We are all the time hit by stories on Facebook and Instagram, lives and all kinds of audiovisual content. How to make a video to promote a digital business after all?

As much as you’ve never made videos for your online venture, whether you have a more introverted profile or lack of technical knowledge, know that you just need to know a few principles and then just practice.

Remember that appearing on networks and YouTube is an important method for generating authority and also improving networking. So get to know 7 tips to apply when creating your videos!

7 tips on how to make a quality video

Knowing the general recommendations that result in a quality video will make everything easier. Follow:


A good video is born from the way you idealize it, in pre-production. So, see how it works:

Consider the content funnel

The consumer journey is where this would-be customer is likely to be in terms of their relationship with your brand. For each excerpt there is a category of content to explore.

So if you’re going to publish your first video on digital, it’s not a good idea to just talk about your company, as if it were an ad, asking the audience to make a purchase.

You need to captivate people with topics that interest them, that is, that solve some of their demands, first of all.

So imagine you are a business consultant who has just created a YouTube channel. One suggestion would be to produce videos with these themes, in sequence:

6 reasons that most affect customer satisfaction

This topic could be docked at the top of the content funnel, where consumers don’t know what problem they have. When they recognize the gap in their lives, then the product suggestion can be made.

  • Why customer success should be a priority in your business

Moving up the funnel, reaching the middle, you can propose that investing in customer success would be a solution to improving your target audience’s customer satisfaction.

  • How does a business consultancy work?

Reaching the bottom of the funnel, where your consumer decides to close the purchase or not, it becomes viable, finally, to explore specific issues of an enterprise.

Enjoy the trends

To get your content across to the audience, it’s helpful to think about the most popular types of videos and see if the proposed message fits — which it does, most of the time. Here are some of the most common types:

  • tutorials;
  • vlogs;
  • lives;
  • lists;
  • Explanatory videos.

Let’s go to practical examples, on the topic “6 reasons that most harm customer satisfaction”:

  • tutorial: record your screen by creating and running a satisfaction survey
  • vlog: show behind the scenes of your office, telling a story about entrepreneurs who had dissatisfied customers and what they learned from the problem
  • lives: call a guest and broadcast a live chat about the reasons that most affect customer satisfaction
  • lists and explanatory videos: explain the 6 reasons, one by one, based on research and in a didactic way

In other words, almost any type of content can be explored in different ways. That’s why it’s important to know the categories of videos that work the most and make sense to the people who will be watching you.

Invest in corporate videos

You don’t always need to show your face and put your speaking skills to the game.

Publish tutorials from your computer screen, hire a video maker to make animated cards, corporate videos or infographics.

Prepare an agenda

The best way to enjoy every second recorded in a video is to have a script of what will be spoken.

So if you are going to record an explanatory video, for example, have the opening content (presentation and scope), the technical part (problematization and solution) and the farewell (with calls to action) on the agenda.

So, before starting recording, reread the script. Or, on the mobile itself, install free teleprompter apps.

Check the equipment

You can start recording video in the simplest way, with your cell phone, without any problems. But if you can invest in equipment, all the better. Mirrorless cameras are indicated, which are compact, but with professional quality and removable lenses.

Another option is to pay less for a camera, taking the simple compact model, but selecting specific features such as full HD resolution, CCD image sensor and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections for faster file transfer.

In addition to the camera, it is interesting to purchase a microphone, a lapel, a tripod and some lighting equipment (such as a ring light). There are affordable tripod options with a portable ring light, including.

Finally, it is worth studying the specifications of a notebook for video editing, which makes this task easier and avoids stress.


The most complex part, pre-production and planning, is over. Now it’s time to choose a quiet place and record.

Preferably choose a good setting for the video, in favour of lighting and at a time when virtually no one will need you and stop recording.


It’s the last step, but it’s extremely important. Understand:

Make a professional edit

Choose a video editor, which you are most familiar, preferably, and start editing.