A decorated dining room can offer residents a much more peaceful, cheerful and relaxing atmosphere during meals. In addition, this is the preferred environment for visitors and, therefore, it should also provide comfort to guests.

There are different ways to decorate the environment, be it large or small, minimalist or full of decorative items. With planning and creativity, you can even use your own dining room covering or essential furniture as the room’s attraction.

Decorated dining room table

An indispensable piece of furniture in a dining room is the table, right? And why not use it as part of the decoration? Knowing how to put it together with the rest of the decoration goes far beyond its color, it also includes the model and the material from which it is made.

A detail that seems insignificant but that can make all the difference in a dining room is the foot of the table, that’s right, you didn’t read wrong, the foot of the table is also responsible for classifying a decor style as vintage, modern, rustic or simple. If you like the country style, also read our article on rustic furniture.

Image 1: Dining room decorated with a table with six chairs made of rustic wood.

Dining room decorated with black chairs, chandeliers and table legs.

Image 2: Dining room with a round table and a foot that looks like a basket.

Dining room with round table and modern black chairs.

Image 3: Rustic wooden table decorated with a piece of glass with a blue background.

Restored wooden table with glass in the middle.

Image 4:  Dining room with white wooden table and colored chairs.

White wooden table and blue, red, green and pink chairs.

Image 5: Dining table with rustic wood top and black iron legs.

Dining room decor in grey.

Image 6: Rustic dining room decor decorated with wooden table with flower pot.

Exotic dining room with rustic wooden table with "X" feet.

Image 7: Dining room decorated with a small round table for four chairs.

Small decorated dining room with round wooden table and mirror.

Image 8: Set of tables with wooden benches and black iron feet.

Wooden table and benches with hollow black iron legs.

Image 9: Large dining room with whole table made of rustic wood.

Dining room decorated in white and wood.

Image 10: Classic dining room with carved foot table and upholstered chairs.

Simple dining room with armchairs at the corners of the table.

Image 11: Dining room with white round table and black and white frame on the wall.

Dining room decorated with blue cabinet, black and white frame, plants and vases.

The role of the chair in a decorated dining room

Another indispensable item in a dining room is the chair and this should also be included in your room’s decor plan. Whether made of wood or iron, it offers a lot of the environment’s personality and can add a touch of color to the room.

The upholstered chairs are perfect to match the decorative palette of the dining room or even be the center of attention, differentiating yourself from all the rest of the furniture. In this case, even wooden benches can bear the responsibility of having a different upholstery.

Smooth chairs, on the other hand, should not be underestimated for their format, their colors can talk to each other and by choosing the right shades it is possible to match different colors on a single table, and can also combine them with the kitchen decor.

Picture 12: Dining room with round table and wooden chairs with orange upholstery.

Dining room with wooden chair and orange seating.

Image 13: Dining room decorated with black leather chairs matching the plush rug.

Table with cap and foot made of mirror.

Image 14: Round white table accompanied by four black chairs with hollow backs.

Room decorated in black color with white round table.

Image 15: Dining room with white oval table and alternating chairs in blue and green.

Mirrored wall in dining room with oval table and colorful chairs.

Picture 16: Dining room decorated with white oval table and six chairs, two white, two brown and two yellow.

Dining room with green wall and black chandeliers of different sizes.

Image 17: Simple dining room with round table and four gray and white patterned chairs matching the walls.

Black globe-shaped chandelier matching the frame of the frames.

Image 18: Dining room with a table for eight chairs, four pairs of different colors.

Dining room with colorful chairs and shelves with glasses, crockery, plants and drinks.

Image 19: Dining room decorated with abstract frame, white and beige glass table and retro chairs.

Dining room decorated with cream and white glass table and chairs.

Image 20: Dining room with round table and six chairs in cool colors.

Simple dining room with colorful chairs.

Picture 21: Vintage dining room decor with blue upholstered seat white chairs.

Dining room decorated with vintage items in white and blue.

Image 22: Dining room decorated with a table with eight chairs, three with black and white print and three with nude color.

Dining room divided from the kitchen with a glass wall.

Chairs of different styles

Not sure which chair model to choose for your dining room? Don’t worry, with common sense and creativity you can combine two different styles and have an exotic and charming environment.

It is still possible to combine even more than one color, but be careful, choosing the wrong colors can cause conflict between the room decoration and with other decorative items.

Picture 23: Dining room with a rustic wooden table with chairs at the ends and cushioned benches on the sides.

Dining room decorated with upholstered benches and matching chairs.

Image 24: Dining room decorated with two types of chairs at the dining table, one upholstered in gray and the other in wood.

Dining room with shelf furniture with exposed crockery.

Image 25: Wooden table with a bench on the right side and three green chairs on the left side.

Dining room with rustic table and bench.

Picture 26: Dining room decorated with rug, painting, mirror, chandelier and two types of chairs at the table.

Wooden table with white, black and wooden chairs with black accents.

Picture 27: Dining room decor with two types of black chairs and wooden table with iron legs.

Chairs match the legs of the dining table.

Image 28: Dining room decorated with a textured wall and a mirrored one and neutral colored furniture.

Square dining table with two models of chairs in a room in neutral colors.

Picture 29: Dining room with square wooden table decorated with flower pot, silver and gold painted chairs and wooden bench.

Square dining table with benches, silver chairs, paintings and flower pot.

Picture 30: Dining room with wooden table and benches and two iron chairs.

Dining room with wooden table, benches and chairs.

Picture 31: Dining room with a table against the wall and six chairs of different styles and colors.

Three black chandeliers illuminating the center of the dining table with white and gray chairs.

Image 32: Dining room with a round table and a large half-moon sofa on one side and three chairs on the other.

Three chandeliers atop an oval dining table that faces a sofa.

Image 33: Dining room with a table with six chairs, five of which are different models.

Dining room with blue wall, china cabinet and table with white chairs.

Dining room decorated with chandelier

To ensure a well-lit place and that, as a bonus, leave your dining room decorated, the chandelier is the best option. Placing it on the table, in addition to providing targeted lighting, will turn guests’ attention to it.

Image 34: Dining room with black base chandelier and six white balls that light up.

Chandelier with black base and white balls in the center of the dining table.

Image 35: Dining room decorated with five chandeliers at different heights on the wooden table.

Dining room decorated with five chain chandeliers with gemstones.

Image 36: Chandelier on the dining table in the shape of branches with illuminated balls at the ends.

Dining room with table with eight chairs and golden chandelier.

Image 37: Dining room decorated with eight chandeliers in the center of the table at different heights.

Dining room with eight silver chandeliers.

Picture 38: Modern chandelier with five lamps and iron structure on the dining table.

Dining room with wooden table, blue chairs and black chandelier.

Picture 39: Dining room with two large industrial style chandeliers on the table in blue color matching the chairs.

Dining room decorated with two large blue chandeliers and a vase of purple plants on the table.

Image 40: Dining room decorated with three minimalist lamps suspended on the table.

Room with wooden table and nude chairs.

Picture 41: Dining room illuminated with a wooden chandelier that simulates a propeller.

Dining room with chandelier matching the color of the table.

Picture 42: Large dining room decorated with rug, fireplace and cube-shaped chandelier with several black wires.

Chandelier in black cube shape.

Picture 43: Dining room with a table of eight chairs with a large chandelier of eight golden balls.

Chandelier on the dining table with eight lamps.

Image 44: Minimalist dining room decor with a rug, a vase with two leaves and a round chandelier black on the outside and gold on the inside.

Dining room decorated with round mirror and chandelier in the same format.

Image 45: Chandelier in the form of a closed rectangle with five lamps and hanging by chains.

Dining room decoration with paintings, pillows, lanterns and a chandelier.

Picture 46: Dining room decorated with hexagon table and chandelier in the form of a modern candlestick with five candle-shaped lamps.

Four-lamp chandelier in the dining room.

Picture 47: Dining room decor with rug, table path, vase of dry leaves, candle and golden chandelier with five lamps.

Small dining room with wooden table and black chairs.

Image 48: Dining room with gray decor including two chandeliers with vases hanging in different heights and shapes.

Gray chandeliers matched the chairs.

Picture 49: Dining room decorated with wood-colored furniture and decorative items, including a modern chandelier.

Dining room decorated with painting, chandelier and plants.

Image 50: Dining room integrated with a living room with a table illuminated by a large black candlestick.

Dining room decorated with two types of chairs.

Picture 51: Dining room decorated with mirrored wall, textured wall and large round chandelier with crystal balls.

Large round crested chandelier on the dining table.

Image 52: Three wooden chandeliers illuminating dining table with leather chairs.

Dining room decorated with brown items.

Image 53: Dining room with gray decor and large horizontal white exotic chandelier in abstract format.

Rectangular table with cocoon-shaped chandelier.

Image 54: Dining room illuminated with LED lights embedded in the ceiling and a square white chandelier centered on the table.

Dining room decorated with square chandelier in the same format as the table.

Item for a decorated dining room

The only essential furniture in a dining room are the table and chairs, so you can enjoy imagination and creativity in decorating. This is the ideal space to place a cabinet that displays cups and dishes, a vase of plants, a shelf with cookbooks and even small sculptures.

As a result, you’ll be able to leave the most used items on display and easy to pick up.

Image 55: Dining room decorated with a wall with six shelves full of books, vases, sculptures, painting and mirror.

Dining room decorated with shelves and various decorative items.

Image 56: Retro dining room decor with mirror, candlestick and white wooden cabinet.

Dining room decorated with mirror, china cabinet and chandelier.

Image 57: Dining room decorated with potted plants, paintings, shelf, coffee table and rug.

White dining room with colorful decorative items.

Image 58: Dining room with a wall full of niches with decorative items such as potted plants, glass bottles and sculptures.

Dining room decorated with glass table and wooden foot.

Image 59: Minimalist decor with medium vase of yellow flowers on the table.

Dining room decorated only with a vase of yellow flowers.

Image 60: Two white furniture decorated with several vases of different models, colors and sizes and, on the table, a vase of leaves with other decorative items.

Two pieces of furniture with crockery, a chandelier and plants decorate the dining room.

Picture 61: Dining room with fireplace, rug, painting, medium vase of plants on the table and a wooden fruit bowl.

Bright dining room with fireplace, painting and potted plants.

Picture 62: Dining room decoration made with a large potted plant in one corner, a picture on the wall and a round table.

Dining room decorated with round table and gray upholstered chairs.

Image 63: Dining room decorated in neutral colors and, to highlight it, a vase of white flowers on the table and another vase of greenery on the floor.

Neutral color decor in the dining room.

Image 64: White dining room with black details and decorated with several potted plants to bring the environment to life.

White dining room decorated with frame and potted plants.

Image 65: Dining room with niches on the wall with books, sculptures and plants, a shelf and a blackboard sticker on the wall.

Dining room decorated in white and wood.

Image 66: Kitchen decorated with a large mirror not fixed on the wall, pictures, clock and a shelf for the coffee maker.

Bottle chandelier illuminating dining table.


Frames are wildly decorative items for any environment and in the dining room it can be ideal to convey the personality of the residents. So, to rock the decor, you can place photos, landscapes, abstract drawings and even use a frame that matches the decor of the rest of the house.

Picture 67: Dining room with recessed niches in the wall to store decorative items and a picture on the wall.

Dining room decoration with frame and inlaid niches.

Image 68: Colorful frames and flower pot on the table compose the decor of the dining room.

Dining room with blue decor and colorful frames.

Picture 69: Dining room decorated with a large picture of a drawn woman and flower pots on the table.

Dark decor with big frame on white background.

Image 70: Black and white frame on a navy blue wall matching the dining room furniture.

Dining room decorated in blue, black and white.

Image 71: Decoration composed of frames with leaf drawings, a potted plant on the table and a large black and white striped rug.

Dining room decorated with chandelier, paintings and plant vase.

Image 72: Dining room with decoration made of abstract frame, lampshade and three dark glass vases in different sizes and shapes.

Room decorated in cool colors with nude lampshade.

Picture 73: Dining room dresser with decorative items on top and six pictures on the wall.

Dining room with white walls and wooden furniture.

Image 74: Dining room decorated with the main wall covered with twelve photos of the residents’ wedding.

Glass dining table with medium plant pot.

Image 75: Dining room decorated with two shelves of black and white paintings and niches with books.

Dining room decorated with black and white frames.

Picture 76: Wooden table decorated with small potted plants and a candle, landscape frame on the wall and many white-framed windows.

Wooden table with benches in the corner of the room.

Image 77: Dining room with black wall and bar with lines that form a black and white horizontal striped frame.

Dining room decorated with three chandeliers and frame made of lines.

Image 78: Dining room decoration with chandelier, colorful paintings, candles, sculptures and potted plants.

Gray wall with two colored frames, one abstract and one landscape.

Decorated wall in the dining room

Choosing a wall to be the center of attention is the greatest decoration a dining room can have. Whether textured or with 3D coatings, such as an iron stone wall for example, it is necessary to pay attention to the color in which it will be made. Neutral colors are the best options as they guarantee a feeling of spaciousness and offer tranquility.

Image 79: Dining room decorated with a central wall in woody color and decorated with a shelf with pictures and vases of leaves.

Dining room decorated in woody colors.

Image 80: Dining room decor with black furniture and white textured wall.

Black and white dining room with texture wall.

Image 81: Dining room with vintage decor and central wall with exposed brick.

Vintage decor with exposed brick wall.

Image 82: Minimalist dining room decorated with two paintings, a vase with white flowers on the table and a wall banner with white wave texture.

Neutral color dining room with white textured wall.

Image 83: Central wall of the dining room with coating that simulates suede and a round mirror.

Dining room with cabinet, mirror, flower pot and chandelier.

Image 84: Dining room decorated with black and white wall with raised strip that form a frame around the television.

Dining room with round white table and yellow chairs.

Image 85: Dining room wall with tiles drawn in black, white and gray.

Wall highlighted with drawings and wooden table with white top.

Image 86: Dining room decor with glass table, white chairs, striped cushions and white textured wall.

Whole table made of glass beside white texture wall.

Image 87: Dining room decorated with stone wall with various lighting points and large apple tree.

Dining room decorated with a wall covered with stones and several light points.

Image 88: Vintage dining room with exposed brick wall and decorated with paintings.

Exotic dining room with different and colorful chairs.

Picture 89: Modern dining room with wallpaper and a rectangular mirror on one side and another wall of white texture and with LED lighting built into the ceiling.

Dining room decorated with potted plants and white textured wall.

Picture 90: Dining room wall made of stone.

Spacious dining room with two types of chairs.

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