeling that the color should convey in the environment. For this, residents need to come to an agreement so that the room is to their liking.

Image 1: This model has a different color on the room’s ceiling.

White bedroom with gray ceiling.

Image 2: On the other hand, this room has only one colored horizontal band.

Double bedroom with bedside table, mirror and potted plant.

Image 3: Mustard is a color derived from yellow but it shows seriousness.

Mustard room with black furniture.

Image 4: The navy blue reflects tranquility and calm as it resembles the sea.

Blue room decorated with pictures and plants.

Image 5: This model used decorative items on the wall that contrast with the blue.

Room with birds hanging on the wall.

Image 6: This double room has the walls and ceiling in the same color.

Green double bedroom with suspended lighting.

Image 7: On the other hand, in small double rooms the best option is to have only one detached wall.

Small double bedroom with white bed.

Image 8: This example follows the trend of just one colored wall.

Room with navy blue wall and brown details.

Image 9: Gray is a color that matches any style of decor.

Double bedroom decorated with pillows and lamps.

Image 10: When used in the right shade, blue doesn’t look cloying in a master bedroom.

Blue bedroom with white furniture.

Image 11: The best combination for a peaceful environment is between white and blue.

Bedroom with blue walls and bedside tables.

Image 12: A differentiated band will make your room unique.

Double bedroom in white and green.

Image 13: Just like the previous model, this painting shows an exotic model of drawings on the wall.

White, black, gray and purple double bedroom.

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Neutral colors for a double bedroom

Definitely, neutral colors are preferred to decorate any room, especially in small apartments and double rooms. That’s because in addition to combining with any type of decoration, this color palette is not cloying.

Image 14: This room features a light shade of brown along with white.

White and nude bedroom.

Image 15: Using the mirror together with colors for the master bedroom will give the feeling of spaciousness.

Bedroom with mirror above the headboard.

Image 16: In addition to the wall color, it is worth betting on neutral tones in decorative items.

Room with 3D flooring.

Image 17: Neutral color coatings are also easy to find.

Neutral double bedroom with frame and potted plant.

Image 18: The paintings on the wall are highlighted even more with the light paint.

Bedroom with mirror on the closet door.

Image 19: Through the neutral colors on the wall it is possible to highlight colorful decorative items.

Bedroom with flower pillowcases.

Image 20: The large bedroom is even more comfortable with a neutral color.

Room decorated with sculpture on the wall.

Image 21: How about putting dark details to highlight some item in the decoration?

Neutral double bedroom with six photos on the wall.

Image 22: In neutral color rooms, it is worth using brighter colors in the pillows.

Neutral colors home bedroom.

Image 23: On the other hand, it is also possible to abuse colored prints.

Bedroom with lit bed headboard.

 Picture 24: This room features highlighted colors in the bed linen and carpet.

Light room with gray accents.

Image 25: In this model, the pillows are in neutral and light colors.

Bright room with pink accents.

Image 26: Lighting at the head of the bed highlights the pictures on the wall.

Double bedroom with blank and gray frames on the wall.

Dark colors

The dark colors for a double bedroom are ideal for environments with plenty of ventilation and natural lighting, as in addition to darkening the room, these tones usually make them warmer.

Image 27: This model has a dark color not only on the wall, but also on the rug and pillows.

Room with a black wall and gray rug.

Image 28: To give life to the room, it is worth putting a vase with leaves in the room.

All dark room with large plant case.

Image 29: On the other hand, to break the darkness, there is a strip of light wood on the wall.

Dark bedroom with white bed linen.

Image 30: The floor-framed mirror is a growing trend that represents modernity and elegance.

Black room with white window.

Image 31: Bed linen is a fundamental item to complete the decoration of the master bedroom.

All black room.

Image 32: On the other hand, it is possible to leave some white details to brighten the room.

Double bedroom with black walls.

Image 33: In addition to the dark wall, the colors for the master bedroom are neutral.

Black wall with pictures of landscapes.

Image 34: It is not because a couple has a dark room that it should not be decorated.

Room decorated with mirror, lamp and potted plants.

Image 35: To ensure good lighting in the environment, how about placing lamps on the sides of the bed?

Black and white room with all in frames on the wall.

Image 36: The golden design comes to life on the dark wall.

Double room with world map on the wall.

Image 37: On the other hand, white boards are also highlighted.

Black wall with three frames of the moon.

Image 38: When choosing colors for a double room, it is also important to think about the furniture.

Room with black wall and white horse frame.

Picture 39: This room has plants at the head of the bed.

Black and white room with plants.

Single color list

If both residents have the same preferred color, it’s easier to decorate the entire room in the same color. So we’ve sorted out the most used unique colors to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

Colors for double room: blue

Regardless of the tone, the blue color provides a direct connection with nature by referring to the sky and the sea. As a result, you can have a room with a quiet and calm air.

Image 40: If you are in doubt about the shade of blue, use different ones for the wall and decoration.

Blue double bedroom with wooden headboard.

Image 41: It is also possible to use matching colors on the pillows.

Blue room with wooden niches.

Image 42: The navy blue with white is also very used in a boy’s room.

Frame with blue wall and white shelf.

Image 43: Placing a picture on the wall will make the room’s colors even more striking.

Double bedroom decorated with gilded lamps.

Image 44: Mustard is a color often used in the decoration of blue rooms.

Colors for double room: mustard and blue.

Image 45: As in the previous example, this model has mustard details.

Colors for double room: blue and yellow.

Image 46: With an eye-catching bed linen, it is possible to save on decoration.

Colors for double bedroom: blue wall with colorful bedding.

Picture 47: The door is also part of the bedroom and can be used as decoration.

Colors for a double room: different shades of blue.

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Image 48: Colored frames are also allowed when the colors for the master bedroom are light.

Blue and white wall with colored frames.

Image 49: The colored design on the wall is the room’s differential.

Double bedroom with decorative plants.

Image 50: If you like a stronger tone, how about using just a strip on the wall?

Colors for a double room: blue and woody.

Image 51: On the other hand, lighter colors allow for greater harmony with decorative items.

Colors for double room: blue and white.

Image 52: For those who like a delicate color, baby blue is a great option.

Colors for a double room: gray and woody.

Colors for double room: gray

Despite being known as a cool color that may not convey many feelings to the room, gray is synonymous with modernity and elegance.

Picture 53: In this room, gray is also used for the headboard and pillows.

Delicate gray double bedroom.

Image 54: The darkest tone is perfect with white.

Gray wall with small framed frames.

Image 55: To break the seriousness, use a potted plant as a decoration for the room.

Colors for double room: dark grey.

Image 56: Gray with navy blue also matches!

Colors for double room: grey, white, black and navy blue.

Image 57: Color can be used in different shades for decoration.

Colors for double room: gray and nude.

Image 58: The mottled gray gives an industrial look.

Double bedroom with gray wall and white ceiling.

Image 59: When the room is darker, it is imperative to invest in lighting.

Gray wall with a woman's frame on the wall.

Image 60: Colored frames are also allowed on the gray wall.

Gray wall and white furniture.

Image 61: On the other hand, for a more serious environment, bet on black, white and gray.

Colors for double room: grey, white and black.

Image 62: As in the previous example, this room has only neutral colors.

Room with various shades of gray.

Image 63: It is possible to paint all the walls in a darker tone.

Gray walls with black and white frames.

Image 64: Light gray offers the possibility to blend in with the decoration color.

Colors for double room: gray and blue.

Picture 65: This room has a gray highlighted wall with white background frames.

Colors for double room: gray and white.

Colors for double room: green

If you like an environment with a natural and fresh climate, green is perfect! In addition, when decorating it is possible to abuse the plants to ensure different tones in the decoration. On the other hand, green is also synonymous with hope.

Image 66: How about highlighting the green with a potted plant?

Room with potted plant and suspended lamp.

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Image 67: Dark green matches almost any color in the decor.

Green room with three frames on the wall.

Image 68: On the other hand, this room has a lighter wall.

Colors for double room: green and gray.

Image 69: Green can offer a closer connection to nature.

Large room with table and mirrors.

Image 70: Earthy colors are best suited to combine with green.

Green and white wall with decorative items.

Image 71: In order not to make the environment too dark, mix with white items.

Green wall with two frames.

Image 72: Who knew that pink would go so well with green?

Colors for double room: green.

Image 73: Plants are the most requested decoration in green rooms.

Double bedroom with many potted plants.

Image 74: The colors for a double room that offer peace and tranquility are: white and green.

Room with green walls.

Image 75: Wood details also make a difference.

Green room with plants.

Image 76: The plant pictures also match the bedroom.

Green room with plants frames.

Image 77: The darker tone calls for brighter color decorative items as well.

Green room with white accents.

Image 78: On the other hand, the lighter one is easier to decorate.

Colors for double room: green, white and pink.

Colors for double room: yellow

Yellow is usually the favorite color of people with cheerful personality who are usually in a good mood. Color means wealth and happiness, but on the other hand, care must be taken when choosing the decorative items so that they are composed in a harmonious way.

Image 79: For a yellow wall, use white frames.

Colors for a double room: yellow and woody.

Image 80: Different shades of the same color help make objects stand out.

Room with yellow flowers on the wall.

Image 81: It is also possible to paint the wall in two colors.

Room with yellow walls and carpet.

Image 82: White is the wild card to match the yellow walls.

Colors for double room: yellow and white.

Image 83: With planning, it is possible to place the decoration on a single wall.

Yellow wall with many frames and posters.

Image 84: On the other hand, a minimalist decor goes well.

Room with yellow wall with black and white frames.

Image 85: But if you like colorful things, navy blue is an excellent option.

Colors for double room: yellow, white and navy blue.

Image 86: Bed linen is the ideal item to compose the decoration.

Bedroom with yellow walls and white bed.

Image 87: This model shows the combination of yellow and brown.

Colors for double room: yellow and brown.

Image 88: On the other hand, this environment offers the feeling of simplicity.

Room with a yellow horizontal strip on the walls.

Picture 89: This room has a design that looks like the sun.

Colors for double room: white, yellow and orange.

Image 90: Mustard is a trend in double bedroom decor.

Room with yellow wall.

Image 91: This one already shows yellow with blue.

Colors for double room: yellow, white and blue.

Black and white double bedroom

The classic never goes out of style, does it? The master bedroom colors are perfect for decorating with decorative items that are colorful. Furthermore, this combination can be characteristic of other rooms in the house, such as the decorated living room, for example.

Image 92: This room has only a few black details.

White bedroom with black decorative items.

Image 93: This one has an entire dark wall.

Black and white room with gold accents.

Image 94: The frames are also black and white.

Room with pillows in white, black and silver.

Image 95: In this style, the pillows must also match.

White room with a black wall.

Image 96: On the other hand, this model has only a detail on the wall in dark color.

Colors for double room: white walls with black accents.

Image 97: How about dividing the wall between the two colors?

Bedroom with wooden chest at the foot of the bed.

Image 98: The striped rug offers the feeling of spaciousness.

White bedroom with black bed.

Image 99: The minimalist style is perfect for the black and white master bedroom.

Bedroom with black headboard matching one of the walls.

Image 100: The differential is in the range that goes from the wall to the ceiling.

Colors for double room: white with black stripe.

Image 101: How about leaving the walls white and the ceiling black?

Double bedroom with black ceiling.

Picture 102: This double room has a horizontal white strip on the wall.

Room decorated with paintings and sculpture.

Image 103: On a black wall, no decoration is needed.

Bedroom with dark gray wall.

Image 104: In this room, even the fan has become a decorative item.

Colors for double room: white and black.

Colorful double room

If you want to have an exotic environment and different from most, it is possible to abuse the colors by joining different tones in a single accent wall. On the other hand, the easiest way to get the colors in harmony is to choose a maximum of three colors, so finding decorative items that match the room’s paintwork will be easier.

Image 105: This room has joined blue with yellow and grey.

Colors for double room: grey, white and blue.

Image 106: Colors are more harmonious when they are light.

Colors for double room: pink, gray and green.

Image 107: How about painting a wall in each color?

Colors for a double room with pink and blue walls and yellow furniture.

Image 108: On the other hand, it is possible to masterfully put together several colors on a wall.

Colors for double room: yellow, pink and green.

Image 109: Green with blue is an exotic combination.

Colors for double room: green and blue.

Image 110: Pink and blue are delicate colors.

Room with pink and blue wall.

Image 111: The bed linen unites the colors of the walls.

Colors for double room: pink and blue.

Image 112: In this model, the pillows give life to the decoration.

Colors for a fun double bedroom.

Image 113: Gray with yellow can be used in any room, even in the decorated kitchen.

Room with yellow strip on wall and ceiling.

Image 114: How about highlighting a piece of furniture using the wall color?

Colors for double room: gray and yellow.

Image 115: Exotic colors for a double room: blue, black and yellow.

Colors for double room: blue, black and yellow.

Image 116: Has it ever crossed your mind to combine green with purple?

Colors for double room: purple and green.

Image 117: It is also possible to split a wall vertically.

Colors for double room: white and rosé.


If, in addition to a colorful room, you want to have a touch of delicacy, wallpaper can be the ideal solution. Despite being found in many colors, there are also a multitude of shapes and styles that perfectly fit your personality.

Picture 118: This room has white walls with colored stains.

Double bedroom with wallpaper.

Image 119: A white and gray wall with triangles.

Double bedroom with shelves and bedside table.

Image 120: The wallpaper can also be a single color.

Room with gray walls.

Image 121: On the other hand, a feature of wallpaper is the printing of a texture.

Colors for double room: white, black and grey.

Image 122: Neutral colored stripes are great for enlarging the room.

Colors for double room: nude and white.

Image 123: Delicacy is characteristic of the wallpaper.

Colors for double room: green and white.

Image 124: How about a gray wall with metallic design?

Gray room with wallpaper.

Image 125: On the other hand, it is also possible to add the wallpaper just as a detail.

Double bedroom with tree wallpaper.

Image 126: In this room there is a tree on the main wall.

Colors for double room: gray and white.

Image 127: On the other hand, flowers give a lighter air to the room.

Colors for double room: blue and white.

Image 128: How about putting a mirror in the middle of the wall?

Delicate room with wallpaper and round mirror.

Image 129: With wallpaper it is possible to unite colors and textures.

Gray, pink and woody room.

Image 130: A gray and white wall matches any decor.

I want couple ocm gray wallpaper.

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