When we talk about what engagement is, it’s common to immediately remember social networks and their famous metrics. However, it is noteworthy that involvement is in all communication tools with the public. For example, email open rates reflect how engaged the audience is with your business.

Having a committed audience is like having a gold mine, as people will promote your company, have you in authority, and trust you. This brings surprising results for the digital business, which always has numerous competitors in the market, in addition to demanding time and dedication.

So, let’s explain what engagement is and how to increase yours. See below.

What is engagement?

When we talk about internet engagement, we are talking about the degree of interaction of customers or leads with a particular company. So it’s about the level of audience engagement with your brand.

With high engagement, the trend is for the business to also have better results, even creating a community. For people, there is no effort to be engaged with brands, but they need to be encouraged to do so.

However, it cannot be a visible stimulus, it is necessary for them to believe that they are voluntarily giving back for everything you offer. Then, the public will comment on the posts, share them with friends and spread the word about your business as a whole.

How to increase engagement

Know your avatar well

No matter what your marketing need is, nothing will flow if you don’t know your customer. So, build your business avatar, as it will allow you to know more in-depth characteristics about the people who are interested in your products/services.

The avatar is different from the target audience, as it is more detailed, allowing you to know about features such as:

  • Demographics —age, education, social class, and gender;
  • Professionals — routine, goals and challenges;
  • Habits — sources of information, subjects you have questions, social networks you use, places you go;
  • Consumption — whether you buy online or in physical stores, payment methods you prefer, brand styles you use.

Sounds like a lot, but we’ve prepared an article that will help you understand it better, in which we give tips for building an avatar. This will make all the difference when you put strategies that increase engagement in place.

Invest in content marketing

Once you understand the details about the audience, it’s time to think about content marketing. According to a HubSpot survey, 53% of consumers would like to see more content from brands they like. See a list of engaging content:

  • Helpful hints;
  • Lists;
  • Memes;
  • Share the routine.

Coupled with this, invest in what your audience likes or has doubts about. Let’s say you are an infoproducer focused on confectionery. So, make a list of lactose-free products, prepare memes about a baker’s routine, and leave tips to optimize production, among others.

The secret is to deliver quality free content consistently. This makes the public identify with you and want to consume more and more of what your brand has to deliver. Make content both denser and shorter and faster to consume.

Create foolproof CTAs

The human being needs to be instigated to take some action, even if he has been interested and seen until the end of its content. This can be done through the CTA (Call to Action), which is the call to action and can lead to multiple paths. For example:

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  • Share this post with your friends;
  • Download our e-book and learn more;
  • Got any questions? Get in touch ;
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There are a multitude of stimuli that can be applied anywhere, from online to offline media. However, you need to be clear, choose the right CTA for each situation and emphasize it so that the reader can visualize it well. That’s why most sales pages leave calls to action on prominent buttons.