In recent years, the demand for videoconferencing tools has been growing a lot. These tools are video conferencing applications for people to meet online, as due to current circumstances it is no longer possible to do this in person.

Whether it’s family gatherings, with friends or meetings with your company team, it’s essential for us to be together with others. Regardless of what the purpose is.

There are several applications that can be useful in these moments and each one of them has its specificity and, mainly, it has its way of use and ideal application.

So each one will serve a different purpose and will fulfil different goals. In this article, we will explain which tools are most used today, how they work and which one is best for you.

Video Conferencing Tools – Zoom

The first app is Zoom, you may have heard about it, as its popularity has increased a lot in a short time. It’s possible that you may have already attended a meeting at Zoom.

It has a free version that has some limitations, but it has some uses even in this model, for example:

  1. It is very useful for you who want to meet a group of people informally;
  2. Streaming an online class ;
  3. Or even sell some product from your business.

In the free version, you can hold meetings for up to 100 people at the same time, with a limit of 40 minutes per meeting.

It is also possible to meet with other people and with no time limit. However, this possibility is only available in the paid version of the app.

It’s a video conferencing app itself, it’s not a chat app adapted for video conferencing like some that we’ll talk about here. Zoom was created for this purpose and therefore offers room management features such as:

  1. Manage your video conference participants;
  2. It can limit the access to the tool that participants have;
  3. Plus many other features.

Video Conferencing Tools – Skype

Skype you certainly know. This platform has been on the market for the longest time as one of the tools for videoconferencing. With the many updates over the years, today its potential goes beyond the old version.

Skype started out as a chat tool, but today you can not only create a group and chat with your friends, you can also start a meeting.

This video conferencing tool can be used via the mobile version and via the web on Skype, just as it is done by the application.

There is a version of Skype where you can start your meeting and people who are going to attend do not need to sign up for Skype or download the app. You can have this meeting on Skype for up to 50 people, the time limit is not very clear, apparently it takes up to 4 hours to call.

Skype came from a chat tool to a video conferencing tool, so it was adapted, and not already created for that purpose as in the case of Zoom. Because of this, some functionality is limited when managing your meeting.

It is not suitable for some activities. There have been people who commented that during a Skype meeting, they had problems with people excluding the other participants in the meeting group.

So this ends up becoming a negative point of the tool. This is certainly not going to happen with a unique and already created application for video conferencing, but it is still an excellent tool.

Tools for video conferencing – WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app has now made this feature available. Yes, it’s not just for you to text chat or video chat with just one person. WhatsApp was adapted and now you can also chat with several people at the same time through the app.

That way you can have an online meeting with a smaller group through this tool. You can create a video conference room with up to 50 people. An interesting thing about WhatsApp is that according to its terms of use, there is no time limit for this meeting.

This allows you, for free, to hold an event online for as long as you want and without worrying about it. And this WhatsApp meeting functionality was adapted from Messenger 1.1, an application created for Facebook messaging that can also be used on Facebook.

So it’s another one of the apps adapted with a feature to meet the current demand for video conferencing tools. You can view tutorial videos on how to create this meeting room on WhatsApp.

Video Conferencing Tools – Google Meet (Hangouts)

We also have Google Meet as a potential tool for video conferencing. Google Meet is the old Hangouts. Before, he had, for free, some limitations that he didn’t have in the form of pay in the G suite.

Now this format that used to be paid is free to everyone. Anyone with an account can create a meeting on Google Meet. Today, the limit of people you can meet on Google Meet for free is up to 250.

Which is a pretty high number for a free format compared to previous options. But that may change after all this demand passes. It may go back to the paid service model, putting some more limitations on the free version.

On Google Meet, it’s interesting that it controls through the participants’ email. So that makes it go from being just a chat application as it started out to be something more focused on video conferencing. This will allow you to have greater control over your meeting room.

To make a meeting on Google Meet, you just access the web address and login with your email, it’s very simple.

Video Conferencing Tools – Microsoft Teams 

Last but not least we have Microsoft Teams. Teams works the same way on the web, just fill in the form and register and you will already have access to the video conference room feature. The limit of people you can join is also 250.

Video Conferencing Tools – Which one to choose? 

Each of the videoconferencing tools applies to a different situation. Choosing which one is the best will depend solely on your goal and what you want. Do you want to get together with your friends, your family or want to have a relaxed chat? So you can use the apps that came from chat, with the Skype app and the WhatsApp app.

Because these apps came from chat, you’ll have less control over your meeting room. You can use Whatsapp and Skype for smaller meetings or with people you already know and know won’t disrupt your meeting.

If it is a meeting where you need to have full control over the participants, choose the other options that have already been created in order to carry out video conferences, since there you can control everything.

Allow whether participants can turn on the camera or not, allow whether participants can turn on the audio or not, and so on. So choose the ideal platform for your goal.