Google Discovery, also known as Google Discover, is a research platform that presents current trends through news and topics that the algorithm believes that you are interested.

For companies, it represents a new and very effective possibility to do digital marketing. Below, we’ll explain how you can take advantage of this tool.

Old Google Feed

Google announced in 2018 that it would make several changes to its Android app and search engine, including the redesign of Google Feed (aka Google Now). The tool was renamed Google Discovery and now allows for more interactions, in addition to traditional links, videos and other graphical components. With the redesign, it became visible within the Google app for Android.

What is Google Discovery?

Google Discover is like a big news feed updated by Google itself. You can access it through the platform app or by swiping left from the home screen of some Android devices.

On Google Discovery, cards with interesting content appear for you, even before performing a search. Additionally, they appear on YouTube and Gmail. The user can also follow some search topics signalling that they want to receive updates on a specific topic.

How does Google Discovery work?

The cards are individualized. Therefore, those who appear to you will most likely not appear to me or your friend. This is because Google Discovery uses its own algorithm to indicate the most relevant content for each user, based on interactions made by the person previously. This is possible due to the search history and other data that the search engine stores.

Google Discovery News Feed

Google news feed has a wider reach and brings good fruit to your business | Photo:

How do companies use Google Discovery?

The Google Discovery offers numerous opportunities for companies through the use of the platform, among which we can think of: increased access to the site, lead generation, boosting sales and branding.

As Google Discovery filters the content that appears in the platform feed according to user preferences, taking advantage of it as a marketing option is very interesting. If your content appeared to someone, most likely the user searched or was interested in something related to your business.

This is exactly why using marketing on Google Discovery is so effective. There are many chances that the user is interested in the solution offered by your company. It is also possible to do remarketing. The user who accessed your site can receive card updates of your content or material related to it and, in this way, remind them that your brand has the solution to their problem.

User has voice

Google Discovery’s news feed works almost like a social network feed, allowing interactions between the platform and the user. If in a traditional search, Google only presents the content that it finds most relevant about the search term, in Discovery it presents (in advance of a search) the contents and even offers the user the option to say if it is really relevant, giving greater clarity on where it fits into the sales funnel. The person can tell if they want to receive more similar content or not, thus further improving Google’s already efficient filtering algorithm.

If you have questions about what a sales funnel is, watch this video:

How to appear on Google Discovery?

After seeing how many advantages the platform can offer for effective digital marketing, you are surely asking yourself the question above. How can my company appear on Google Discovery?

Google Adwords offers the option of creating campaigns to appear in the search engine and get more hits through the platform. But it’s important to say that to appear, your content needs to be optimized to the platform’s requirements. So let’s give you some tips so you can use them. Look!

focus on mobile

Google Discovery is a dedicated tool for the mobile public and so the algorithm gives preference to show links that are mobile-friendly (optimized for mobile access). So, adapt your website to the mobile environment, avoid flash and pop-ups, focus on a more responsive and practical design.

Create quality content

This is a crucial point for any content marketing based strategy. Creating quality content that is relevant and capable of arresting those who access it is very important for the successful use of the strategy. Your content needs to meet the expectations of the user who accessed it. So, plan yourself. Study about your persona and how you can provide solutions. Show professionalism in the content, use the right language and no mistakes in the Portuguese language. Also, take advantage of the SEO technique on content to increase your chances of appearing in the Google Discovery feed.

Use images

The cards Discovery always have an image, then you must use some to illustrate its contents. The choice of the image must be done well, as it will be one of the attractions (sometimes the biggest) for the user to access your content. It is also worth noting that Google prefers images in high quality, with a minimum resolution of 1200 X 700 pixels.

publish constantly

Google Discovery prefers to show constantly published content. Usually on the same day or week as the search. This is not to say that old cards that are also relevant to the user’s interest profile cannot appear, but newer cards are always preferable to the algorithm. That’s why it’s important to have an editorial calendar to control the frequency of publications on your website or blog. Constantly update your website with relevant content.

Produce Videos

The Google Discovery also shows feed in videos posted on YouTube channels. The algorithm is increasingly looking for audiovisual in the feed, as video is a visual trigger much more intense than an image for a user who browses the network. So, pioneering YouTube and producing content on this platform should be on your radar, as videos tend to attract more interactions with your content.

Follow content policies

Google Discovery recommends compliance with the Google News content policies, as a way to spend more reliability to the user. There are several recommendations, among which: your page cannot have more ads than content, nor infringe copyright laws, nor propagate hate speech or fake news, as well as sexually explicit material or with scenes of violence. So, it’s always good to analyze if your content does not comply with any of these recommendations.