You may not know it, but the digital products market is highly profitable and growing steadily. This market already moves more than R$19 billion a year, that is, selling digital products is profitable and you can ride this wave.

For the commercialization of digital products, the SparkMembers platform is widely used. This platform is a member area tool that markets and distributes digital products with big names and growth.

How SparkMembers works to sell digital products

Well, it’s very simple to understand. On SparkMembers a person who has skill or knowledge in a certain area creates an infoproduct and makes that product available in the SparkMembers member’s area to be marketed.

So people who have facilities and good sales channels buy it and promote it and try to sell digital products to consumers in exchange for getting a commission for each sale.

Then the consumer can buy the product through the link that the producer, or you in this case, is making available. Another way to sell digital products is through affiliates, which are people who sell the digital product that the producer sells.

Well, we are talking here about producers and affiliates, right? For you to understand a producer is a creator of digital content for internet commerce.

A digital content producer is any independent author, be it a blogger or simply a person who dominates and knows that subject and decided to create any product, such as an online teacher, for example, and then makes it available to sell digital products.

Anyone can be a producer or an affiliate.

Affiliates are people who are interested in helping people to sell by promoting their product and making a profit from it.

Let’s look at other ways to sell your products.

E-mail marketing

After capturing the email of a certain user through your website or blog, for example, you can create a relationship with him.

You can use this email marketing to send interesting and useful content to the customer, so when offering a product it will be easier for him to acquire.

Social networks

selling on social networks

Social networks have a huge amount of access whether Instagram, Facebook etc. With this you can use appropriate language for this audience and promote your product.

After disclosure, it is important to analyze the data obtained, analyze the performance of publications and access obtained, see age group, gender, place where there was more consumption, etc. With the data constantly improving.


Developing a relationship with the customer is an important step for them to trust you, create empathy and consequently want to buy your product.

That’s why it’s important and interesting that you develop a blog and always update it with interesting information about the story and your product in general.

The more people know your story, the easier your product will be for them to want to consume it.

What to consider before launching the product

Define your audience to sell digital products

It is very important that you choose well the people you want to reach, this will make you have a well-defined and appropriate market niche for your audience.

This is because for each audience, each person needs a different strategy and you must adapt it so that the person is reached.

Research your market to sell digital products 

Once you know and define your niche well, do market research, it will be important to give you an idea about the competition you have, about what people want to see in your product and what they expect, ways you will have to stand out and fulfill their desire.

Promote your product 

We mentioned to you some channels that you can use to promote your product. Always have adequate communication for your persona and invest in disclosure. Without advertising your product will not be known and consequently will not be consumed by people.

Use platforms to automatically make the product available after payment.

Therefore, when a person searches for a digital product, they probably want convenience and have a product immediately. That’s why it’s important that you organize and control so that she receives the product automatically, without complications.

For this, you can count on the SparkMembers solution that already offers all the necessary structure for this.

Well, these are some ways you can sell your digital product, but there are also other ways. Before anything, it is important to choose the product you want to sell and what format it will be.

Let’s now mention some formats for selling digital products that are well known.


Podcasts are very similar to radio shows, but the basic difference is that they can be listened to at any time.

The consumption of this format has grown a lot in recent years, people have started to listen to more podcasts, so we find different content and it is a growth opportunity to sell digital products.

Contest handouts

Some people don’t want to have to pay for a full online course and like to read, so an entire booklet aimed at a particular public contest can be very interesting. That’s because the person can have all the content organized in a single material.

Contestants invest time and money and therefore the demand for this type of product is very high.

Sell ​​digital products through a webinar

A webinar is an online lecture and is normally in high demand and well accepted by the public. They are practical for those who offer because they don’t need to rent a space to allocate everyone and can offer lectures both online and recorded.

Sell ​​digital products: photos and images

That’s right, some sites offer the option to buy images taken by people. Many are looking for a unique image that meets their need to post on the blog, for example, and that’s why there is also demand for this product.

Your camera, your cell phone can be tools to help you create and sell digital products.

Sell ​​digital products as subscription services

A website can have a subscription option where consumers will have products or information constantly updated and received directly in their email, for example, or when accessing the website.

If you really want to make money on the internet, as you’ve seen, it’s not that complicated. With the right tools and well-developed strategies you can promote your product and have an excellent result.