Did you know that studies prove that the color theory in Feng Shui stimulates certain sensations and areas that involve human life?

In order to further explore this technique and its beneficial effects we have brought this article with the aim of helping you restore and balance every environment in your home. Want to know more?

Follow this post and discover the meaning of the colors and Feng Shui decorating tips we’ve selected for you!

The effect of colors in Feng Shui

To determine which color should be applied to the spaces in your home, first it is necessary to energetically map it with the help of a tool, like a compass called Baguá.

Below, check out the characteristics and elements of the main colors in Feng Shui!

White and neutral tones

White means peace, transforms and purifies environments. Its clean feeling encourages creativity, humility and human dignity. Always balance the bench and neutral tones with other colors.


This color represents materialism, courage and firmness. It is recommended that this tone be used only in the details of the decoration, bringing elegance and sophistication in any environment.


Blue induces relaxation, calms and strengthens faith. It energetically neutralizes negative energies, conveys inner peace and must be combined with other colors to balance the tranquility energy of this color.


Health, hope, renewal and growth are the energies stimulated by this tone. As it is a color that also refers to relaxation, it should always be combined with another stimulating tone.


Yellow is the ideal color to encourage communication, optimism, flexibility and good luck. Use the shades of this color and gold to stimulate prosperity and wisdom.


Red is a vibrant color and symbolizes fire, power, vigor and passion. When used with balance its effect motivates action and dynamism. As it is a very energetic color, it should be used in small doses.


The color of radiant energy and joy. Stimulates communication, strength, disposition, enthusiasm and optimism. In soft tones, it refers to coziness and dark tones to stability.

Violet and Lilac

Wisdom, mystery and intuition are the energies stimulated by lilac. Together with green it encourages introspection, with yellow charity. On the other hand, violet inspires willpower and persistence.


This color encourages pleasure and joy. Symbolically it has a positive effect and makes people more active. In environments where the energy of love and the sentimental side of the couple is worked, it is recommended that the decorative objects be in pairs.


This tone is combined by the colors of blue and green. Energetically it brings the balance of joy and mental clarity. As it is a relaxing color, it should always be in the company of more vibrant colors.


Because it is a lively and uplifting color, this is the color of transcendence. When combined with green, it evokes harmony. Indicated that it is used in a few details in the decoration of commercial establishments.


This color encourages solidity, security and is responsible for transmitting positive vibrations. Brown is the tone of material strength and stability.


This is the color of wealth that must be in balance with the green. Purple represents the color of spiritual evolution and is very auspicious in Feng Shui. It inspires intuition, meditation and serenity.

How to Harmonize the Bathroom with the Right Colors in Feng Shui

This is the home environment that deserves special attention. Do you know why? Because it is in this space that the biggest charge of negative energy in the house is stored.

According to this millenary philosophy, plants are recommended for the bathroom as they are sources of vital energy.

Image 1: Baguá helps you to balance the energy of the house and drive the achievement of success, prosperity, health and harmony inside it. Use to identify the colors and energies in each room.

The right shade for Feng Shut’s second bedroom of colors

According to the Feng Shui theory for the bedroom, pink is the most suitable color for the couple’s bedroom as it refers to romance. A little red stimulates passion and shades of blue and green for relaxation, peace and tranquility.

Don’t forget to combine neutral tones with other soft colors always according to the vibration you want to activate.

How to balance the kitchen with colors in Feng Shui

For this room, it is recommended that orange, yellow and green are always present in the decoration elements. Thus, it is important to balance these colors in the details so that in your kitchen not only one energy prevails.

The colors in Feng Shui for the kitchen call for pastel and light tones combined with vibrant color details. On the other hand, black and red should be avoided so as not to cause an excess of the water and fire element.

Feng Shui and the ideal colors for the room

According to the Chinese Feng Shui technique for the living room, for positive vibrations to circulate throughout the room, the colors should be cheerful and positive. In this case, orange and yellow are excellent for filling the positive space.

For this room, neutral colors bring tranquility, but as the living room is an area for socializing and interaction, stimulating and vivid colors are the most suitable.

Check out how to apply colors in Feng Shui decoration

Image 2:  Establish the energy and goals you want in life by choosing the right color for each room in your home. Get to know each shade below and get inspired with images to apply these colors in your home decor.

all colors of feng shui

Image 3:   White and neutral tones are ideal for kitchen and bathroom.

white feng shui and neutral colors

Image 4:  Black must be in few details of the decoration.

feng shui black black color

Image 5:  Blue is perfect for the bedroom.

blue feng shui

Image 6:  Green is recommended for bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

feng shui green color

Image 7:  The yellow one for the room.

yellow feng shui

Image 8:  Just like the orange.

orange feng shui

Image 9:  Already red, as well as black must be present in small details.

feng shui color red

Image 10:  Violet is ideal for the bedroom.

lilac or violet feng shui

Image 11:  Just like the shades of pink.

pink feng shui

Image 12:  Turquoise can be present in any room in the house.

turquoise feng shui

Image 13:  Just like magenta.

magenta feng shui

Image 14:  Brown is always present in the wood element.

brown feng shui

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Image 15: The purple is ideal for composing details in the decoration in any room in your home.

purple feng shui

Image 16:  If you are thinking of applying Feng Shui in the bathroom? Know that the ideal colors for this environment are white and light tones of blue, green and yellow.

feng shui bathroom colors

Image 17:  The vibrant color of red should be applied to a few details of the decoration to stimulate passion.

feng shui colors for bedroom

Image 18:  Always balance the colors to activate different areas of the Baguá.

fenh shui kitchen colors

Image 19:  As shown in this image, for example.

feng shui colors for living room

Image 20:  You’ve probably heard of Feng Shui.

minimalist room in green, yellow, blue and white

Image 21:  This ancient Chinese philosophy that aims to harmonize spaces.

feng shui colors in the tv room

Image 22:  The correct application of colors are some of the principles of this Chinese technique.

feng shui colors in the dining room

Image 23: Did you know that Feng Shui has been conquering more and more followers around the world.

feng shui light blue colors in the bedroom

Image 24:  The harmonization of rooms takes place through the balance between people and environment.

feng shui light blue colors in the kitchen

Image 25:  Well-lit and organized environments are the principles of this philosophy.

Grayscale in the bedroom balanced with colored frame

Image 26:  What kind of energy do you want to stimulate when applying colors with Feng Shui to the room?

yellow in the room

Image 27:  According to this theory, yellow is associated with the house of health, friends and prosperity.

corner of the room with feng shui walls yellow color

Image 28:  While white stimulates the area of ​​creativity.

large yellow bathroom

Image 29:  Green is associated with the family and its element is wood

feng shui colors juvenile bedroom

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Image 30:  This color is also related to the area of ​​work and prosperity.

other spaces in the house shades of yellow, green, pink and white

Image 31:  Do you want to emanate positivity in your life?

feng shui colors idea to apply blue

Image 32:  Spread colors that represent this energy and mix with neutral tones to balance the emotions in this space.

feng shui living room colors white, black, blue

Image 33:  Allow the positive energy of Chi to vibrate within your home.

40 combination of turquoise, pink and blue

Image 34:  To promote harmony and well-being in moments of leisure and relaxation.

frng shui colors orange and turquoise green home oficce

Image 35:  Enhance colors with elements and objects to stimulate feelings of peace, harmony, joy, love, protection, security and prosperity.

feng shui in the office

Image 36:  Always according to the elements symbolized in Feng Shui which are water, fire, wood, earth and metal.

fen shui home office neutral colors

Image 37:  Based on these elements of nature, the concept of this oriental technique aligns colors and objects with the help of Baguá.

feng shui colors for home office

Image 38:  The Baguá is a Feng Shui tool that represents nine areas of your life. Are they:

feng shui nature of the areas

Image 39:  Success, relationship, creativity, friends, health, prosperity, work, family and spirituality.

nature feng shui metal element

Image 40:  For these energies to flow, there must be space for circulation through the environments.

air feng shui nature

Image 41:  Only with Baguá it is possible to map and identify the energies.

nature fen shui fire

Image 42:  And the way this vibration will flow through every room in the house.

nature fen shui water

Image 43:  First, it is necessary to identify how all spaces will be harmonized with the Baguá.

nature feng shui earth

Image 44:  Understand why the principle of Feng Shui is harmony and balance in decoration according to the elements of nature?

nature feng shui flowers

Image 45:  In the decoration of the Feng Shui room, it is recommended that the coffee table or the rug have rounded shapes.

feng shui decoration elements

Image 46:  From now on, check out some decorative objects for Feng Shui.

buddha and bamboo feng shui decoration

Image 47:  Stones and objects in golden color refer to prosperity in Feng Shui.

golden feng shui decoration prosperity

Image 48:  Bet on wooden objects and earth tones in the decorative elements.

waterfall and flowers to balance the colors

Image 49:  Brown and light blue are the colors that stimulate wisdom and spirituality.

objects decoration feng shui elephant brown wood and frog neutral tone

Image 50: While white symbolizes peace and purification.

objects to balance feng shui room decor

Image 51: Candles are excellent items that can be added together to represent the fire element.

orange feng shui decoration object

Image 52: On the other hand, blue and white are ideal for relaxation and tranquility.

feng shui blue back wall and white sofa

Image 53: But white when mixed with vibrant tones encourages conviviality in this area of ​​the house.

green, blue and yellow vases

Image 54: See how to use yellow and orange to represent joy, communication and wisdom.

decoration items for feng shui

Image 55: Pay attention to the decoration of your room and see what message it conveys to you.

yellow flower pot .

Image 56: According to Feng Shui theory, the element that symbolizes blue and turquoise is wood.

blue decoration

Image 57: Brown is associated with the house of prosperity and health.

decoration with pillows on the sofa

Image 58:  The element that represents yellow is the earth.

feng shui frame decoration

Image 59: Stay tuned for these tips and let the energy flow!

corner decoration in shades of pink

Image 60: In the Feng Shui theory of colors, orange represents wealth and success.

feng shui orange outdoor area

Image 61: See how yellow can be present on the wall and door, composing your decoration.

yellow feng shui decoration

Image 62: According to this ancient theory, mirrors multiply environments and should be used wisely.

decoration neutral tones

Image 63: Just like the wood element and plants.

63 pink feng shui for the double bedroom

Image 64: The earth element, for example, is represented by the brown color.

feng shui color balance

Image 65: Black is symbolically related to the home of work and business.

decor to balance the shades of black

Image 66: This color is still associated with material, courage and dignity.

foyer feng shui colors

Image 67: While orange brings energy and joy.

oval mirror entrance hall

Image 68: The element of pink color in Feng Shui is the earth.

hall-with-mirror feng shui

Image 69: And the stone is rose quartz.

pink entrance door

Image 70: The white in excess can give the feeling of a hostile and cold environment.

feng shui chant

Image 71: Use it with other colors!

feng shui colors decoration

Image 72: Turquoise also represents the family area.

feng shui room lighting

Image 73: The blue symbolizes the area of ​​wealth, family and spirituality.

blue mobile

Image 74: Pink stimulates romance and relationship.

pink curtains room

Image 75: The red represents success and love.

colorful carpet room

Image 76: But they should always be mixed with other colors. Or if!

living room small colorful furniture

Image 77: It all depends on the energy you want to promote in your home.

feng shui room colors all shades

Image 78: Use the colors of the five elements to decorate each space.

bright colors room

Image 79: As you can see, symbolically colors have an important impact on our lives.

room decor ideas

Image 80: Feel what kind of energy you want your house to exude and follow all these tips! Did you like it?

feng shui room colors

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