The role of a decorated living room is to be an exclusive place to rest, catching up on the series or reading, and still be perfect to receive friends with comfort and personality.

Items that will leave the room with a unique decoration are not lacking, the special touch can be on the sofa, pillows, curtain, and TV panel, and coffee table, decoration with books or painting and even with a fireplace.

So if you’re looking for ideas to get inspired and, as a bonus, combine your living room with a decorated dining room, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve separated 90 models for you to transform your dull room into a true temple of rest.

Living room decorated with sofa

An indispensable piece of furniture for a living room is the sofa, right? There are several models, shapes, colors and fabrics that can make him the center of attention in a decorated environment.

If you have a small room, just using a sofa that is flashy is enough, but if your room is large, the best option is to make a combination of several sofas, or armchairs and stools. The tip in this case is about the care in choosing the furniture colors so that this combination is harmonic.

Image 1: Living room decorated with brown leather sofa in “L”.

Integrated living room with kitchen and brown leather sofa.

Image 2: Living room with sofa made of a pallet with white accents and pillows.

Coffee table and sofa made of a pallet.

Image 3: Large living room with two sofas, two armchairs and two stools.

Great room with striped rug and pillows.

Image 4: Living room with pink wall and dark blue sofa with two-color pillows.

Living room decorated in pink color with blue sofa.

Image 5: Gray sofa with beveled accent in a living room decorated with a painting, bench and small tables.

Room decorated with light gray sofa with pillows.

Image 6: Large living room decorated with a light and a dark green sofa and two white armchairs.

Living room with neutral colors and a dark green sofa.

Image 7: Navy blue retractable suede sofa with blue and white pillows.

Living room with navy blue suede sofa.

Image 8: Living room with fireplace, frame with photo of the sea and white modern sofa.

Living room with modern white sofa and fireplace.

Image 9: Living room decorated with gray L-shaped sofa, white, black and yellow cushions, black and white paintings and rug.

Room decorated with an "L" sofa and eye-catching pillows.

Image 10:  Cozy living room with two sofas, pillows, rug, coffee table and potted plant.

Living room decorated in different shades of gray.

The Role of Cushions in a Decorated Living Room

And since we were talking about sofas, it’s almost impossible to think of a living room decor with a sofa that doesn’t have pillows. They give personality to the environment in addition to offering a little color in the neutral colored rooms.

With creativity, it is possible to build a multitude of styles in a living room, everything will depend on the colors, models and pillow covers. The tip here is to always keep them organized, otherwise, what was supposed to be decorative and offer comfort will turn into a mess.

Image 11: Living room decorated with six pillows in red, white and gray.

Living room decorated with eye-catching pillows with different textures.

Image 12: Blue and mustard pillows color the living room decorated in gray and white.

Room with simple pillows in blue, mustard and striped black and white.

Image 13: Living room with blue wall, sofa, armchair and rug and many cushions in white, black, silver and gold.

Living room decorated in blue with lots of pillows.

Image 14: White vintage room with flowered and colorful pillows to highlight the room.

Room decorated with white sofa and armchairs with colorful pillows.

Image 15: Black and white pillows of different styles give character to the gray wall and sofa room.

Living room with sofa with four pillows in black and white.

Image 16: Living room decorated with highlighted colorful pillows.

Living room with white sofa with pillows in white, silver and gold.

Image 17: Living room decorated in gray and blue colors with pillows in different shapes and patterns.

Living room with sofa and pillows matching the rug.

Image 18: Gray sofa with six decorative pillows in different colors and prints.

Living room with paintings, coffee table and colorful pillows.

Image 19: Gray living room with pillows to match the rest of the decor.

Living room decorated in gray and black.

Image 20: Living room with blue sofa and four colored pillows.

Living room with blue sofa, black and white rug and colorful pillows.

Coffee table for the living room

The coffee table is another much requested item in living room decoration not only for its decorative value, but also as an important piece of furniture to support food, books or other decorative items.

Image 21: Small coffee table with niches that accommodate a potted plant and books.

Living room decorated with small coffee table made of wood with orange background.

Image 22: Living room decorated with a coffee table made from a tree trunk.

Living room decorated with rustic coffee table.

Image 23: Suede wine coffee table as an eye-catching item in living room decor.

Living room decorated with gray sofa and round coffee table and wine.

Picture 24: Large wooden coffee table with drawers.

Living room decorated with large wooden coffee table.

Image 25: Colorful living room with simple wooden coffee table.

Living room decorated with colorful items and a coffee table.

Picture 26: Living room decorated with minimalist white coffee table.

Living room decorated with white sofa matching the coffee table.

Image 27: White coffee table decorated with flowers and books.

Living room decorated with a simple white coffee table.

Image 28: Living room with sofa and colorful pillows and a series of stools that fit together and serve as a coffee table.

Living room decorated with sofa and colorful pillows and coffee table.

Picture 29: Living room decorated with modern coffee table in white and split wood.

Living room decorated in white and brown with double coffee table.

Image 30: Living room decorated with a small coffee table with a mirrored top.

Living room decorated with mirrored coffee table and potted plants and flowers.

Living room decorated with curtain

To ensure privacy and reduce glare, the curtain can be the main item in a decorated living room. There are several models and colors to choose from, there are even those who use it only as a decoration, without necessarily being in a window or balcony door.

The fear of having an environment that becomes suffocating and with the feeling that the room is smaller than it really is, can be overcome by placing the rod right in the gap of the plaster molding. If this is not possible, placing it at the highest point on the wall is already a solution.

Image 31: Living room decorated with two curtains, one black and one white.

Living room decorated with a curtain for privacy and another to reduce glare.

Image 32: Living room with sofas and curtain in pink and gray armchairs.

Living room decorated with white and pink curtain in living room.

Image 33: Small room decoration made with two neutral colored curtains and frames.

Living room decorated with neutral color curtain.

mage 34: Living room decorated with two – color screen that simulates a frill at the top.

Living room decorated with curtain that imitates a skirt on top in a different color.

Image 35: Living room decorated with a hanging rod and an exotically rolled curtain.

Living room decorated with hanging curtain rod and blue cloth.

Image 36: White, yellow and brown curtains matching the pillows.

Living room decorated with three curtain colors.

Image 37: Curtain with neutral color that also offers spaciousness to the environment.

Living room decorated in white and gray with curtain, pillows and lamp.

Picture 38: Living room with full wall of windows and light curtain.

Living room decorated with fireplace, wine sofa and white curtain on the wall of windows.

Picture 39: Living room decorated with beige and white curtains that match the room decor.

Living room decorated with two curtain colors: beige and white.

Image 40: Living room with blackout curtain that completely blocks the entrance of light.

Living room decorated with gray curtain.

Fireplace decoration

For those who live in the coldest places in Brazil, the fireplace must surely be part of the living room decoration, after all, in addition to leaving the warm environment, it offers an extra charm in the decoration.

Image 41: Living room decorated in neutral colors and fireplace with glass door.

Living room decorated with gray sofas, white armchairs and fireplace.

Picture 42: Living room with fireplace built into a dark wall.

Living room decorated with fireplace in black strip on the wall.

Image 43: Living room decorated with fireplace, coffee table, and bookcases.

Living room decorated with items on the wall, coffee table, rug and fireplace.

Image 44: Fireplace with white exposed brick frame.

Living room decorated in white and gray with fireplace and bookends.

Image 45: Room decorated with fireplace built into stone wall and blue sofas.

Living room decorated with blue furniture and fireplace.

Picture 46: Living room decorated with fireplace on white wall with wooden shelf.

Living room decorated in neutral colors, fireplace and rustic coffee table.

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Picture 47: Iron stone wall with fireplace, shelf, clock and plant pots decorating the living room.

Living room decorated with fireplace in stone wall.

Image 48: Living room decorated with fireplace with black brick frame.

Living room decorated in black and white with orange armchairs.

Picture 49: Black and white living room decor with fireplace in a black wall strip.

Living room decorated in white and gray with fireplace and paintings.

Image 50: Living room with large glass windows facing a landscape and a fireplace in a stone wall.

Rustic decor on a coffee table and fireplace.

Know where to put books in the living room

Throughout life, it is natural that we accumulate a series of books and magazines, whether they are recipes, self-help, school materials or even entertainment. Because they are colorful and small, it is possible to place them as part of a decorated living room.

They can be on shelves, cabinets, niches and even on the bottom of the coffee table, this way, it will facilitate access and may even contribute to an increase in the reading habit.

Image 51: Living room decorated with several niches with books.

Gray book niches matching the cabinet.

Image 52: Round wooden coffee table with space at the bottom for books.

White and brown decorated living room with books on the coffee table.

Image 53: Living room with a black cabinet with shelves for books, magazines and handouts.

Living room decorated with pictures, pillows and books.

Image 54: Living room decorated with small vertical shelves with books beside the sofa.

Wooden stand with green shelves for books and decorative items.

Image 55: Shelf with books on a gray sofa with pillows.

White and gray decor with book shelf.

Image 56: Living room with a wall filled with niches inlaid with books.

Living room decorated in white, blue and brown with recessed niches in the wall.

Image 57: Furniture with black niches integrated into a gray wall with books.

Living room decorated with armchair, coffee table and book niches.

Image 58: Living room decorated with a large cabinet with books organized by color.

Books sorted by color on white furniture.

Picture 59: Living room with small wooden bookends.

White decorated living room with shelves for books.

Picture 60: Living room with black sofa, chair, coffee table and a large closet with shelves full of books and decorative items.

"L" shaped sofa and bookcase.

The use of TV panels in the decorated living room

There are several ways to put a television in a room, but if you want a living room decorated with modernity and elegance, the panel is perfect. It can be placed on an entire wall or just a section, showing that it is a piece of furniture.

Some already come with shelves that serve to place decorative items or DVDs, for example. Here, the color, model and material will depend on the residents’ tastes, but don’t worry, they all offer a feeling of harmony and organization.

Image 61: Living room with black panel in the same color wall.

Large living room decorated with black TV panel.

Picture 62: Small living room with neutral color panel with two shelves.

Neutral color flat TV panel with book shelf.

Image 63: Wood panel with shelf and organizing niches.

Rustic TV panel with niches and shelves.

Image 64: Living room decorated with a wood panel that also serves as a closet.

Living room decorated with panel that is a wooden cabinet.

Image 65: Exotic wooden panel with a highlighted orange niche.

Fulfilled wooden panel with large orange niche.

Image 66: Living room decorated with wood panel that covers almost the entire wall.

Wooden TV panel that covers a vertical strip on the wall.

Image 67: Living room decorated with white panel in a horizontal strip.

White panel on exposed brick wall.

Image 68: Panel made of wooden strip with mirrors around it.

Wood panel with white rack.

Image 69: Living room decorated with white and gray marble panel.

Wall with niches and TV panel.

Image 70: Living room with white textured wall and wooden panel with two niches.

White wall with wooden furniture.

Pictures and photos

How about having a unique decoration that refers to the best moments in life? Photo frames have this power. Used sparingly, they can have different frames and colors, what matters is to reflect the personality of the residents.

Whether two or many, the frames can also be abstract phrases or drawings that bring some kind of meaning to the decoration. This item can also be used in other environments in small apartment decoration.

Image 71: Living room with navy blue wall and two black and white frames.

Navy blue wall, beige sofa and black and white frames.

Image 72: Living room wall with various colored frames and different sizes.

Baby pink wall with many poster frames.

Image 73: Living room decorated with shelf with photo frames and drawings.

Brown sofa and white frames with frame to match the sofa.

Picture 74: Living room decor with blue colored frames matching the sofa.

Nature themed room with water.

Image 75: Living room with a black “L” sofa and a wall full of landscape pictures.

Wall with 12 pictures of landscapes in equal frames.

Image 76: Living room decorated with wall full of pictures, photos and decorative items.

Decorated with pictures, mirror, pillows and coffee table.

Image 77: Wall with six shelves with picture frames with black and white photos and frames.

Living room decorated with photo shelves.

Image 78: Living room decorated with a world map sculpture on the wall and several photos of a couple.

Blue armchair and cabinet and world map sculpture with photos on the wall.

Image 79: Living room with two shelves with medium and small paintings in black, white and gray and a large colored one.

Gray sofa matching the wall.

Image 80: Shelves on top of sofa with lots of black and white picture frames matching pillows.

Living room decorated in black and white.

Living room decorated with rug

In addition to being an excellent decorative piece, the rug also serves to demarcate a space in the case of integrated environments and still offer the feeling of comfort. Attention should be related to its size, that is, if your living room is small, avoid using small rugs and prefer ones that take up as much of the floor as possible.

Another tip is also how to decide which room colors to use. Neutral colors match any type of decor and still offer the feeling of spaciousness, while extravagant colors are perfect for a more exotic style.

Image 81: Living room with brown leather sofas and white plush rug with black designs.

Living room decorated in brown and white.

Image 82: Living room decor in gray with black and white rug in geometric shapes.

Living room with lighting directed to the paintings.

Picture 83: Large living room with long rug matching the room’s color palette.

Large room with a stone wall and a wooden one.

Image 84: Living room decorated with overlapping rugs, one of straw and the other blue with white designs.

Cozy living room with many decorative items.

Image 85: Living room decorated with painting, pillows, coffee table and dark rug imitating animal.

Various items hanging on the wall in straw color.

Image 86: Small living room decorated in neutral colors with light gray and white rug.

Small living room with white and gray rug.

Image 87: Room with black and white rug demarcating the sofa area.

Gray sofa and black table on a black and white rug.

Image 88: Living room with shag rug in neutral color occupying most of the floor.

Living room decorated in neutral colors with curtain.

Image 89: Living room decorated with vase of plants, pillows, small coffee table and rug that imitates animal skin.

Living room with stained white carpet.

Image 90: Large living room with L-shaped sofa, cushions, frame, coffee table and rug designed in white, black, gray and gold.

Wooden wall and floor and decorated with painting, table, rug and pillows.

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