Positioning yourself in a coherent way is a differential in the market for any professional, regardless of the niche in which he/she works. That’s because it’s no longer enough to understand the technical part, you also need to know what personal marketing is and apply your strategies to stand out.

Personal marketing aims to highlight a person’s positive characteristics to convey more authority and confidence to the public. For this, it is important that the professional really sees himself as a brand and is dedicated to it.

Want to know what the strategies are and how to apply them to succeed? We will explain in this text.

What is personal marketing?

There are many self-employed professionals who, instead of creating a brand, use their own name and image to sell a service or product. In this sense, personal marketing can be defined as the set of strategies that these professionals use to promote themselves.

In addition to physical appearance, personal marketing includes other factors, such as personality, positioning and posture adopted in your daily life. All of this is taken into account by potential customers or partners when contacting a professional.

Thus, investing in personal marketing is essential for anyone who wants to convey authority and confidence to the audience. In addition, it is still possible to generate closeness with the people who follow your work.

8 tips to apply today and promote personal marketing

Define mission, vision and values

Don’t see yourself as a simple freelancer, affiliate, info-producer or freelancer, see yourself as a brand. Therefore, define the following points that every company must have:

  • Mission — it is the purpose of your brand to existing (for example: to bring marketing knowledge to all regions of Brazil);
  • Vision — is the definition of where you see yourself in the long term (for example: being a reference in marketing until 20XX);
  • Values — are non-negotiable characteristics within your business (for example, passion for what you do, integrity, transparency and innovation).

With this planning, your company will have a way to go and you will know exactly who it is. This is important to work out the next factors of personal marketing. After all, if you don’t even know who you are, how are you going to get your message across to the public?

Develop your visual identity

People are extremely visual. As such, they remember more easily and are more attracted to brands that use a standard Instagram colour palette and photo style. In addition, it gives more credibility and organization.

So, choose a colour palette, build a logo and decide how you will position yourself. If you are unable to hire a designer, we recommend using Canva to develop your visual identity.

Take care of your own image

In very rare cases, people who are always messed up succeed. As a rule of thumb — and this is what we recommend doing — it’s important that you always look good.

Also, speak as clearly as possible. Try to convey good feelings to the listener. Imagine going to a doctor and he or she forms the wrong sentences or speaks in an always sad intonation. That would be horrible. So don’t make that mistake, but you don’t have to force a diction that isn’t yours either.

Another tip is to invest in a photoshoot to make posts more attractive and with your image. All of these characteristics convey more authority to viewers, who envision a successful person.

Empower yourself

Being up to date is essential to work on your personal marketing, as it shows interest in growing and bringing the best to customers. This adds a lot of value to your image, because, unlike professionals who spend years with the same methods, you will have this differential.

The online courses and books can be in their area, but, given the scenario we live in, we recommend investing in knowledge related to digital marketing, as the Community Sobral Traffic and The New Market.

Use Storytelling

Marketing is about connection and engagement. This is possible using the practice of storytelling. In the same way that relationships between people are also built through conversations.

Storytelling is the art of telling good stories that involve a series of techniques to convey the message in an engaging way. Therefore, using it, especially in personal marketing, is usually more effective than aggressive campaigns.

To do this, tell your story, talk about happy moments, but also about daily challenges — those that have already been overcome and those that you still experience. Get close to the audience and cause an identification.

Invest in your personality

It’s not because Whindersson Nunes appears happy and joking in his videos that you need to have the same personality as him. This will not be sustainable in the long run, which can damage your reputation and bring a certain discouragement whenever you remember that you need to be someone you are not.

So show who you are. If you don’t feel like always appearing on video, mix it up with texts that have your way of speaking, the colors and personality of the brand. This is a way to invest in personal marketing through the truth.

Convey authority

When we talk about personal marketing, it is common to think only about physical appearance, but we must remember to pass on authority for the content produced. This is also part of promoting the personal image.

On social networks, it is possible to transmit your knowledge to the audience, in addition to transmitting your own image. In the case of Instagram, for example, you can use the question boxes to create relationships and strengthen your authority.

YouTube and the blog, on the other hand, allow you to produce dense content that helps the public with more complex questions. In addition, they are easier content to be found by search engines.

Expand your horizons

For good personal marketing, it is important that you get involved with projects from other authorities in your niche. That’s because the audience will soon relate that person’s image to yours and will add value to you.

Another way is to participate in volunteer work. This practice should not be constantly divulged, as it will convey the idea that volunteering has the sole intention of self-promoting.

However, when done with balance, it brings great results for personal marketing.

Understanding what personal marketing is can be easy, but applying the necessary techniques to promote yourself is not so simple. Anyway, a good digital marketing job is essential for brands that want to stand out and the results, especially in the medium and long term, are undeniable.