The bathroom is the most intimate place in the house, after all, it is there that you will have an intimate moment to take care of your hygiene, skin and hair. Therefore, a decorated bathroom in addition to being well planned helps to make the room more practical, organized and beautiful.

So, whether to build a bathroom from scratch or to renovate, its worth consulting an architect who can give you tips to make your environment harmonious. But if your financial resources are low, don’t worry, our function is to give you tips to leave your bathroom decorated even with little!

As a result, today we’ll talk a little bit about how the colored flooring, sink, mirror, plants and shelves are super cool items to be used in decoration, as well as showing examples of double bathtubs and bathrooms that are decorated with great style. .

Colorful flooring in a decorated bathroom

Our first tip is about the coating that will be used. It can be, for example, tile, tiles or ceramics, there are many colors that should be explored to ensure a more cheerful and personality-filled environment.

So, if your bathroom is part of a suite, a tip is to match the colors with the bedroom decor. Here what counts is creativity, the colors can be concentrated on just one wall so that attention is directed to it or elsewhere, such as on the floor, in the sink or even spread in different ways throughout the room.

Colored details

In the case of a renovation, so that you don’t have to finish the coating in neutral colors that already exist, it is possible to bet on decorative items with quite striking colors.

Therefore, making a combination of the lining with the towels and bathrobes is also an excellent option to leave your bathroom decorated with an air of organized and even cleaner.

In the case of children’s toilets, the more color, the more fun the bath will be. After all, the primary colors bring out the child’s creativity. And to make the place more organized, a super special tip is to use colored niches inside the box to store toys. But, another alternative is the use of stickers in the box with the preferred design of the little ones.

Image 1: Bathroom decorated with blue and white stripes.

A bathroom decorated with a navy anchor and a ceiling that reminds the sky, as well as blue and white stripes on the wall and floor.

Image 2: Bathroom decoration with mirror light and pink tones.

Pink-decorated bathroom with mirror lighting and built-in wall sink.

Image 3: Coating with colored spots.

The bathroom is fully tiled with stained colored tiles and a bronze sink, door and shelves.

Image 4: Bathroom with black and white stripes.

Bathroom decorated with black and white stripes on the walls, ceiling and floor.

Image 5: Children’s bathroom decoration with stickers on the box and organizing niches.

Colorful children's bathroom with organizer niches and stickers in the box.

Image 6: Bathroom with blue details.

Bathroom decorated with wall tiles, niches and blue drawers.

Image 7: A bathroom wall with colored mosaic flooring.

Unique mosaic wall made of muted colors like brown, navy blue and beige.

Image 8: Bathroom with one part of the wall in a single color and the other with stained tile.

Bathroom decorated with half reddish wall and half with colorful stained floors.

Image 9: Bathroom decorated in blue and yellow colors with matching chandelier and robes.

White, blue and yellow bathroom with matching tubs, chandeliers and robes.

Image 10: Color highlighted wall with niches in the same color.

Bathroom decorated with colorful niches and main wall with white, yellow, blue and red tiles.

Image 11: Simple white and yellow bathroom.

White and yellow bathroom with cladding in small fitted tiles and floor with geometric shapes.

Image 12: Bathroom decorated with all colored walls and only the sink and white toilet.

Bathroom decorated with just a sink, vase and mirror and the walls are all in large colorful mosaic.

Image 13: Decoration with coating in geometric shapes.

Double bathroom with two sinks and then round mirrors. The wall is blue, yellow and white with geometric shapes.

Bathroom decorated with plants

Whoever said that the plant is in the backyard is very wrong! That’s because leaves and flowers leave the environment fresher and with an air of tranquility by referring to the countryside. After all, in the bathroom this is no different.

The tip here is to pay attention to the choice of plant, after all, it needs to be used to being in the shade, and otherwise it won’t last for a long time. For example, the leaves are the most requested because they keep their color longer during the year and are easier to care for.

However, the larger vases with longer foliage add a special touch to the room and make them the center of attention.

There are several ways to place them in a decorated bathroom. If you don’t mind the care she will eventually give, a wall lined with them near the shower will give you the feeling of taking a shower in a waterfall.

Decorate with flowers

But if you’re a fan of flowers, it’s worth choosing one that stands out with the bathroom tones or matches them. For those who don’t want to be concerned about care, a small vase on top of the sink or flush can make all the difference in the decoration.

On the other hand, although they do not have the freshness of nature, artificial plants also fulfill their role in decoration and do not require maintenance work.

Image 14: Vase of white flowers on top of the dump box.

Vase with white orchids on top of the unloading box.

Image 15: Bathroom decorated with a potted plant on the sink and another on a shelf.

Bathroom with wood accents with two small plant pots, one on the sink and one on the shelf below.

Image 16: Entire wall covered by foliage inside the shower box.

Bathroom decorated with an entire wall of foliage and flowers.

Image 17: Two large pots of foliage under the bathroom sink.

Bathroom decorated with two large fern pots under the sink and a small orchid pot on top.

Image 18: Bathroom decorated with long foliage.

Vase with plant that trails on the floor in white and gray bathroom.

Image 19: Plant pot on top of cabinet with hanging leaves.

Plant vase fulfilled on top of cabinet.

Image 20: Bathroom decorated with artificial plant pot.

Bathroom decorated with a vase with an artificial plant and featuring a gray and white room.

Image 21: Several vases with plants that contrast with the white of the tiles.

Edge of bathtub with several small potted cactuses and plants suspended and on shelves.

Image 22: Bathroom decorated with vase with medium plant in the sink.

Bathroom decorated with a potted plant in the same shade of brown as the cabinets.

Image 23: Tall foliage stands out in the white and woody bathroom.

Bathroom decorated with long plant that stands out in the white sink.

Image 24: Decorated plant pot.

Bathroom with a large vase decorated with greenery on the floor and a small glass vase on the sink.

Picture 25: Bathroom decorated with a small vase of flowers and a vase of branches.

Bathroom with a purple flower vase and another with cactuses, both in glass vases in the sink.

Image 26: Flowers that match the furniture.

Bathroom decorated with white orchids that match the sink, cabinet, bathtub and towels.

The role of the sink in a decorated bathroom

This bathroom essential can be much more than a place to take care of hygiene. After all, with creativity and planning, the sink becomes a luxury object that exudes modernity or conservatism, from the most futuristic to the most classic.

Regardless of size, a decorated bathroom sink should be practical so that it does not get wet outside the dome. The base can be, for example, marble, stainless steel, different types of granite or even glass, which is an excellent idea as it does not wear out over time and is totally water resistant.

But if you’re short on space, using the bottom to make a small closet is a good option. In it can be stored towels and other items used for hygiene such as toilet paper and toothbrushes.

Decoration faucet

The faucet here also deserves special attention, there are several models with some types of colors that give personality to the sink. It is also possible to choose if there will be two types of temperature, the way the faucet will be opened and even the water flow.

Picture 27: Bathroom decorated with a simple round dome sink.

Simple bathroom with white round tub.

Image 28: Gray square sink with directed fit.

Modern square sink with trim targeting.

Picture 29: Bathroom decorated with round sink and pink faucet.

Round sink with tub and faucet in rose colors.

Image 30: Vintage faucet with colored sink.

Oval sink with abstract designs in blue, yellow and red colors and vintage bronze faucet.

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Image 31: Sink with stand all made of marble.

Bathroom decorated with a sink and base made of marble as a single piece.

Picture 32: Pie white marble spotted.

Round tub made of stained white marble and golden royal faucet.

Image 33: Bathroom decorated with sink and holders for soap and brushes of the same coating.

Sink carved in stone with two supports of the same material on a wooden base.

Image 34: Vintage sink with dual temperature faucet.

Bathroom decorated with white sink and gold faucet matching the plumbing and mirror frame.

Image 35: White sink in half moon.

Simple white sink in half bowl coupled with a cabinet in the same color.

Image 36: Marble stone sink with two-temperature golden faucet.

Marble stone sink and two-temperature faucet.

Image 37: Bathroom decorated with white stone sink.

Bathroom decorated in white color with sink and shelf.

Image 38: Sink and glass support.

Bathroom decorated with tub and glass support with hand towel support.

Image 39: Faucet and sink with the same design in white and pink.

Tub and faucet decorated in white and pink with floral designs.

Image 40: White sink with two-temperature golden faucet.

Marble stone sink with two-temperature bronze faucet.

Decor even on the bathroom mirror

To continue on the same visionary line, what other essential object in a bathroom and which is right above the sink? Whoever kicked the mirror, got it right!

There are different ways to make a mirror a decorative item in your bathroom that is not the traditional rectangular one on the wall. But, if you already have such a wall mounted mirror, no problem, decorating it with gemstones or placing an LED light on its edge will give it a new face.

So, in cases where you already have a mirror, you can opt for a nice frame. It still remains as an accessory responsible for ensuring a lot of color and personality to the mirror, although it is quite traditional.

The lighting of a decorated bathroom

A makeup in the right shade or a flawless beard depends on good lighting in the mirror, doesn’t it? So, the golden tip is to bet on fixed lamps on the wall on the sides of the mirror or even small suspended chandeliers. Therefore, it is also worth combining the lighting structure with the theme of the decoration used.

In addition, changing the normal light bulbs to LED ones ensures modernity, amplitude, is beneficial to the environment, and is even more economical.

Picture 41: Bathroom decorated with mirror with extravagant frame.

Bathroom decorated with a classic mirror frame.

Image 42: Mirror with golden frame and rounded edges.

Bathroom decorated with mirror with rounded edges and classic frame.

Image 43: Mirror with LED back lighting.

Bathroom decorated with horizontal mirror and built-in light.

Image 44: Bathroom decorated with mirror not fixed on the wall.

Vertical mirror not fixed to the wall.

Image 45: Round mirror hanging by black strings.

Bathroom decorated with round mirror held by strips.

Image 46: Mirror cut in inverted cloud in bathroom decoration.

Mirror with inverted cloud cutout and golden frame.

Image 47: Mirror frame with gemstones.

Bathroom decorated with jeweled mirror frame.

Image 48: Round mirror with two wooden frames.

Bathroom decorated with round mirror and large frame suspended from a hook.

Picture 49: Bathroom with decorated beveled mirror.

Round mirror with a carved frame with the mirror itself.

Image 50: Vertical mirror with wooden frame.

Bathroom decorated with mirror and wooden frame.

Image 51: Black mirror frame with classic shape.

Bathroom decorated with mirror and black frame that contrasts with the white wall.

Image 52: Rectangular mirror with a slim, modern frame.

Vertical mirror with thin black frame.

Picture 53: Bathroom decorated with a classic, frameless cut mirror.

Bathroom decorated with a classic, frameless cut mirror.

Decorated and organized bathroom

A well-organized room makes all the difference in everyday life, and even bathrooms, with planning, can enjoy the agility when finding that hairbrush or storing the toothpaste stock.

Among the most beautiful ways to leave your bathroom decorated and organized are the use of shelves, niches and baskets.

Shelves can be reused from old furniture you already have at home, or custom-made to look exactly the way you want. The most used materials are plaster, marble, glass and even wood. In addition, they are preferred when cleaning because they are practical in cleaning.

As for the niches, there are two ways to be placed in the decoration: embedded in the wall or hanging in the most appropriate places. But beware: to have the first option, planning with the help of an architect is necessary so that there is no damage to the wall structure.

The second is widely used as “do it yourself”, where unused objects are reused and adapted to fulfill the function of organizers. Because they are easy to transform, you can add color and decorate them according to your creativity.

Using the baskets is a charming and classic way to guarantee order to the environment. That’s because most of the time they are used in the original straw color. For those who have wooden furniture or details, the items will leave your bathroom decorated, organized and beautiful.

Know where to put

The place where these organizers will be will depend on the available space, but attached to the sink cabinet, inside the box and on the wall closest to the sink, they are the most used places. If this is not possible, using the back wall to the toilet may be an option as well.

Picture 54: Bathroom decorated with two thick wooden shelves.

Bathroom decorated with two thick wooden shelves with towels, plants and decorative items.

Image 55: Wooden banner with fixed organizer glass pots.

Decorated and organized bathroom with glass doors fixed to a board.

Image 56: Bathroom decorated with shelves and organizer baskets.

Bathroom with baskets for storing toilet paper and a bar with hooks for hanging small plants.

Image 57: Instead of cupboards, baskets.

Decorated and organized bathroom with shelves and baskets in the same color.

Image 58: Bathroom with built-in illuminated niches.

Three illuminated niches built into the side of the bathtub.

Image 59: Built-in niche with small glass shelves.

Bathroom decorated with a recessed niche next to the sink with glass shelves.

Image 60: Marble shelves on top of the vase.

Three shelves attached to the top of the vase with organizer baskets, pots and plant vase.

Picture 61: Organized bathroom with small cabinet and towel rack.

Bathroom with a towel rack under the sink.

Image 62: Shelves secured with decorator hooks.

Three hook-hung shelves with organizing baskets.

Image 63: Large horizontal and illuminated niches.

Bathroom decorated with two large recessed and illuminated niches.

Image 64: Bathroom decorated with two niches built into the box.

Bathroom decorated with two niches built into a wall of tiles.

Image 65: Three wooden shelves with plant, towels, toilet paper and pots.

Bathroom decorated with three wooden shelves with towels, organizer pots, toilet paper and plant vase.

Picture 66: Bathroom decorated with colorful towel rack.

Bathroom decorated with flowered towel rack.

Bathtub to relax and beautify

A few years ago, having a bathtub at home was considered quite a luxury. However, as people began to value even more the time to relax in the bath, this item became more requested, even by those who did not have much space.

As a result, the solution created to adapt it to small bathrooms was to join the shower with the bathtub. Thus, it is necessary that the person enters the bathtub even if it is to take a quick shower, otherwise, they can use the water that falls to fill the bathtub and relax for a few minutes.

So, to have a decorated bathroom you can choose an exotic object to compose the decoration, and why not the bathtub? Among its various sizes and formats, those who have space in the room can abuse their creativity to give it personality, whether in color, finish or even the place where it will be positioned.

Decorated bathtub base

But to place a bathtub anywhere you need to choose a base on which it will be fixed. In other words, in addition to being essential, it can also be decorated, the color can be matched with the rest of the decoration with the bathroom or even with a different coating to show boldness.

So, if you like the water and want an option to cool off on the hottest days of the year, it’s worth checking out the article about leisure area with swimming pool!

Image 67: Bathtub beside window overlooking the city.

Bathroom decorated with a white bathtub on a black base next to a window overlooking the city.

Picture 68: Bathroom decorated with double bathtub.

Bathroom decorated with double hydromassage with white niches built into the wall.

Image 69: Shower coupled inside the box next to the bathtub.

Rectangular bathtub bordered by the same tile used on the shower's walls.

Image 70: White marble bath.

White tub, oval inside the nice one next to the shower.

Image 71: Bathtub in double bathroom.

Decorated bathroom with large double bathtub next to the shower stall.

Image 72: Whirlpool in bathroom with white coating.

Large whirlpool bath in white bathroom.

Picture 73: Bathroom decorate with exotic vintage bathtub.

Bathroom decorated with exotic bathtub with gray and gold balls.

Picture 74: Dark bathroom with black central bathtub.

Bathroom decorated with a black bathtub on the outside with a design that imitates snake skin.

Picture 75: Decorated bathroom with shower inside the bathtub.

Bathtub with shower inside the box.

Image 76: Square bathtub with marble edge and step.

Square bathtub on a marble base with a step.

Image 77: White oval bathtub with lamp on the side.

White oval bathtub with a tall lamp beside it.

Image 78: Bathroom decorated with bathtub on wooden deck.

Bathroom decorated with white bathtub on wooden base.

Image 79: White central bath with details on marble deck.

White bathtub in the center of the bathroom with a marble base.

Decorated double bathroom

For those who share life with a partner and want to have a little corner all to themselves, having a double bathroom is the best option. With planning it is possible to put two sinks, two showers and even a bathtub for two people.

The decor here should be a little more basic, as in the bedroom, the colors and other decorative items should be to the liking of both residents. Therefore, using neutral tones is the most common and gives a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, valuable characteristics when taking care of yourself. As a result, you will have a moment to take care of your body and mind.

Image 80: Bathroom decorated with two white stone sinks and navy blue cabinet.

White sink with two taps and a navy blue cabinet.

Image 81: Two large support sinks and mirror.

Bathroom decorated with two sinks and a large horizontal mirror that goes from one side to the other on the wall.

Image 82: Bathroom with two showers and a large niche built into the shower wall.

Single box with two showers, one facing the other.

Image 83: Sink with two sink domes.

Bathroom decorated with two sinks and two mirrors, side by side.

Picture 84: Bathroom decorated with separate sinks, shelves and mirrors.

Two separate sinks with recessed recesses in the walls.

Image 85: Two separate cabinets side by side in navy blue.

Bathroom decorated with two sinks and cabinets separated by a navy blue fulfilled cabinet.

Image 86: White bathroom with two sinks and two showers.

Bathroom decorated with two sinks and two showers, side by side.

Image 87: Bathroom decorated with a single sink with two taps.

Bathroom decorated with a large tub and two taps.

Image 88: Two overhead showers and separate white niches.

Bathroom decorated with two overhead showers and separate white niches.

Image 89: Bathroom all in marble with two taps with different temperatures.

Bathroom decorated with two sinks and an orchid in the middle.

Picture 90: Double bathroom with bathtub.

Double bathroom with a whirlpool for two people and two sinks.

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