The crochet table path is a piece that can already be considered traditional when it comes to decorating Brazilian homes. This charming and delicate piece can be used both in the composition of a simpler and more basic decoration, as well as in modern or luxurious decoration. It all depends on the shape, colors and style of the table path template you choose. In addition, this piece can often be the highlight of the room, making your table even more beautiful.

And just like the crochet bathroom set , this type of table runner attracts attention as it is a handcrafted and customizable piece, since you can choose a model with elements, such as colors and embroidery, that you want, whatever. Can make this piece unique. The good news is that this decorative item can be purchased ready-made or, if you know the crochet technique, you can embroider it yourself at home, which makes the crochet table lane cheaper and even more special.

With that in mind, in this article we’ll introduce you to tips to help you produce your own table runner, as well as several inspiring models that you can use at home.
How to make a crochet table path?

Crochet is an ancient and versatile technique, whose knowledge is usually transmitted from mother to daughter, or grandmother to granddaughter, although today there are many people who teach this technique in virtual courses and classes. If you know how to use this technique, you can simply choose a template and take advantage of the tutorials and walkthroughs available on the internet to produce your own table path.

Also, remember that you can use your creativity and mix different graphics and different color combinations, to create a unique and personalized piece, containing all the elements you want. However, if you are not familiar with crochet or do not want to have this job, you can order and purchase the crochet table runner produced by one of the many artisans who master the technique of crochet and who produce beautiful pieces with this technique.

Crochet Table Path Templates

As it is a versatile and personalized piece, there are several models of crochet table runners that can be used as a reference for you to produce or order your own. However, before choosing your model, it is important to keep in mind where it will be used, whether it will be on the dining room table or on the sideboard, for example, and what effect the chosen model will have on the decor.

After all, some people prefer a more discreet piece that matches the room’s set, while others prefer a more striking piece that becomes a highlight in the place. Given these choices, you can choose from some of the basic models that we present to you in the next topics.


The simple crochet table runner is the most used in decoration. It can even be produced with more complex stitches and more elaborate designs. However, if the appearance of the piece does not have many details that stand out and if it was made in a neutral color, generally the piece is considered simple. This type of table path is often used in simple kitchens and in decorating with rustic furniture.

Image 1: A plain white table path makes the look more delicate.

White simple crochet table path.

Crochet table path with flowers

Crochet flowers make the difference in creating a more colorful and feminine piece. Therefore, many people prefer a crochet table path with flowers, which are also useful to highlight the piece in the environment. But be careful not to choose models that leave the room decor too heavy or draw too much attention to the environment, unless that is really your intention.

Image 2: For those who prefer decorated models, table runners with flowers are excellent options.

Crochet table path with rose flowers.


The colorful crochet table runner can become a modern piece, especially if it has a different shape and doesn’t use a lot of ruffles and crochet lace. This piece full of life escapes the traditional aspect of crochet and can even make your decor look more cheerful.

Image 3: If you want a more modern and sporty model, you can invest in colorful table runners.

Crochet table path with colorful embroidery.

Crochet table path with knitted thread

Knit yarn is a type of thick and resistant yarn that can also be used in making your crochet table runner. You can find this material with different colors and thicknesses, which will influence the result of the piece. But if you want a look lighter and with more details, the ideal is to use thin cotton threads.

Image 4: Knitted yarn models also look beautiful.

Crochet table path with knitted yarn.

Fillet crochet

Fillet crochet is a technique that allows you to create a more detailed, lace-like crochet table path. In addition, it allows the creation of designs and flowers, which can be made separately and sewn together, forming a single piece.

Image 5: You can still be inspired by fillet crochet table runners.

White fillet crochet table path.

String crochet table path

String is also widely used in the making of crochet table runners. This is a more resistant material than knitted yarn, being used in the production of more durable and resistant pieces. In addition, you can find strings with different thicknesses: with 2 strands (thinner) to 8 strands (thicker). But, it’s important to remember that the thicker the yarn used, the heavier your table runner will look.

Image 6: String models can also look delicate.

String crochet table path.

+64 Beautiful crochet table runners for inspiration

If you’re in doubt about which model to choose, you need to check out our selection of crochet table path inspirations, in different colors and styles that can be used to transform your decor. Check out the images below!

Image 7: The colored flowers make the neutral piece more delicate.

Crochet brown table path with flowers.

Image 8: You can still sew the flowers just on the edge of your crochet table path.

Crochet table path with flower nib.

Image 9: But you can also take inspiration from this model with an open fan pattern.

String crochet table path.

Image 10: This crochet table runner was produced only with red thread and can be an excellent choice for Christmas decoration.

Wooden table with red table path.

Image 11: This model draws attention due to its unusual shape and purple coloration.

Marble bench with purple crochet table path.

Image 12: However, you can be inspired by this table path formed by the joining of various crochet flowers. Note that the same work was used on the part on the tray.

Decorated table and tray.

Image 13: The pink flowers made this piece more delicate and feminine.

Wooden table with simple decor.

Image 14: This model, on the other hand, draws attention due to its use of fringes and its differentiated design.

Wooden table with purple handmade decoration.

Image 15: Another table path formed from the junction of several crochet flowers.

Decorated dining room.

Image 16: But if you prefer a more modern piece, you can be inspired by this model composed of circular designs.

White decorated bench with round design.

Image 17: And if you prefer a simple and delicate model, you can be inspired by this white and yellow piece.

White and yellow decorated table.

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Image 18: You can still use a simple piece to spice up your rustic decor.

Decor with white treadmill.

Image 19: And if you’re looking for a colorful and modern crochet table runner, you can use this image template as inspiration.

Crochet table path colored with red, yellow and black.

Image 20: This piece made with beige line is perfect to complement delicate and discreet decorations.

Crochet brown table path.

Image 21: You can still use your crochet table path in party table decoration.

Dining table decorated with crochet table path.

Image 22: The piece used on this table stands out for having crocheted flowers on the edges of the piece.

Crochet table path with floral nib.

Image 23: Another beautiful and delicate model composed of simple flowers.

Crochet table path with flower shape.

Image 24: But you can also create a piece using crochet flowers with different colors and shapes.

Crochet table path with colorful flowers.

Image 25: This model already draws attention for its geometric and modern look.

Crochet table path with geometric shape.

Image 26: On the other hand, this model stands out for its delicacy.

Simple, white and rectangular crochet table path.

Image 27: Like the previous model, this piece draws attention for its simplicity and delicacy.

White and simple crochet table path.

Image 28: However, you can still be inspired by this colorful and modern crochet table path.

Colored rectangular crochet table path.

Image 29: This white and pink model is very charming!

White and pink crochet table path.

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Image 30: Another delicate piece formed by several colored crochet flowers.

Small crochet table path with colorful flowers.

Image 31: This table path stands out for its strong colors and modern format.

Table with colorful orange decoration.

Image 32: This piece also features a modern shape, full of geometric designs in the center.

Decorated glass table.

Image 33: On the other hand, this pink crochet table path draws attention for its delicacy, ruffles and flowers concentrated in just one point of the piece.

Table with pink and white decoration with flowers.

Image 34: You can still be inspired by this model with neutral colors and discreet flowers.

Table decorated in neutral tones with flowers.

Image 35: And if you prefer a modern look, you can use a table path formed by crochet chains.

Table with black hoop-shaped decoration.

Image 36: Already this model enchants for its delicacy and simplicity.

Simple white crochet table path.

Image 37: This piece also stands out for the presence of ruffles and large flowers at the ends.

Table with white decoration with flower details.

Image 38: This gradient weave creates a beautiful effect on the piece.

Table decorated with simple green tablecloth.

Image 39: The orange beaks and the flowers at the end transformed this simple and white model.

Table with white decoration with orange beak and flowers.

Image 40: This table path was formed by joining several crochet so splats with different shapes and colors.

Table with colorful decoration with drawings in circles.

Image 41: This model is also impressive for its color and shape.

Colored crochet table path with square shape.

Image 42: But you can use delicate pieces in the composition of tables and arrangements.

White and simple crochet table path.

Image 43: This table path stands out for the use of crochet butterflies at the ends.

Crochet table path with butterfly beak.

Image 44: And if you want a colorful and discreet model, you can be inspired by this piece of the image.

Red, blue and white simple crochet table path.

Image 45: However, if you are looking for a delicate and traditional crochet table runner, you can take inspiration from this piece with flowers.

Crochet table path with colorful flowers.

Image 46: But you can also be inspired by this amazing braided model.

White crochet table path and intertwined format.

Image 47: Already this piece draws attention for the richness of colors.

Rectangular colored crochet table path.

Image 48: And if you prefer a more sober decor, you can opt for a simple black crochet table path.

Black crochet table path.

Image 49: This light blue model stands out for its delicacy.

Simple blue crochet table path.

Image 50: In contrast, this piece is composed of a giant crochet flower in the center.

Crochet table path worked with giant flower.

Image 51: You can still choose this pattern embroidered with light tie dye thread.

Tie dye thread crochet table path.

Image 52: However, if you prefer the traditional crochet table path, you will like the piece in the image below.

Simple white crochet table path.

Image 53: You can still use beads and fringes in the composition of this piece.

Crochet table path with fringe.

Image 54: Delicate lace and small crochet flowers make this table path unique.

Crochet table path with rose flowers.

Image 55: And if you like a delicate and charming piece, you can be inspired by this model too.

Table with white and simple decoration.

Image 56: You can also make a table path with several simple crochet flowers.

Coffee table with simple white decor.

Image 57: However, you can also choose this model with different shape and full of crochet flowers.

Decorated table.

Image 58: Also, you can even add a giant crochet flower in the center of your table path.

White crochet table path with giant flower.

Image 59: And you can still choose this delicate purple piece.

Purple crochet table path.

Image 60: Another unusual table runner model, with yellow flowers at the ends and a flower-shaped center.

Crochet table path with yellow flowers and leaves.

Image 61: You can choose this model composed of three different and colored pieces.

Red, white and blue crochet table path.

Image 62: This piece stands out for the colors and the embroidery and flowers used in its composition.

Pink crochet table path with flowers.

Image 63: Unlike the previous example, in this piece the flowers are composed in the center.

White crochet table path with flowers in the center.

Image 64: In this model, it is the leaves, in different shades of green that attract attention.

String crochet table path with flowers in the center.

Image 65: You can still add small crochet flowers when making your piece.

White crochet table path with flowers.

Image 66: This colorful model can also be a good idea for those who prefer a more modern look.

Blue, purple and red crochet table path.

Image 67: But you can also opt for a blue monochrome piece.

Blue crochet table path.

Image 68: The purple gradient of this model also draws attention in the dining room.

Purple and white crochet table path.

Image 69: This colorful crochet table runner may be the missing piece in your decor.

Colorful crochet table path.

Image 70: You can also use a simple fringe crochet table path to decorate your modern dining room.

Crochet table path with cotton and fringes.

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