Have you ever noticed how most entrepreneurs know what networking is? It is one of the occupations that naturally need connections with other people in the business, that is, a professional network.

By the way, Jeffrey Gitomer, one of the greatest authors in the field, says that networking is the best way for those who don’t like to sell. Talk to lawyers, architects, accountants, in short, people who are traditional ‘not in sales’. Most of your new customers come from referrals and referrals.

Check out what networking is and how to use it smartly in the following article!

What is networking and how important is it?

Networking or networking is the process of nurturing relationships with people who can also contribute and/or benefit from your work.

But this is also nothing out of this world, since forming partnerships and exchanges, interacting with members of a coworking office and being in groups on social networks can all be considered networking actions.

After all, is it worth networking, even for those who are shy?

Well, first of all, networking can help you come up with new and better ideas. Surrounding yourself with people with a mindset that aligns with yours tends to enhance your projects and, in the long run, you can positively impact society by creating even better solutions—in addition to boosting your personal brand.

Networking also helps in the health of your business itself. From the moment you earn the trust of a colleague and they refer you to a client of theirs, you have been successful in networking and managed to sell more.

Finally, your company’s own valuation improves when there is networking. Imagine that you are a great investor: on whom would you bet your resources, an isolated entrepreneur or one who maintains contact with several other entrepreneurs?

Networking: how to do it

If you’re thinking that you need to pay expensive Mastermind groups to network, rest assured. Everyone starts from the beginning and, for the most part, the basics work.

  • Generate results

Even ‘alone’, it is possible to get success cases, when you offer services, or good numbers, when working with products or infoproducts. In fact, your own life story can already be an attraction for those who have doubts about partnering with you. You need to be realistic and think about it to avoid frustration and increase your chance of networking success.

  • Know how to show your potential

There are many people with incredible stories (and results) but they are not visible. The solution is to lose some of your shyness, invest in content production on LinkedIn, storytelling and even study notions of public speaking — to network at events.

  • Seize the opportunities

To use networking to your advantage, it’s essential to be on the lookout for opportunities. Follow entrepreneurs who are an inspiration to you on social media. Sometimes they broadcast chats and even listen to pitches from followers.

  • Listen to other people

Talking about your results is important, but, above that, it is essential that the listener wants to know about the fruits of your work. Keep track of your potential networking partners, imagine what their difficulties are, and think about how you can contribute. Finally, add the possibilities to your speech or proposal.

  • Cultivate sincerity and authenticity

Imagine how many people will read this article after you. How many will apply, or at least try to follow, these tips. If you don’t convey your personality through this process and you are not authentic, your potential co-workers may have the perception of a robotic person, without essence.

Tools that help networking

There are resources that virtually everyone who does networking uses. Check out some:


Having a website involves a lot of professionalism and being professional attracts contacts. In addition to presenting all your history and the relevance of your business, with it, you can attract traffic with blog posts and make forms available for those who want to be your partner or even a lead.

Social networks

On the other hand, if creating and maintaining a website is still difficult for you, use and abuse social networks. We are high on the internet and you have people from all tribes at your disposal.

  • LinkedIn

It is the largest professional network on the planet. Everything posted on this social network is about work or careers. Recruiters and entrepreneurs see the platform as a highly efficient way to attract and select talent, and those who are unemployed also make themselves available there. Anyway, it’s impossible not to network when you use LinkedIn regularly.

  • Instagram

Despite being an entertainment-oriented network, it is also full of professionals looking for partnerships. Additionally, enjoy the power of lives and the ability to interview partners — or be interviewed and show your knowledge.

  • Twitter

This social network is a little more divided. While some users use it exclusively for entertainment, many professionals still use it today, to promote projects, including. Just to illustrate, did you know that Simon Sinek tweets almost every day? Try answering it with something relevant one day!

  • Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the newest social network and brings together many professionals looking to talk about work. It works as a mix between Instagram lives and podcasts, with the difference that anyone can enter the rooms of audio broadcasts and listen to conversations until dialoguing directly with great entrepreneurs.

Image editors

The image editing software and photo also serve for you to prepare and make networking. At Canva, for example, there are excellent portfolio templates that serve very well for your personal presentation. What’s more: if you are a consultant, you can also create a very attractive press kit, with your brand’s history, biographies and photos of your team and frequently asked questions?

Thus, in this article, you understood what networking is and how to incorporate this practice into your work routine. Always try to remember that a professional network of contacts is edifying and can have a positive impact on society with improved solutions.