Explore the borderless world online and convert your knowledge into extra income on the internet

What is your talent? Everyone knows how to do something very well. Sometimes that skill is your job and sometimes it’s not. Whether it’s a profession or a hobby, it’s possible to turn your knowledge into a product and generate extra income with it without leaving your home. All over the internet.

According to the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI), the number of Internet users has almost doubled in the last ten years. There are about 127 million people or 74% of the population.

For one of the pioneers and main enthusiasts of digital entrepreneurship, Erico Rocha, the sector is growing rapidly and still has a lot of unexplored potentials.

Given the possibilities, it’s up to you to decide what to do. There are from unusual options, such as curating groups in conversation apps, to more traditional ones, such as offering online courses. Whichever option you choose, the internet surely shortens the path between what you want, know or like to do and your potential consumer.

And the best part, with a relatively low cost: the value of your ISP account. To learn more about this great market without walls, read on.

Unusual extra income options on the internet

Have you ever thought about making money by sleeping? Literally. And in WhatsApp groups? No, it’s not borrowing money from the family group.

The old story that the world is small becomes real with the internet. This means that digital corners have made possible the emergence of niches that might not have developed in the “real world”. And those who see opportunities where others only see eccentricity can also be happy in business. Check out two of these unusual extra income sources below.

Curated chat app groups

The most downloaded chat app in Brazil is present on 99% of cell phones and 79% of Brazilians use it as their main source of information. Its most famous competitor still has little presence, just 27% of the market, but it has still doubled its downloads in a year.

With an eye on the tool’s capillarity, some people use it to create private subscription groups. It’s like a members area, but memes, funny videos and the like. The administrators promise to keep the group always updated in exchange for a monthly amount of approximately R$ 10 per “subscriber”.

Sleep and study live and earn from it

Live broadcasts grew exponentially during the pandemic. Shows by famous artists, talk shows and cooking were the main attractions. And just like the universe, the market has expanded. Currently, there are already people who transmit their moment of rest or study through their profiles on social networks. There are cases of transmissions of up to 12 hours of study and others of 20 thousand followers checking the sleep of an influencer.

Digitizing physical businesses

Another lesson of recent times is that even if your ability is still to create a physical product such as food and crafts, being present on the network is definitive for the survival of the business. According to the survey on internet use in Brazil during the new coronavirus pandemic, carried out by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, 66% of respondents purchased products or services over the internet. That’s 22% more than in 2018. Proof that the chains have become a great showcase.

And for those who do not produce, there is the option of associating with major brands in the market and selling their products through personalized coupons, earning up to 10% of each sale in some cases.

This type of partnership is somewhat similar to the following topic.

Blogs and Affiliate Networks

Let’s say you make cupcakes and enjoy writing about food or enjoy sharing your recipes. You can have a blog. It’s a chance to take advantage of the power of networks to give your business more visibility and convert clicks into extra income. Without much effort.

Replace the word cupcake with any other product or service. Or even an area of ​​knowledge. By creating your blog, you have the option to join an affiliate network and use the page to advertise products. Every ad click from your blog is tracked and, if it turns into a sale, it generates a commission. As we mentioned above, the internet is vast and has literally billions of active websites. But quality content, if well-publicized, will always have guaranteed traffic.

Rental of goods via apps and production

If one of the reasons for looking for extra income online is to be able to work remotely, these are some of the favourite options. Producing and publishing content on blogs, vlogs, travel and tourism profiles are some of the favourite options of so-called digital nomads. For those who do well in photography, there is also the option of making the photos available in high resolution for image banks. Some of them are even paid and generate a commission each time the photo is downloaded.

Those who have a car and a house and want to be lighter to travel for a certain period of time can rent their goods through sharing apps.

Development of online courses and infoproducts

The last items, but not the least, practically encompass all the previous ones. Whether due to unemployment, a consequence of the economic crisis, or to diversify or improve skills, the information age has awakened more and more people in search of knowledge.

Online courses

As well as the internet, the market for non-corporate open courses in distance learning modality has grown. According to the 2018 census, the most recent by the Brazilian Association of Distance Education (ABED), the number of enrollments was 36.8% higher compared to 2017.

And what is needed to offer courses online? Knowledge and will. Even if you still don’t know exactly how to start your journey as a content creator, programs like SparkStart help you map the possibilities according to your skills, convert your idea into content and sell.


This category includes e-books (books in digital format), member areas, blog templates, digital tools and the online courses mentioned above. Learn more about infoproducts.

There are other options for extra income on the internet, but remember that before starting to sell you need to ask yourself: “what is my talent?” Content is what attracts and retains consumers, but there is only content if there is knowledge.