Knowing how to distribute your content and your brand is essential for the outlined strategy to achieve good results. And this is done through the marketing channels. Although the concept is not so widespread, channels are present in the lives of all infoproducers and digital entrepreneurs.

It is necessary to understand what they are and how to use each one, to choose which one to invest in and how to combine them, if applicable. The main marketing channels in the digital world are:

  • Social;
  • Direct Traffic ;
  • Reference ;
  • Organic ;
  • Email ;
  • Paid media.

Let’s explain about each of them. Good reading!

What are marketing channels?

Marketing channels are the means used by companies to make the product reach the final consumer. In addition to assisting in the delivery of the product, they also create new possibilities for entering the market.

There are different types of channels, from door-to-door resellers to content published on social networks. Therefore, this concept is quite broad and entrepreneurs need to know it well to choose the best channels for their business.

You can choose multichannel marketing which is the use of one channel for each customer segment, for example:

  • Telemarketing — for midsize customers;
  • Retailers — for smaller customers;
  • Internet — to reach more people.

Several factors can be evaluated before deciding which channel to use. However, the final decision must be based on the relationship between added value and transaction cost. Therefore, the entrepreneur needs to determine which means will provide more sales to his business and compare with the amount that will be spent.

What are and how to use the main online marketing channels?


Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok. There are several existing social networks with the potential to be a marketing channel. So, start by understanding that each persona is in one place and see which one has the greatest potential to sell your product.

For example, if your audience is large companies, chances are the best way to reach them is through LinkedIn. Beginning entrepreneurs are usually on Instagram. Regardless, the fact is that people are increasingly looking for products and services on social networks.

Customers look for brands they like, but they are also willing to find new companies through the media. Proof of this is the “Shop” tab, created by Instagram, with the aim of helping consumers navigate this channel and find what they want to buy.

This is an extremely cheap channel with great conversion potential. So, learn how to invest in it to get satisfactory results. To attract the audience, focus on the relationship with the audience, as no one is interested in scrolling through the feed and finding only a virtual storefront. People want valuable content and entertainment.

Direct traffic

The direct channel is when the user goes straight to your website, without needing any intervention. Of course, somehow, the person was influenced to do this, such as because they already knew the brand, but the big advantage is that they sought it out again, voluntarily.

The branding work is one of the main ones to gain customers through this channel since the idea is that the lead does not forget and use the brand without having to be induced by external factors.


Referral Marketing, also known as Referral Marketing or word of mouth, is one of the oldest channels and perhaps one of the most beneficial. In the digital age, it is certainly stronger than ever, as a simple comment can reach thousands of people.

Basically, it happens when someone indicates a product/service. This can happen in different ways, such as among friends, referral from bloggers, sharing on social networks, guest posts. To encourage your audience to carry out this advertisement for your business, you can:

  • Leave space for testimonials and ask people to write there;
  • Create a movement to publicize the purchase of Instagram stories;
  • Make a nomination campaign, in which everyone profits something.

Social proof is very valuable and is the main trigger for this channel. However, be careful not to appear desperate for directions. The process should be as natural as possible so that it is received with confidence by the audience.


The organic traffic visits your site can without the use of ads. Therefore, it is more difficult and time-consuming to conquer, but it is a way of showing authority to the public that comes to the channel without further intervention.

The competition to appear on the first pages of Google is extremely high and takes a long time. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are essential to assist in this journey. So, invest in relevant and optimized content for the audience to reach your site.


E-mail marketing is a channel underestimated by many people, but it still has a lot of strength. It’s a great option, as users choose to receive content directly in their inbox.

According to a study released by Hub Spot, email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses. So, using the right strategy and making a good Call to Action (CTA) can bring amazing results for your business.

A good practice to increase people’s interest in opening your e-mail message is to make it as personalized as possible. Thus, the recipient will feel that it was written especially for him.

Paid media

Digital has a range of possibilities, both for producers and consumers. So, increasing traffic to your blog, website or social network can take time, as many people may not even see your content as they receive a huge amount of information every day.

Furthermore, the organic reach of most channels has even diminished. And paid media emerges as an alternative to reach more people. It consists of boosting the delivery of your materials to a targeted audience, by paying for an ad. See how you can use it:

  • Sponsored Links — These are the contents that appear highlighted when a Google search is done;
  • Remarketing — It’s when the company “chases” a person who has already shown some interest in your product and starts launching advertisements for them;
  • Social Ads — these are ads made on social networks.

While sponsoring a publication is easy, we recommend that you study hard before using paid media. This is because there is the possibility of not having the desired return, due to an error when configuring the ad.

Marketing channels provide a powerful path for anyone who wants to grow on the internet. Each one has its peculiarities and it is up to the entrepreneur to explore them correctly in order to be seen by the audience.