The dream of many people is to have a decorated room. After all, this is a room where you can enjoy moments of rest and relaxation. And one of the decorative elements that can contribute to creating this dream environment is the wallpaper for a double bedroom, which is a type of covering capable of transforming the look of any room.

However, people can get confused when choosing the ideal model, as there are several models available in stores. That’s why we decided to share some tips and several inspiring images to help you choose the right wallpaper for your decor.

How to choose?

To choose the wallpaper for a double bedroom, it is necessary to choose a model that matches the decor style that the owners want to adopt, in addition to complementing the room’s look and harmonizing with the other elements of the environment.

In addition, it is necessary to remember that, generally, these rooms are more mature and elegant environments, regardless of the style adopted. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to use models with more childish prints, as you can see in the wallpaper for the nursery, unless it fits your decorating style.


There are several models of bedroom wallpaper available on the market. The most used in this room are the models with stripes, geometric figures, and floral, traditional prints, among others. But in order for you to understand the impact of these models on the composition of the environment, in the next topics we will introduce you to the ideal indications for different styles of decoration. Check out upcoming topics!

Wallpaper for simple double bedroom

The simple decoration stands out for the presence of few furniture and more discreet decorative elements. Therefore, usually when talking about wallpaper for a simple double bedroom, models with prints in neutral colors, such as beige and gray, and with discreet designs are the best known. But make no mistake. These models may be discreet, but they make a big difference in decor.

Image 1: Models with discreet print are widely used in simple decorations.

Wallpaper for simple and small double bedroom.

Wallpaper for a luxurious double bedroom

The luxurious decor style is marked by the use of quality materials, which reflect an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. However, there is no specific decoration pattern and, therefore, it is difficult to define just one type of wallpaper that can be used in this room. But, in general, this style is marked by the use of more discreet and neutral models, which allow other decorative elements, such as the chandelier, to stand out in the environment.

Image 2: Choose a wallpaper that contributes to creating a luxurious decor.

Wallpaper for luxurious and gray double bedroom.

Classic double bedroom wallpaper

Classic decoration stands out for its delicacy and beauty, being generally associated with styles of decoration that marked eras, such as the rococo and the colonial period. For this reason, the wallpaper for a classic double bedroom is usually related to prints with traditional designs and neutral colors.

Image 3: The wallpaper with traditional print and neutral color helps to compose a classic and luxurious decor.

Classic and luxurious double bedroom wallpaper.

Wallpaper for a romantic double bedroom

The romantic decor style is marked by the presence of delicate elements and that cozy atmosphere. So, if you want this type of decoration, the ideal is to choose a more discreet wallpaper, in light colors and floral designs, traditional minimalist, which contributes to the construction of this romantic look and allows other elements of the room to also be stand out.

Image 4: The discreet and white wallpaper can also be used in romantic decoration.

Romantic and cozy double bedroom wallpaper.

Wallpaper for modern double bedroom

Modern decor is usually associated with the presence of durable elements, such as wood, stainless steel, glass, leather and even acrylic. In addition, it also stands out for the use of furniture with straight or extravagant lines. With that in mind, when choosing wallpaper for a modern double bedroom, you can invest in models with geometric designs, 3D prints, and stronger colors or with unusual figures to complete your bedroom decor.

Image 5: Models with bold prints, like the one in the image, contribute to the creation of a modern look.

Modern metallic wallpaper for double bedroom.

+75 decor ideas to inspire you

If you’re looking for inspiration to decorate your master bedroom with wallpaper, then you need to check out this selection with over 75 examples of how to use this type of wall covering in decor.

Image 6: Traditional wallpaper can also be used in modern decor.

Wallpaper for traditional double bedroom.

Image 7: But you can also choose a neutral model to decorate your luxurious and elegant double room.

Wallpaper for neutral double bedroom.

Image 8: Floral prints can also be used on site.

Wallpaper for a flowery bedroom.

Image 9: For modern couples, investing in a print with foliage, among other figurative elements, can be a good choice.

Wallpaper for modern double bedroom with foliage print.

Image 10: And you can even use a discreet and gray wallpaper to decorate the minimalist double room.

Wallpaper for simple double bedroom.

Image 11: In addition, you can opt for a neutral print with a different design, making the space more modern.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with small leaves print.

Image 12: However, if you want to adopt a romantic decoration, you can choose a model with a floral and neutral print.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with romantic decoration.

Image 13: However, if you prefer an elegant decor, you can invest in neutral colors and wallpaper with black and white print.

Double bedroom wallpaper with classic black and white print.

Image 14: You can also use the striped wallpaper to create an elegant and romantic decor.

Striped wallpaper for double bedroom.

Image 15: Also, you can opt for models with horizontal stripes.

Neutral striped double bedroom wallpaper.

Image 16: This minimalist black and white print wallpaper complements the modern decor of this space.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with black and white print.

Image 17: You can also use a pattern stamped with words, which will leave the room with a contemporary look.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with print with phrases.

Image 18: The wallpaper with white brick print makes your decor look more modern and cozy.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with white brick print.

Image 19: However, the master bedroom can also be decorated with a pattern with a dark gray print.

Wallpaper for gray double bedroom.

Image 20: In addition, you can opt for a traditional model, contributing to the creation of a romantic double bedroom.

Classic white wallpaper for double bedroom.

Image 21: But you can also combine, in the same space, the model with a neutral print and the minimalist furniture.

Classic neutral double bedroom wallpaper.

Image 22: The floral model can also be used in the composition of the rustic double bedroom.

Wallpaper for modern floral double bedroom.

Image 23: The wallpaper with apparent brick print makes your bedroom much more beautiful.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with exposed brick.

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Image 24: The light striped model is ideal for the small double bedroom.

Wallpaper for simple and luxurious double bedroom.

Image 25: However, the floral model can make the look more charming.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with floral print.

Image 26: For modern couples, the dark gray striped model can be a great investment.

Wallpaper for luxurious gray double bedroom.

Image 27: And you can still use a floral template without letting the look get too romantic.

Gray floral wallpaper for double bedroom.

Image 28: This distinctive print contributed to the composition of this luxurious double bedroom.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with a modern print.

Image 29: The floral print with a dark background is a good option for those who prefer a delicate and serious look.

Floral wallpaper for double bedroom with black background.

Image 30: Another example of a double bedroom decorated with traditional wallpaper.

Wallpaper for neutral double bedroom.

Image 31: The simple model makes the decoration more delicate and charming.

Simple white wallpaper for double bedroom.

Image 32: But you can still choose the tile pattern model.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with tile print.

Image 33: This model differentiates itself by imitating wood, leaving a more rustic and cozy look.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with wood print.

Image 34: These stripes made the environment more elegant and charming.

Black and white striped wallpaper for double bedroom.

Image 35: However, you can still bet on different prints, like this one with leaves.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with foliage print.

Image 36: The model with large black and white flowers print made the decoration more romantic.

White floral wallpaper for double bedroom.

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Image 37: However, you can also opt for the print with horizontal and neutral stripes to complement your luxurious decor.

Wallpaper for modern luxurious double bedroom.

Image 38: Already in this space, luxurious and classic elements meet, including the traditional wallpaper.

Traditional and classic double bedroom wallpaper.

Image 39: However, you can still use a red model, transforming your contemporary decor.

Red wallpaper for double bedroom.

Image 40: The traditional and neutral design was also used to complement the composition of this elegant double room.

Neutral and discreet wallpaper for a double bedroom.

Image 41: But you can also opt for a gray model.

Gray and discreet wallpaper for double bedroom.

Image 42: It is also worth choosing a print with geometric designs.

Black and white wallpaper for modern double bedroom.

Image 43: The red wallpaper draws attention in this environment.

Modern decor with red wall.

Image 44: However, you can opt for a modern model, but with a more discreet print.

Simple decor with gray bed.

Image 45: In this example, the gray print reinforces the elegant look of the space.

Blue luxurious and romantic decor.

Image 46: The contrast between the red headboard and the modern wallpaper creates a beautiful effect in the decor.

Decor with red wooden headboard.

Image 47: The traditional and neutral model is very suitable for small double rooms.

Neutral decor with luxurious chandelier.

Image 48: However, if you prefer a minimalist decor, you can invest in dark geometric wallpaper.

Gray modern decor.

Image 49: The model with burnt cement print is also widely used to modernize the space.

Decor with burnt cement print.

Image 50: However, you can use a red print in a more luxurious decoration.

Decor with padded headboard.

Image 51: The gray model made this double room more modern and cozy.

Luxurious decor with gray print.

Image 52: And you can still use a color model to make the look more modern and cheerful.

Colorful modern decor.

Image 53: Wallpaper can also be the highlight of your decor.

Simple decor with mirrored armoire and wooden headboard.

Image 54: Models with a white background are perfect for allowing other decorative objects to stand out.

Modern decor with blue headboard.

Image 55: This model with stripes complements the luxurious decor of this double room.

Luxurious decor with padded headboard and striped print.

Image 56: The 3D wallpaper, even in a neutral tone, stands out in the decoration.

Modern decor in blue and wood.

Image 57: This space was decorated with a model that matches the rest of the decoration.

Luxurious decor in a small room.

Image 58: In this project, the model was used only in the region above the mirror.

Small room design with upholstered headboard.

Image 59: This model with exposed brick left the room more modern.

Wallpaper for a double bedroom with an apparent brick print.

Image 60: You can still use the wallpaper only in the headland region.

Neutral luxury decor with side chandeliers.

Image 61: This floral print with a dark background can also be used to create a modern and romantic decor.

Modern decor with floral print on a dark background.

Image 62: In addition, you can also choose a print that stands out in your simple decor.

Modern decor with neutral upholstered headboard.

Image 63: And you can still use the wallpaper like in this example, highlighting the bed area.

Neutral, understated decor with a leather headboard.

Image 64: However, stripes can also be used on any wall.

Luxurious decor in neutral colors and tribal-patterned pillows.

Image 65: But if you prefer a clean and delicate look, you can invest in this geometric print.

White tumblr decor.

Image 66: In this case, the discreet model gives a delicate touch to the space. However, it is the elements in blue that star in the decoration.

Neutral blue decor with denim headboard.

Picture 67: The simple and cozy double bedroom is decorated with brick wallpaper.

Simple decoration with bed and crib.

Image 68: For those who prefer a more sober and minimalist decor, the gray model can be a great investment.

Gray decor and upholstered bed.

Image 69: And you can even combine the gray model with other lighter elements in the decor.

Luxurious decor with white upholstered headboard.

Image 70: In this case, the wallpaper was used even in part of the ceiling, creating a special effect on the look of the environment.

Luxurious decor with side mirrors.

Image 71: However, you can also use a more discreet model in your simple room.

Decor for a small, neutral room.

Image 72: This model is perfect for large, modern rooms.

Modern decor with black headboard.

Image 73: Already this striped model left the room with a more classic look.

Modern decor with upholstered bed.

Image 74: Also, you can use the blue model to be the main source of color in your room.

Simple decoration with blue print.

Image 75: This gray model helped to compose a room in neutral colors and full of personality.

Scandinavian decor with neutral colors.

Image 76: You can change the traditional masonry wall, for wallpaper with this print.

Modern design with bathroom and wooden bed.

Image 77: However, you can still use a simple gray model, which can also be used in luxurious bedroom decor.

Classic and luxurious decor with framed mirrors.

Image 78: See how this model that imitates a mesh made this look more modern.

Small room decor and small chandelier.

Image 79: The master bedroom can also be more beautiful with this gray model with drawings.

Modern decor with gray color palette.

Image 80: Another example of using wallpaper only in the headboard region, highlighting this space.

Luxurious, neutral decor with upholstered headboards.

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