If you want to have your own business, but still don’t know how, digital entrepreneurship is a great way to start entrepreneurship from scratch. There are several types of businesses that can be opened online, from courses to virtual stores. Thus, the sale of a product or service online will depend on your business idea, as the possibilities are huge.

The digital sales market is booming in Brazil, where 70% of the population is connected to the internet, according to the Tic Household Survey in 2019. Fundamental.

How to start from scratch: the possibility of infoproducts

Adopting the infoproducts business model is a great alternative for those who want to start something because the sector is growing exponentially in Brazil.

People are used to looking for information on the web to obtain specific knowledge and, whoever has this knowledge, can sell it via the internet. The infoproduct market is also being known as the specialist market.

For those who don’t know what infoproducts are, the term joins the words “products” and “information”. Therefore, through infoproducts, you sell information and knowledge through the digital medium. For this, it is necessary to organize knowledge in a subject and make it available on an online platform.

In addition, with the COVID-19 pandemic, as of 2019, the digital market has grown a lot and infoproducts have become a way to obtain knowledge without leaving home during the period of social isolation. In this sense, among the ways to undertake digitally, knowing about infoproducts is a good way to start building your business without having to do any kind of delivery.

See the main infoproduct options


Ebooks are the most popular infoproducts on the internet, being very effective in capturing the public’s attention. These are materials that present details about a particular subject, explanations and data that go beyond the most basic approach of a blog post.

To receive the ebook, the user needs to pay for it. As a reward, he has access to more in-depth content. In addition, this digital material requires more production steps when compared to traditional content, i.e., physical. In addition to all the planning, it is necessary to invest in the material’s design work.


The audiobook guarantees more accessibility and convenience while consuming the content. After all, you can listen to it anywhere, just have a headset. There are some points of attention for the production of good audiobooks.

For example, creating a screenplay is essential. Recording can be done in the studio or at home. In addition, the speaker can be yourself, a hired professional, or a freelancer. For those who choose to produce at home, it is necessary to invest in equipment.


Podcast is another audio content format that is very successful today thanks to streaming services like Spotify or Deezer. Podcasts are audio-recorded programs in which the themes can vary, being debates, interviews, tutorials or news about any segment.

Many newspapers already produce podcasts with the main news of the day. Like the audiobook, podcast production requires investment in technology.

Courses and video classes

Video classes are one of the oldest infoproducts. However, videos and courses are very successful and are on the rise. Anyone who works with video classes and courses, aimed at any segment, can use YouTube as a public space to take users to sites with their own domain and thus sell the course in its entirety.

Step by step to set up an infoproducts company

If you are interested in this type of business model, get ready to build your own business from scratch using infoproducts. Before starting, it is important to do a SWOT analysis, which is a planning method that includes the analysis of scenarios for making prior decisions. That said, take a walkthrough with some tips on how you can start putting this good idea into practice.

1. Select an infoproduct type

You can write a complete course or just a few pages ebook to teach something specific. Choose the infoproduct you are most familiar with and study it further.

2. Search for what has already been done on the market

If you already know what type of product you want to invest and already have a business idea, it’s time to know what has already been done in this field. This way, you will be able to know how a certain infoproduct is performing, what the most common strategies are and what you can create different from your competitors.

This is a differential for those who want to know how to be an entrepreneur from scratch, as it is based on other people’s mistakes. This will put you ahead of many entrepreneurs.

See how to analyze the competitors, in the video below:

3. Plan your strategy

Even though the initial investment is not very high, there is a structure that must be followed. In addition to a good computer and internet, you may need to take a course, read content on digital tools or learn more about managing your finances. Therefore, make a financial planning.

4. Choose your segment

You need to choose the segment in which you will be inserted in this business model. Also, set your avatar. These two points will be essential for the entire direction of the business, in particular, the marketing strategies.

5. Work on the dissemination

It is essential to invest in promoting your business. There are numerous techniques you can use:

  • Production of free content that attracts people to buy specific materials;
  • Create a digital marketing campaign on social media;
  • Working on SEO strategies;
  • Hire digital influencers to publicize your service.

6. Count on specialized platforms

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Now that you have all the step-by-step instructions on how to start from scratch, everything is easier. So, select an infoproduct, plan your strategy, focus on your avatar and get started right away.