Learning how to make an ebook on PowerPoint is very important for digital entrepreneurs. And for those who want to be a producer, as well as those who want to attract more people to their services or affiliate campaigns.

And we can mention two good reasons why it is a good option:

The first reason is that it is very well accepted by the market;

The second reason is that creating an ebook is very simple and easy, if you already have a template it’s even better.

Having content already diagrammed and prepared is a good kick-start to start creating an ebook. Here we will give you some tips on how to make an ebook in PowerPoint.

Ready for our valuable tips? Keep reading this article until the end and stay on top of everything!

Ebook structure

First of all, it is important for you to know that every ebook needs to follow a specific structure, this structure is very similar to the structure of a normal book, and however, there are characteristics that are structural and specific to an ebook.

See now how a digital book should be structured.

  • Front cover

The first point of how to make an ebook in PowerPoint is to focus on developing the cover. It is very important that you make a cover that is beautiful and attractive to your readers, because most people “judge the book by its cover”, unfortunately. So you can invest in a nice and cool cover that catches readers’ attention, the design needs to be attractive to draw people to your book.

Choose an art style suitable for your book’s theme, you can use a self-authored photo, or you can purchase an image from the various image banks to catch readers’ attention.

The artistic style is not just a photograph, you can also use vector illustrations, abstract backgrounds, Photoshop montages, cartoons or classic paintings.

All this can be used according to your creativity and according to what you want to convey to readers.

  • Cover sheet

The second part of an ebook structure is the cover pages. This part of the book contains the title, with the subtitle, it is also where the author’s name and the year the ebook was published will appear.

  • Credits

The third part of the structure is the credits sheet, it is in this part that some information that is the responsibility and copyright of the author, such as copyright and credits in general, will be registered.

  • Dedication

The fourth part of the structure of how to make an ebook in PowerPoint is dedication. It’s not necessarily an obligation to place the dedication, but it’s interesting that people know what your motivations were for writing that ebook. Maybe your motivations don’t motivate your reader too?

Many writers put in this part a dedication to someone special, family or whatever motivated and inspired you to produce and create that content.

  • Text

This is the main part of the ebook, it will contain all your knowledge about the subject that will be covered.

You can start the subject with a brief introduction and then move on to the chapter’s part.

What can also be in the structure?

Another part that can come in the structure of an ebook is to leave a specific part to bring some information about the author of the ebook.

We recommend that you do this on the last pages after you finish it. In this information, it is interesting to put about your speciality, your work, other work you have already done and much more.

Because an ebook is more interactive than a physical book, you can also add information such as your social networks and other books you may have already done.

Another option is to add clickable links that direct the reader to your business website or to your email. It’s a good way to let the reader know more about your niche.

The cool thing about it is that you can make each of these parts of the structure, all in PowerPoint, in a super easy and intuitive way.

What I don’t normally have in an ebook

Now that you know how to make an ebook in PowerPoint and what its ideal structure is, find out what you don’t necessarily need in a digital book.

Among the things that are not mandatory to have in an e-book are:

  • Summary

It is not a requirement to put a summary in your digital book. To decide whether to put it or not, you need to evaluate on the topic of your ebook and also assess the needs of your audience, as each person has different needs.

  • Fixed pages

It is very common that eBooks do not have fixed pages, this is because it is common for the pages to suit the needs of those who are reading.

  • Numbering

Another thing that is not a necessity to have a digital book is page numbering.

  • Header and footer

Another point that is not mandatory in a digital book is headers and footers. This is because the program that the reader will use to read the ebook will place it where the beginning and end of each page is.

Choose a layout

After entering the PowerPoint tool, you can choose a layout to be the cover and theme of your ebook, there are several possibilities and you can choose any one of them.

See that there are several tones and formats for the layout, choose the one that best suits your needs and that will please your audience the most.

You can make your ebook in the horizontal template and in the vertical template or, if you prefer, you can customize the size you want.

Use images

The fact that PowerPoint is an application that focuses on making presentations with images, it is very suitable if your ebook is in a more laid-back style.

With it you can add several images using only your creativity, position these images in the best way and if you want to play with them a little using Photoshop.


Create an index in PowerPoint by entering text. Now stay tuned, as it is not in any and all content that the index is indicated, depending on the content of your ebook it may not be necessary to place an index.


Once you’ve put everything you need in and left your ebook fully structured, format the pages to your liking.

Save your work

And finally, don’t forget to save your e-book in the format you want. You can save it as both PDF and epub.