Do you know the importance of using the most used hashtags on your social networks? These tags had their beginnings on Twitter and we can currently see them on almost every other social networks, such as Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and Instagram.

In other words, over time, it became much easier to use them and obtain their benefits. However, you must be careful when choosing hashtags, as they can have very different results among social networks. Those that are successful on Instagram may not have the same effect on Facebook, for example, and there are those that are banned.

In this context, you will understand the use of hashtags on social media and the benefits of choosing the best ones. Follow up!

What are the most used hashtags?

Hashtag, also known as Tic Tac Toe (#) or hash, is a word or phrase without spaces, used in social networks. They become hyperlinks and redirect the user to various related publications.

This digital marketing strategy makes the content you create more reach and impact as many people as possible.

Using hashtags is free and can be done in any posts made on social media. The platform on which the use of hashtags is most popular is Instagram, which hosts millions of posts made daily and stratifies the tags by volume, type, language, etc.

When typing a keyword with the # symbol, it becomes a hyperlink and, when the user clicks on this hashtag, he is redirected to various content already published on that particular topic. So those same hashtags can be the reason to help your content go viral on the web.

On LinkedIn, where feed posts can only be 1300 characters long (unlike Instagram’s 2200 characters), many users take advantage of the space by inserting the hashtags between words rather than creating hashtags at the end of the post. In this way, the #post acquires this #content format.

Any method that places hashtags in good positions is valid, as it generates greater chances of capturing the attention of the target audience.

The most used hashtags by segment

Every day, we can use infinite hashtags in our publications. With that in mind, knowing the most popular hashtags in the market segments, especially on Instagram, is essential.

Check out the list below, from mLabs, with the most used hashtags, in 2020, of the most profitable niches and apply them in your publications to improve your reach metrics:


  • #school
  • #education
  • #teachers
  • #student

Automotive sector

  • #auto parts
  • #workshop
  • #cars
  • #rubber shop


  • #residential painting
  • #decoration
  • #Planned Furniture
  • #instadecor


  • #blogger
  • #influencer
  • #digital influencer
  • #healthy life


  • #accounting
  • #financial education
  • #cooperatives
  • #investments

Beauty and Fashion

  • #hairstyle
  • #instafashion
  • #style
  • #make up


  • #fitness
  • #training
  • #medicines
  • #healthcare


  • #online games
  • #ecommerce
  • #digital services
  • #you

To learn how to engage and sell more on Instagram, see the video below:

What are the most used hashtags in entrepreneurship?

Again, even in the entrepreneurial niche, there are many options for hashtags. So it’s worth knowing the most useful ones, which help to have more visitors and, as a result, more sales. Know some of them:

  • #success
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #digital marketing
  • #undertake
  • #focus
  • #marketing
  • #Brazil
  • #motivation
  • #entrepreneur
  • #instagood
  • #business
  • #money
  • #coach
  • #sales
  • #leadership
  • #mindset
  • #opportunity
  • #Work
  • #Instagram
  • #multi-level marketing

How to choose the best hashtags?

To find out which hashtags are most used on Instagram and other social networks, you can type the terms in the search field and the network itself will give you the best suggestions, from the ‘hottest’ or hottest words.

In addition, platforms also usually present the number of occurrences that each one of them has. It works similarly to Google’s autocomplete.

In fact, it’s very important that you know your audience to provide exactly what they’re looking for with hashtags.

Also be careful when writing words or phrases, such as the famous “#vaidarcerto”, not to make spelling mistakes (#vaidarserto). If that happens, the social network ‘doesn’t understand’ what you typed and your content wouldn’t appear inside the tag.

Finally, forget about banned hashtags. These are tags that were used with bad intentions and the platform decided to penalize those who use them, such as #boatarde, #phone, and #medicina, among others.

Hashtags by volume

The fact that Instagram reports the amount of use of each hashtag can help you strategize with high and low volume tags. But what does it mean?

See the example:

  • High volume: These are Instagram’s most popular hashtags and have a high level of competition, like those that have been used in over 300,000 publications;
  • Low volume: They are the least used, with a lower amount and less competition, such as those in the range of 5 or 10 thousand publications.

Thus, content that allows the use of high-volume hashtags is easier to find but competes a lot with other posts (from larger content creators, too).

In the case of those that are less competitive, their chance of being found increases, reinforcing their authority, for example. But this situation may be less frequent as the volume is lower.

Local hashtags

Additionally, we can use the most used hashtags in your location, making the post reach users near you and provide a more realistic relationship.

Invest in the names of cities and neighbourhoods, including qualitative adjectives. For example #sãopaulo and #sãopaulosaudável (if your online business is in the Health niche).

How many hashtags to use?

It’s important not to put giant lists of hashtags in your Instagram post. Some digital entrepreneurs believe that if the post has the maximum number of hashtags allowed, the better its reach. But that can actually hurt the profile — for technical and aesthetic reasons.

Exaggerations can be detected as automation activity or spam, so put in only the hashtags that have the most relevance. The text block full of hashtags also doesn’t make a good impression on your ‘showcase’, which is your Instagram feed.

Thus, prioritizing the most used hashtags is to use the resource strategically and achieve better results. Just because there are thousands of different tags doesn’t mean you should use them all.