Desert rose, popular name for Addendum obese, is a plant found in the Sahel in the southern part of the Sahara and tropical Africa and in the subtropical part of Arabia. She has a unique beauty. A lot of people would like to have it in their garden.

In its natural environment it can reach up to four meters in height and a meter and a half in width. It is easy to adapt to places with a tropical climate, as it is a plant used to hot places.

In addition, the Desert Rose resembles a tree, due to its thicker stem, made to withstand the winds and to accumulate water.

Image 01: The desert rose is part of the list of flowers that love the sun.

yellow mixed flower

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Found colors

The desert rose can be found in many colors. Thus, the most common are white, pink, lilac, red and wine. However, there is still an exotic type of plant color that is the black tone, much sought after by landscapers around the world.

Image 02: Your pigmentation can be mixed.

Red flower

How to care for the desert rose

Image 03: A beautiful species to decorate any space.

white blor with pink tips

It is not very difficult to care for a desert rose, as they are used to our tropical climate. Here are some tips for care:

  • Prepare the vase. Desert roses like water but not a soggy environment. Place rocks and plastic mesh in the bottom of the pot so the roots don’t come out through the bottom.
  • Provide at least six hours of sunlight for the plant each day. Whether in your garden, or in the pot.
  • She doesn’t like the cold. Avoid placing it in an air-conditioned or very humid environment. The more heat and sun, the better.
  • You can whenever you can, so it naturally develops into a beautiful flower.
  • Because of the high drainage, the desert flower needs fertilization. You can use Forth Cacti for the service.
  • They need water and therefore must be watered. Put your hand in the ground and see if it’s dry. If you are, water it.
  • When the plant changes its environment, usually when you buy it at the store and take it home, its leaves tend to turn yellow. No need to change vase, just wait for it to recover and grow back.
  • Always wear gloves when handling the plant, as it is somewhat toxic.

Image 04: Its dark colors draw attention.

desert rose black

Best places to plant the desert rose

Desert rose can be planted in gardens, but it is usually grown in pots like a normal plant or a bonsai which is a Japanese technique of miniaturizing a plant. Thus, a sunny position should be chosen, with some protection from the midday sun, which prevents the plant from burning.

Image 05: The gradient from dark to lighter tones.

dark wine flower

Do not bury a desert flower, the base of its stem must be above the ground. The place where the plant will be must be drained, thus avoiding waterlogging, the desert rose needs water, but not that much!

Step by step to plant desert rose

Image 06:   Its structure looks like a work of art.

sculptural root and flowers

To plant the desert rose in a pot, you must use the Japanese bonsai technique, thus preventing the plant from developing as in gardens where it can reach up to four meters.

Image 07: Even in small vases it is a charm.

flower to decorate balcony

1. Prepare the soil – place a plastic screen under the pot, preventing the roots from coming out of the holes. Then line it with stones and cover it with sand. Add a little humus to maintain the quality of the soil. Plant the rose in a mixture of earth and sand.

2. Water when the land is very dry. But be careful not to get wet. The desert rose needs water to survive, however, it shouldn’t be much.

3. The base of the stem must be above the ground. So don’t sink the plant too far.

4. Also, use bonsai techniques by placing wires where you want them not to grow and changing their shape.

Image 08: How about betting on a seedling? So have yours now.

plant seedlings

There are tips for planting your desert rose in the ground too

To plant the desert rose in the ground of your garden you should look for a sandy soil, and enrich it before planting. Fertilizing will be done after the plant is developed and after watering, so as not to run the risk of burning the root. Thus, a fertilizer rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus is the most suitable.

Also, it is important to plant the desert rose in a location that has plenty of sun. In this way, the plant can reach up to four meters in height and for this it is necessary that its environment is at least similar to what it is used to. Fortunately in Brazil there is a lot of sun for them.

Image 09: Next to cacti, this plant is even more amazing.

desert rose and cactuses

With the use of gloves, the plant must be pruned so that it does not grow disorderly.

The desert rose blooms in spring, peaks in summer and lasts until autumn. In vases, flowers of 15 centimeters already have their blossoms and, because of their stem, they resemble bonsai.

Image 10: Even small already draws attention.

vase with desert rose

Decorating Tips

Image 11: Behold a beautiful desert rose with slightly black edges.

desert rose red

The desert rose is considered the new orchid and is very popular among gardening and decorating lovers. It is a wild plant to decorate outdoor environments such as gardens, flower beds and recreational areas. Because the plant needs a lot of sunlight, it is not recommended that it stay on the dinner table, for example.

You can put a small desert rose in a washstand, for example. Also, it can be in the living room, in which case choose a place that is brighter. But it is a plant that has strength and delicacy, it stands out among the others wherever you plant it.

Image 12: Whitish edges.

desert rose red and white

You can place the vase near the sofa, giving a charming touch to your living room. However, outdoors it can decorate the environment and grow naturally, standing out from other plants for its size and beauty.

Thus, the desert rose is a great choice that has been used by several decorators to beautify the environment with its colorful flowers and striking look. Of your home.

Image 13: This flower adapts to the shape of the vase.

desert rose change

Desert Rose Ideas and Inspirations

Image 14: Mix colors and keep your environment even more beautiful.

desert rose two colors

Image 15: So how about creating beautiful compositions?

vessel composition

Image 16: In cylindrical vases is a charm.

desert Rose

Image 17: In small pots too.

desert rose in small pot

Image 18: Mainly when it comes to small seedlings.

desert rose in small pots

Image 19: Or taller plants.

desert rose garden

Image 20: With each passing time, this plant attracts more attention

garden highlighted

Image 21: Its structure can be even a little coarse.

desert Rose

Image 22: But your flowers bring the necessary charm.

light flowers in the garden

Image 23: There are several sizes and colors to be enchanted.

various colors and sizes of plants

Image 24: The blended tones are beautiful.

desert pink flower

Image 25: Even more when there is overlapping colors.

mixed shades of lilac

Image 26: White matches any other shade.

white and pink flower

Image 27: Even with more rustic effects.

yellowish, white and pink flower

Image 28: Yellow and purple flowers draw attention.

bud blooming

Image 29: Make a beautiful garden with pots.

outdoor garden

Image 30: Or just let your desert rose stand out from the green.

red roses in the garden

Desert rose gardens

Image 31: The red tone stands out in any location.

bright colors of roses

Image 32: Pink mixed with white is very delicate.

desert rose white and pink

Image 33: Even with few flowers.

natural gardens

Image 34: Still capable of being the center of attention.

desert Rose

Image 35: Beautiful central gardens can receive this plant.

prominent central garden

Image 36: Its roots form beautiful designs.

exposed roots

Image 37: Don’t hesitate to mix your colors.

colorful flowers in vase

Image 38: Anyone who has this type of flower at home has everything!

desert bonsai flower

Image 39: Wine tones leave very sophisticated gardens.

path with flowers and vases

Image 40: Mix your desert rose with other vegetation.

desert rose composition

Image 41: Put different colors in the same vase.

flower garden

Image 42: Make beautiful compositions with vases, colors and species.

decorative vases with desert rose

Image 43: Take a closer look at this beautiful color.

desert rose red

Image 44: Perfect for composing waterfalls.

waterfall decoration plants

Image 45: Make compositions with low pots.

desert Rose

Decorate interiors with desert rose

Image 46: Decorate your home interior with desert roses.

stair-side vase

Image 47: Use the seedlings and fill the furniture.

desert rose for decoration

Image 48: So how about doing the same at the tables?

decorative vase on the table

Image 49: The balconies or balconies also deserve it.

outdoor decoration with plants

Image 50: Use differentiated vessels.

little desert rosebuds

Image 51: Wood and glass make the plant even more sophisticated.

indoor plant decoration

Image 52: Lighting can add even more value to your winter garden.

garden with lighting

Image 53: Small vases can also be used in seedlings.

desert rose change

Image 54: So use colored vases.

little desert roses

Some more ideas

Image 55: Use different vases to make even more.

facade decoration with desert rose

Image 56: A natural sculpture.

sculptural root and decorative vase

Image 57: A perfect piece for any environment.

desert rose indoor decoration

Image 58: Decorate corners at home with this plant.

desert rose small

Image 59: Drawn vases look beautiful.

decorative garden vase

Image 60: And finally, how about using large vases with pillars?

desert Rose

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