The door models are in a prominent place as a decoration accessory. In addition to allowing circulation between areas, they demonstrate a lot about the resident’s style and personality.

Since Friends’ purple door started to be stamped on social media, colored doors have become a trend to be followed. They leave the atmosphere happy and relaxed. If your style is more classic, keep colors neutral, but explore new shapes, textures and materials.

In the following projects, we’ve separated some ideas and projects where the doors are made of wood, glass, aluminum, metal and many others so that you can be inspired.

Main Types of Doors

In Brazilian cities, the most popular ports are the low cost ones, but with a little creativity it is possible to choose alternatives that allow good compositions. The wooden door, for example, is very cost-effective and is usually quite durable.

Doors in glass, PVC, steel or aluminum are also available. In addition to selecting the material, it is important to think about the style of the door. We have a choice of models for opening doors, sliding doors, pivoting doors, folding doors, shrimp doors, French doors, shutters, etc.

image 1: In this first option, the door has a rounded stop at the top that enhances the visibility of the crystal chandelier. This combination blends transparency with black edges to make the environment modern.

black door models

Image 2: The opening door located on the outside of the house, left the entrance beautiful and modern. The highlight is the texture on the wall that perfectly matches the design of the door.

wooden door models

Image 3: In this option, the owner opted for an ultrawhite glass door with thick white edges. The frosted glass on the door ensures privacy.

glass door models

Image 4: This two-leaf blue door is ideal for white or neutral walls. Great example of how to keep old pieces in a modern and fun way.

old door models

Image 5: Demolition wood door fits all styles. The owner opted for a white wall to highlight the frame and the color of the wood.

swing door models

Wooden door

There are wooden doors for indoor and outdoor environments. When choosing, take this into account to avoid any kind of headache later on. Know in advance that this material needs some care, as it is subject to termites and weathering.

Known for not being water resistant, the wooden doors are divided into industrial and natural wood. Its pure version is durable and tends to better resist exposure to moisture and contact with fungi. Industrial wood is the opposite of this, as it is formed by a mixture of wood dust and glue.

Image 6:  This wooden opening door not only enhances the entrance to the residence, it lengthens the space, this type of model is ideal for entrances with double height.

wooden door models.

Glass door

Glass door models are very popular as they require little maintenance over time. Glass can be smooth, sandblasted, textured, embossed or with small adhesive applications.

If transparency isn’t an issue, you can put glass doors in every room in the house. In addition to matching any decor style, this alternative allows natural light to enter spaces.

Unlike other materials, this type of door does not require the application of varnish, paint or products for conservation and extension of the door’s useful life. Ease of cleaning is also a differential that made its use popular.

Image 7: Large and rounded, this glass door is made of iron dividers. This is a great option if you are looking for charm and durability.

glass door models with metal

Aluminum or Metallic Door

Aluminum or other metal door models are highly sought after for their durability. If the intention is to separate the environments and protect the internal area of ​​the house, this material fulfills the function very well.

In addition to aluminum, steel and iron doors are also available. They are easy to clean and just as durable as the aluminum options. The cost varies according to design, width, height, print and arrangement of details.

Image 8: A good option to innovate at the entrance is to combine prints and textures. In this door, the chosen material stands out for being non-standard.

steel door models

Folding door

The models of folding or articulated doors are sought after by those who need to close a large gap, but want to keep the environments integrated, this type of model allows for total opening and closing of spaces.

This door model is commonly used in gourmet verandas, living rooms, kitchens, laundries and as a way to integrate or separate the environments as needed by the residents.

Image 9: This model of folding door opted for partitions in ultrawhite glass. In this alternative, the priority is to optimize space when opening.

 glass hinged door models

Sliding door

Sliding door models are much sought after by those who want to save space by opening the door, so it is suitable for large spans or more compact spaces, which makes this model a wild card. In addition to optimizing space, this type of door is able to make the environment more modern and sophisticated.

See below for a selection of sliding door models made in different materials and placed in different environments.

Image 10: Sliding door with wooden frame and glass center allowing natural light to enter and integrating internal and external environments.

sliding door models

Pivoting door

Ideal for those looking for elegance and refinement, the pivoting door models are usually heavier and require more space for installation. The cost of this door model is also usually higher when compared to other models.

Their cost also takes into account the fact that they are large, planned and heavy and therefore need strong hinges and supports. Next, we will show why the pivoting door is the first suggestion of architects, when it comes to modern and sophisticated environments.

Image 11: This project chose to mix the wood of the pivoting door with a textured white wall. The porcelain floor completes the decoration.

wooden swing door models

Two Leaf Door

Double-leaf door models are common in older homes or where there are doors with larger openings. The most current models of this type of door have modern details, and can be made in wood, steel, aluminum, wood and glass.

It can also be a good option for areas that give access to the garden, but in this case it is important that the material is solid wood or another resistant composition. Thus, security is guaranteed. Check out an option that prioritizes centralized opening below.

Image 12: Exotic, this two-leaf door with center opening looks like something out of a film. It has a dark hue, gold tongs and an eye-catching and original texture.

French doors

Much like double-leaf doors, French door models are known to be made of wood and glass, and are an excellent choice for doors that give access to outside areas such as gardens, hallways and swimming pools.

This type of door has gained more modern versions, but it is usually chosen by those who want to add more charm and personality to the project, or who want to give a more vintage feel to the environment.

Image 13: Example of French door with wooden frame in white color. Its closing is centralized and it promises to leave a clean and modern environment.

Internal Door Models

Interior door models can vary a lot, from simple wooden doors, to planned and detailed doors, and not necessarily all interior doors need to be the same. By not being exposed to wind, sun and rain, the inner door can be made in lighter and more decorative materials.

Below we will see sliding, hinged, simple and shrimp doors made in different materials and with varied details, the tip here is to think of the doors as part of the decoration and how they matched the furniture, colors and textures of the walls and environments.

Image 14: For those who do not want to invest so much in a very elaborate internal door, an option is the tempered glass door. In blue, it makes the house modern and the environment light.

milky glass sliding door models

Image 15: Hinged door in transparent glass for large and spacious environments. This style of door has a folding closure to optimize the space between areas.

glass hinged door models

Image 16: Delicate and creative, this glass door has florals. It is a good option to separate internal spaces in the house. In the image below, it was used as a library door.

frosted glass shrimp holder

Image 17: For more rustic environments, the sliding barn door can be the best option to optimize space and bring personality to the decor.

wooden barn door models

Image 18: Another alternative for those who prefer industrial style is the iron sliding door. It perfectly matches the concrete texture of the structural beams.

iron sliding door models

Image 19: Widely used to compose internal spaces, this proposal has a glass door with black frames. A simple and minimalist alternative that promises modernity to the environment.

internal hinged door models

Image 20: A beautiful classic door option with a rounded frame. This is a possibility that combines black and white with corrugated glass.

door models with corrugated glass

Image 21: White shrimp holder, made of wood with a central handle. This door model is a great choice for those who need to save space.

white wooden cabin door

Image 22: Indoor sliding door model, with exclusive design, this door was embedded inside the dry wall walls. Practical and discreet solution for those who want to create partitions between environments.

inlaid wooden sliding door

Image 23: Two-leaf door made of wood and glass, in this project the bet was on simplicity to create a clean and timeless environment.

white two-leaf door models

Image 24: Sliding glass door with sandblasted design. Perfect combination for dark walls, as it takes advantage of the light that passes through the glass.

sliding glass door

Image 25: High standard tempered glass door design. this type of minimalist model composes with different styles of decoration without interfering too much in the final result.

minimalist door models

Image 26: Internal pivoting doors to divide and integrate environments, here the gray frames contrast with the white wall.

inner door models

Image 27: Hinged doors with satin finish frames. This project surrounds the environment, replacing the walls of the room and taking advantage of the natural light.

glass hinged door models

Image 28: Combination sliding door in white color with tracks in matte black. Great choice for classic decor in neutral tones.

white sliding door models with pulley

Image 29: White folding door design with hollow details made of PVC, it is a more economical and functional alternative to separate spaces.

pvc door models

Image 30: If you like a more classic style, the white wooden doors are a great option, in this project the main door received milky glass to stand out from the others.

white wooden door with glass

Image 31: Simple wooden door opening in gray color that contrasts with the white of the walls. This style of door works well in more rustic environments.

gray wooden door

Image 32: Hinged doors with black frames and milky glass to maintain privacy when you need to keep them closed.

black shrimp hinged door models

Image 33: This project decided to reuse an old door and put it on pulleys to close the laundry. The result is a modern and cool environment.

reused barn door

External Door Models

If the gateway is the sight card, it needs to be selected with care, attention and precision. It is not enough to protect the internal space of the area, it also needs to be in perfect harmony with the interior proposal.

The constant exposure to environmental factors must also be taken into account when purchasing this product. In this case, durability and strength are paramount so that the owner does not have to worry about maintenance for years to come.

Image 34: Modern and minimalist, this pivoting door was designed to integrate with the large glass wall, maintaining the uniqueness of the external vision and architectural design.

swing door models

Image 35: This facade was highlighted with the old door with two leaves painted in yellow and white, highlighting the stones of the wall.

old door models

Image 36: Iron door with designed grilles and glass hinges to allow light to enter and air circulation.

models of iron doors.

Image 37: Door with two sheets of glass and wood with external shutters, this type of model is very common in houses with access to gardens and outdoor areas.

shutter door models

Image 38: Modern, this door integrates the large wall made of slatted wood and is hidden, it is an option for those who like more neutral and sophisticated environments.

Pivoting wooden door models

Image 39: The Dutch door is not very popular in Brazil, but it brings an innovative proposal that divides the door in half. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Dutch door models

Image 40: In this option, we have a large external door with hinge and glass. The rustic beige gravel texture highlights the contemporary design of the door.

modern door models

Image 41: For those looking for a laid-back environment this is an excellent alternative. This black-framed door format is clean and modern.

glass door models

Image 42: Structured, this door has an exclusive design and follows the lobby’s color palette. Discreet but very elegant option for larger spaces.

iron and glass door models

Image 43: Two-leaf door, with rounded stop, made of iron with glass detail. Great choice for modern house facades that want to keep a classic feel.

iron door models

Image 44: Another model with a rounded jamb, this door has two glass sheets that allow access to the external environment and let in the natural light for the internal environment.

Image 45: Contemporary and modern, this pivoting steel door received details and a handle in the same material. The result is an industrial style with personality.

steel pivoting door models

Image 46: In the image below, the wooden door stands out on the façade that combines the moldings and the dotted glass in amber color.

wooden door template with glass.

Image 47: Antique round door fitted into the entrance, the highlight is the color and the iron detail in the center. Most common model in old houses and historic towns.

round door model

Image 48: This style of door is ideal to make the environment more cheerful and laid-back, the turquoise blue highlights the black iron details and the cladding of the façade.

blue door models

Image 49: Solid wood door with silver handle and automatic lock. The model is simple, but brings sobriety and elegance to the environment.

solid wood door models

Image 50: Metal door with metallic paint to highlight the geometric design and to be composed with the same tone coating used on the walls.

copper metal door

Image 51: This alternative features a hinged glass door with black frames. Below, we have a proposal that explores the external view of the environment. .

hinged glass and metal door

Image 52: Below is a French door option with white frames and glass. Here, they chose to put up curtains to ensure privacy when needed.

white french door model

Image 53: Rustic wooden door centered on a glass wall. High ceilings require light, hence the large glass window above the door.

glass door models with wood

Image 54: This project wanted to privilege integration with the external environment, so the choice was for large blindex sliding doors.

blindex sliding door models

Image 55: Set of sliding doors made of wood and glass, the full opening of the doors allows integration with the external environment.

sliding glass and wood door with rails

Image 56: In this project, the pivoting doors open and run on a rail, allowing all to be retracted and allowing the full integration of spaces.

pivoting sliding doors

Image 57: Modern and minimalist, this project chose large glass doors with metal framing to integrate indoor and outdoor environment.

blindex sliding door models

Image 58: For those who like a more rustic decor, the carved wooden doors are a great option. Here it appears in two sheets and with details in iron and glass.

old wooden door models

Image 59: The solution for this project to integrate the living room and the pool were the large hinged sliding doors, made of wood and glass.

wooden hinged sliding door

Image 60: Widely used in Brazil, venetian doors allow air circulation and guarantee the privacy of environments.

Venetian door models

Pictures of Types and Models of Doors

We’ve gathered below some more types and models of doors. With them, you will be able to be inspired before purchasing the final item. Try to structure your project conscientiously, always considering value, durability, interior decoration and versatility.

Decorative trends change frequently, so if you’re going to invest in a high-end door, make sure it’s really what you want and that you won’t get seasick quickly.

Image 61: Venetian style wooden door. This style allows for abundant ventilation between spaces and takes up little space when opening.

slatted wooden sliding door

Image 62: Wooden door painted white with glass hinged and wrought iron grille. Original model that allows air circulation.

hinged glass door

Image 63: In this option, we have a large wooden door with a modern layout. Its glass allows the visualization and lighting of the place.

inner wooden sliding door

Image 64: This sliding door with frosted glass has a minimalist style and serves to separate the environments when necessary, without losing the entrance of light.

frosted glass sliding door

Image 65: Minimalist door model, made of glass and metal, is a good option for those who want to keep their environments visually integrated.

glass door template.

Image 66: Solid wood door with black hardware. This style is great for country houses or anyone looking to add a more rustic feel to the decor.

solid wood door model

Image 67: Folding wooden door with glass details. This door model is functional for those who want to optimize space.

Image 68: French door made of wood and glass, the white paint highlights the outside and maintains the clean interior decoration.

white glass french door models

Image 69: Bold, this project invested in a large red lacquered pivoting door to contrast with the concrete structure of the interior of the house.

red lacquer pivoting door

Imagem 70: In this project, the double door gained shutters on the outside, which allows the glass door to remain open without losing privacy and air circulation.

shuttered door

Image 71: Dutch solid wood door, with glass detail in the center and black fittings. The color of the varnish highlights the white walls and ceiling.

Dutch wooden door

Image 72: The desire in this project was to keep the kitchen integrated, but with the possibility of isolating noise and smells, the choice was the large glass doors.

sliding glass door

Image 73: Differently, this project used shutters as sliding doors to separate the environments.

sliding shutter door

Image 74: In the photo below, we see a project with large smoked glass doors to separate the bedroom from the social area of ​​the house, without losing integration.

smoked glass sliding door

Image 75: Wooden sliding door with rail hidden by the trim. Discreet and functional model for those who want something more clean.

simple sliding door

Image 76: Fixed pivoting doors to integrate environments without losing too much privacy. The wood of the doors highlight the light floor.

wooden pivot doors

Image 77: Older door model, with glass detail on top. The vibrant color on the white façade makes the project bright and fun.

blue wooden door

Image 78: If you prioritize bright and well-lit environments, this transparent door is ideal for you. In addition to brightening the room, it allows visual contact with green areas.

minimalist glass door

Image 79: This bold project bet on a large opening door that when closed serves as a wall for this bedroom.

large glass and wood door

Image 80: This option combines a white wall with a matte black iron door. This project innovates in the opening and enhances the golden lamp.

black iron door

Image 81: In addition to giving privacy to the bedroom, this mirrored door brings functionality and modernity to the environment.

mirrored door

Image 82: The idea below combines two trends: the predominance of white in the kitchen and the glass door with frames. With this combination you can leave the environment clean.

white wood glass door

Image 83: Large blindex sliding doors allow the total integration of the internal space with the external space. The ceiling with wooden coffers gives a rustic touch to the environment.

sliding blindex door

Image 84: This type of door allows air circulation in the internal environment and allows solar lighting to pass through the gaps. Note that the inside doors are glass, and the outside are wooden shutters.

glass doors with shutters

Image 85: Rustic sliding door that respects the original structure of the piece. This design is ideal to get away from the standard rectangular doors.

rustic wooden door

Image 86: The barn-model door gained sobriety with the matte black paintwork and helped to highlight the white of the walls and ceiling.

sliding barn door

Image 87: In this image, we have a two-leaf wooden door painted in matte black color contrasting with the walls and the geometric floor.

rustic black wooden door

Image 88: Door with stained glass work painted black to highlight the designs. The crystal chandelier in the middle of the lobby illuminates and makes the space elegant.

stained glass door

Image 89: The door has a rounded top, transparency through the glass and details in black iron that contrast with the gray wall.

round iron door

Image 90: Door with two sheets of glass with wooden frame painted in black. Great option for those who want personality and sobriety in the environment.

black two-leaf door

Image 91: The doors that give access to this balcony have a rounded design that accompanies the ceiling and arches, the glass lets in the natural light.

round doors

Image 92: To highlight the garden, this door was developed in glass and an iron frame. This combination will withstand exposure to sun and rain.

glass and iron sliding doors

Image 93: In the photo below, we see a sandblasted glass door with beige frames. Great option for those looking for privacy between home environments.

frosted glass door

Image 94: Door with rounded jamb and with the upper part closed in glass, the black painting highlights the small bricks and the panel covering the façade.

black round door

Image 95: Accordion wood door, promises to leave a beautiful and elegant internal environment. In addition, it also guarantees the privacy of the room.

large wooden hinged sliding door

Image 96: Large door made with aluminum frames and glass finish. Ideal for environments that need a lot of natural light.

big glass hinged door

Image 97: Wooden door in Venetian model. The opening is frontal and allows air circulation between the rooms.

slatted wood door

Image 98: Modern and elegant project designed to integrate the interior with the exterior, the black frames highlight the white of the walls and ceiling.

glass and metal door

Image 99: In the image below, we see a folding door design with a top rail. Try to balance the colors of the room so that black doesn’t make it too heavy.

black folding door

Image 100: With differentiated design, this sliding door is made of wood and milky glass, it fits like a puzzle.

sliding door two different leaves

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