If you’re looking for inspiration to create a compelling email marketing campaign for your customers, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find inspiration for the different types of email marketing templates.

Depending on your campaign, each model has its own peculiarities. That’s why you should choose which one best suits your needs.

With email marketing, you can send emails in different formats, including, for example:

  1. Offers;
  2. Newsletters;
  3. Activations;
  4. greeting cards;
  5. Helpful warnings and many others.

Remembering that, above all, each of these formats will be sent on a specific occasion, that is, that is why it will be necessary to create different models to fit each of these occasions.

Keep reading this article and see inspirations and templates for email marketing templates for you to use in your campaigns.

Why use email marketing templates

Using templates for pre-defined email marketing is a great way to scale your mailings, in other words, it is much more advantageous to have a template ready, than having to create a new one for each campaign of your business.

You can reuse the same templates and just modify the content.

If we were to summarize at a glance why it is useful to use pre-defined email marketing template templates or create template defaults of your own, we could say that:

  1. Due to the agility in the process;
  2. For scalability;
  3. For providing a differentiated quality;
  4. Without forgetting the brand identity;
  5. And the economy.

Email Marketing Template Templates x Types of Business

To do efficient email marketing, it is important to work with the templates in HTML format, instead of using only images.

After all, most services block emails that have only one image in their content.

It is very likely that you have already received an email in which the screen was completely blank, with only one message in place of the “images are not displayed – Display images below” image.

This is a big barrier and it is a chance that, consequently, the user will not read your message, that’s why email marketing needs to be worked on in html format templates.

Even having a template ready to make your email marketing campaign, some points should be taken into account. For example:

  1. The format must be in HTML and distribute content between text and images;
  2. When using images, put a text to describe it;
  3. In the images add links. This way, if they are not displayed, they can still be clicked;
  4. Be careful with the size of the image, because if it is too big, it will take a long time to load and can be interpreted as spam by email;
  5. If the tool you use for email marketing does not have ready-made templates in html, you can access RD Station marketing and choose Template templates there to assemble the email.

Now let’s look at some email marketing template inspirations for each campaign.

Email marketing templates 1 – promotional email

Firstly, the template is for promotional emails. These emails are intended to promote an offer. This model also includes the dissemination of free services such as downloading ebooks and other types of material.

To be clear, promotional emails can be, for example:

  1. Physical products: as in the case of retail companies;
  2. Digital services: as with consultancy offerings, online courses, paid tools or software;
  3. Free digital products like webinars, ebooks or others.

Model 2 – informative email

Secondly, the template is for informational email marketing templates or also as it is known as newsletters.

This has as main objective to inform the user about updates, relevant news from your business or from the market. The main feature of these emails is the presence of texts and calls that direct to the website or blog. In this model, the centre of the action is the content.

Newsletters must be sent periodically so that the engagement of the base is guaranteed, don’t forget to make your brand very visible. One option is to place the logo already in the header to ensure visibility.

Email marketing templates 3 – transactional email

Thirdly, the model is a transactional email marketing template, that is, the messages will indicate something that is already being expected by your customers.

These emails are those that contain information for order confirmation, purchase, password change, registration or for receiving free material.

The focus of this type of email is to confirm something and not to find out, usually, they are simple and short.

It’s a great way to improve the relationship with the base, mainly because it was sent after the customer took some action to receive it.

An example is if the customer has downloaded some of your materials, in other words, the submission will be triggered after being converted into a landing page.

Template 4 – welcome email

Fourth, the email marketing template is a welcome one. They are super important to start a relationship with the lead on the right foot.

It is in this email that you will introduce yourself to your contact and explain how communication will be with him in the future.

Email marketing templates 5 – email for e-commerce

Fifth, the template inspiration template for your email marketing is for e-commerce.

It was already mentioned above about promotional emails, but as email is vital to e-commerce, it is important to add a larger comment about it.

Encourage your contacts to register their emails on your list, thus ensuring a base of people who are really interested in your business.

You can make the email containing registration fields, from it will be possible to send the right message to your customers.

Only send what is relevant and has a connection with your business, such as promotions or launches.

In summary, remember that it is very important to contain in the message, subjects that are connected to your business and that help the consumer to solve some kind of problem.

Hope you enjoyed these template inspirations for your email marketing. If you liked the content, leave a comment and share it on your social networks.