Chances are you’ve already participated in a webinar and don’t even know it. The webinar is nothing more than an online seminar. And did you know that there is the option to create and broadcast a free webinar? That’s what we’re going to talk about today!

It is a great format for anyone who wants to engage a product, a company, a teaching method or any other online, by videoconference and, consequently, reach more people.

It can be considered the cheapest way to do it. There are many platforms that allow you unlimitedly to do a webinar. These unlimited model platforms are generally paid and the cost tends to be relatively high.

However, there are ways you can make and run a free webinar using two software and today we will cover a little bit about both.

If you are a producer, entrepreneur or any other professional looking to gain more visibility than just being in a room with a limited number of people, you are in the right place.

Here we will explain to you the benefits of the free webinar and ways to get a video conference.

You can also reuse the contents that you will cover in your video classes. Streaming

The term “online broadcast” can be a little scary, especially if you are shy and not used to public speaking. But with preparation and organization, you will definitely make it.

Your company’s needs and your creativity will define the topic to be addressed in the video conference.

If you don’t get a large reach of people, don’t give up, keep trying and, little by little, you will be able to reach your goals.

But I believe you are here, more to know step by step how to create the free webinar of its definition. After all if you want to do a search for tools for this, you must already have knowledge about it.

So let’s go!

What platforms to use for the free webinar?

The first of the platforms that we will teach you to create a free webinar is the famous and well known YouTube.

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, this same platform you use to see recipes or even to laugh or listen to the clip of your favourite song, and you can also use it to give a boost to your business.

With a YouTube channel, it is not only possible to make recorded and edited videos, but also to work in a different way, encouraging public participation.

Especially for those who work with digital marketing, this can bring incredible results.

Through YouTube it is possible to do a live webinar, chat with customers and even get feedback on some software. This type of broadcast allows you to produce online content for your business and work on more advanced topics.

Because it is live, the webinar also provides you with commitment and credibility and a way to get professionals from other areas involved in your company.

In other words, by making a free webinar you get incredible visibility.


The first step in making a free YouTube webinar is, without a doubt, to have an account on it. It is impossible to have any kind of personal access to the platform without having registered or created an account.

Right after registering and creating the account, log in. You will have a logo in the upper right corner of the page. If you don’t have one yet, this will personalize your profile and draw more attention.

Right after that, click on “Live Transmission”, on the left.

Click on “Events”

You start one at the event, then click on “New Live Event”.

In this part, you will put the title of the broadcast. Remember to put a title that is catchy and attractive to the public and that is not limited to just a defined audience, but that reaches producers from different companies and people with different goals.

In this part you will also put the date your event will take place.

Besides, you can choose whether you want your transmission to appear automatically or not. This is relative.


Something important to note is that in “Type”, the option “Fast” must be selected.

This is the simplest model of making a live YouTube broadcast.

Once the event has been created, a next page will appear that will have some options.

By clicking on the chosen video title, you will be redirected to a YouTube page, where you will be provided with a link.

This link you will share with whoever you want to watch and will spread. This page will also contain a code so that you can suggest it on some other page.

To get this code, just go to “Share>Embed”.

Okay, that way you can create a free webinar and boost your business through YouTube.


Another way to create a free webinar is through a software called Zoom.

In a generation increasingly connected to technology, it is imperative that companies direct their business to the online world. Zoom allows this.

The live streaming feature is increasingly present in the digital world and learning to use this feature can make all the difference.

Webinars are the preferred format for doing this, Zoom allows the producer to do a free webinar, but of course, just like YouTube, with some limitations.

Still, there is a great advantage and many benefits.

Zoom is a platform that hosts video conferencing with user participation.

It is a simple and practical program that allows you to conduct real-time virtual meetings and online lectures.

In this tool, in the model for free webinars, it is possible to reach up to 100 participants, simultaneously.

In addition, Zoom allows screen sharing, streaming across multiple devices, streaming across multiple platforms, such as Facebook and youtube.

Also, a dialogue chat, which allows users to interact with the producer immediately via text messages and even recording these hostings in case they want to reuse them on another occasion.

Step by step

Access the Zoom home page.

There will be an option for you to sign up for free or through some paid plans.

Click on “Register for free”.

In this part, you will register your professional email.

In this registered email, you will confirm registration and finally finish with your personal data.

When starting the software, it is very convenient to start a meeting.

That way, just click on Hold a Meeting, copy the meeting link, and share to your audience.

In conclusion, if you prefer to sign a plan this will make your presentation easier and will reach a wider audience. If you prefer to save, this model can already meet your need.

Spark Funnels

Another option is to do your webinars with Spark Funnels. The Hero Spark platform offers a number of features that allow you to create and manage your sales funnel for free. In other words, in addition to streaming live videos, it is possible to send emails, create landing pages and follow all the results in one place.